Apply to Participate in the 2013 ‘Cleantech Goes to China’ Tour

In 2013, Cleantech Group will offer two China tours: one in June and one in November. On each tour Cleantech Group will take 10-15 cleantech companies, along with a select few investors, corporate executives, and other key stakeholders in the ecosystem on a tour of Chinese cleantech hotspots – and facilitating introductions with key leaders. This tour will provide the cleantech CEOs with an excellent taste of cleantech in China as it is today, as well as the opportunity to expose their companies to multiple China-based investors and partners interested in acquiring, investing in, and helping them ‘go to China.’ For more information on the tour itself, please visit the tour homepage.

What does participating on the China Tour entail?
If selected, your company’s CEO will be given a spot on the tour, providing him or her with access to all of the pre-arranged meetings and stops on the trip. There will be the opportunity to make company presentations and we will also use a Roadshow Booklet (in physical and electronic format), to generate interest before arrival, and to be distributed at meetings during the tour and to a wider audience in China, beyond those met on the tour.

Additionally, some companies that apply for the tour but are not finally selected to participate may be offered the opportunity to be included in the booklet. This opportunity will be offered at Cleantech Group’s discretion.

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Who should apply?
Any company in the cleantech space that is interested in and is ready to expand its reach to China – whether in the form of seeking investments, customers, or partners – is encouraged to apply before February 31. The first batch of applicants will be reviewed from February 31, and places will be allocated accordingly. A second batch will be reviewed and places allocated from March 31, but only if places still remain which cannot be guaranteed.

Although there are no hard requirements, most of the selected companies will already have revenues and some prior funding, as well as a view on what their China strategy is.

How will companies be selected?
A selection panel, made up of China-savvy investors and advisors, will consider each applicant according to the completeness of the application and the company’s particular fit to current cleantech needs in China. All panelists will keep the applications confidential.

What is the cost to participate?
There is no cost to submit an application. Accepted companies will need to pay a fee to cover the administration, the in-tour transportation, hotel rooms, and meals. The fee will not include the long-haul flight and costs to get to the tour’s designated starting-point and from the tour’s designated end-point. The fee for private cleantech companies is an all-in US $8000.

Questions?  Email us.

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