Helping Entrepreneurs and Growth Companies Accelerate their Cleantech Businesses

Since 2002, the Cleantech Group has been helping startups and growing companies speed their ventures from ideas to products and customer contracts.

Submit to Cleantech Group’s i3 Platform

Entrepreneurs and growth companies may submit profiles of their companies to the i3 platform as part of Cleantech Group’s innovation pipeline program. Submissions are reviewed by our analyst team before publishing to the i3 platform, where your basics are available to the public and company details available to the thousands of subscriber investors and others in the Cleantech Group’s network.

This free program helps companies build relationships with the premier cleantech investment community.

The Cleantech Group is not involved, in any way, with any transactions facilitated through this service. In addition, the Cleantech Group does not receive a commission or any other compensation for this service.

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Present at a Cleantech Forum

Cleantech companies can present their pitches to hundreds of top-tier investors and other influencers at a single time by applying to present at the Cleantech Group’s Cleantech Forum™ events. One presenting company at each event is designated the most promising technology, as voted by Forum attendees. Reach hundreds of the most influential cleantech investors, partners and potential customers with a single pitch.

See how Avantium engaged investors and raised funds through participation at Cleantech Forums

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Become a Cleantech Group Research Subscriber

Entrepreneurs subscribe to the Cleantech Group’s proprietary research and attend their events to accelerate fund-raising and raise visibility, speeding their time-to-money. Becoming a member of the elite Cleantech network is the most effective way for growing companies to bolster their capital-raising efforts, and connect with the money and influencers in clean technology.

The i3 Platform

Access a database of every investor who has invested in a cleantech company, with their full contact information. See where capital is flowing, in what clean technology sectors, dating back to 2001, and who’s been getting IPO and M&A exits. Be the first to learn of industry trends and which competitors are getting funding. Make wiser decisions with up-to-date market information.

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Members also receive email alerts on companies submitting to the Cleantech Group’s innovation pipeline—a source of competitive intelligence, and a source of validation of emerging technology markets.

Market insight

Research from the Cleantech Group helps entrepreneurs and their management make better decisions. Industry trends for emerging and growth stage technologies are available, as is insight into cleantech opportunities by geographic region. Companies with clean technology products to sell benefit from analysis of new trends in their sectors.

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Networking events

A research subscription includes discounted admission to the Cleantech Group’s global Cleantech Forums® and regional Focus™ events, where entrepreneurs connect with the investors, thought leaders and other power players in cleantech. Since 2002, the Cleantech Group’s events have been where deals have been struck, with billions of dollars raised to date.

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