10X13 Ep. 7: Zappos Moves Downtown [and Greener, to Boot]

While it may seem strange to find “Las Vegas” and “sustainable” in the same sentence, Zappos’ Brad Tomm (Senior Sustainability Manager) is out to prove they can prosper together as his company undertakes a high-profile move this fall into new corporate headquarters in the old Las Vegas City Hall.

Much has been made of the online retailer’s relocation and expansion, as CEO Tony Hsieh plans to shake up the traditional workplace, but Zappos is also taking deliberate measures to keep its environmental impact in check while it enjoys company growth.

For starters, the decision to reuse 90% of the existing building will vastly reduce the demolition footprint, Brad notes, but water scarcity compelled them to replace existing toilets with the low-flow variety. As Las Vegas’ population has exploded since the 1980’s, the company supports the plight of local water agencies in the arid west to make do with very little water. There are no plans for elaborate Las Vegas-style fountain displays in the company’s plaza, he adds with a smile.

Efforts are also focused on the staff, he continues, which will enjoy a much more walkable, connected relationship with an urban center. Zappos will institute a suite of incentives to encourage its employees to give up their car, adding Las Vegas’ first bike-sharing program to their efforts. Find out more by watching there interview here.