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CTG’s Intelligence subscription brings you in-depth coverage of key trends, and continually uncovers opportunity sets for you from across the clean technology theme. With primary research on current developments, interviews of innovative companies, and an ecosystem-level view of activity, we provide you frequent deliverables and access to our analysts to support your innovation mandate, in addition to all the benefits of our Monitor service.

Our Intelligence Service

Opportunity briefs

At least once a month, Intelligence subscribers will receive a 15- to 20-page Powerpoint brief on an innovation trend the team has identified. Opportunity Briefs provide subscribers with key insights and commentary into an emerging opportunity, with both comprehensive summaries and in-depth research and analysis. High-level activity overviews cover key players in the ecosystem – including innovators, investors, corporates, and enablers – as well as deal flow and partnerships. Detailed analysis includes primary research on innovators, technological development, and  commercialization milestones. The combination of the breadth and depth of our coverage and commentary enables subscribers to understand the opportunities being created and the impacts across the cleantech ecosystem.

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 Analyst Access

To help you get the most out of each Opportunity Brief, the Intelligence subscription gives you access to up to 10 hours of analyst time per year. You will have access to direct interaction with the author(s) of the Briefs that are most pertinent to your innovation mandate. You can receive additional focused analysis to answer your immediate questions, and talk directly to analysts for more detailed explanations of the content, methodology, and current research deliverables of the Opportunity Briefs.

Monitor Benefits

Intelligence subscribers also enjoy full access to the Monitor subscription, including access to i3, our Insights publications, discounts to CTG events, and more.

Monitor benefits

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