What’s New at the Big 3? A Look at the Innovation of Bayer-Monsanto, Corteva, and Syngenta-ChemChina

Chris Sworder
We have been speaking to innovation teams from the Big 3 players in plant science, Bayer-Monsanto, Corteva (DowDupont's agricultural business), and Syngenta-ChemChina, to gain insight into their approaches to engaging innovation, how this is changing with the mergers, and where else in the ecosystem they scan for agtech inspiration. Bayer-Monsanto Bayer Growth Ventures will incorporate approaches from both organizations' previous efforts to expand into new areas. Bayer previously focused on collaborations and partnerships, exemplified best by Joyn Bioworks, a joint venture between Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks. Monsanto has a traditional... Read More »

European Utilities Support UN Development Goals

Louis Brasington
Last month, the United National delegates came together in New York, assessing the progress for their Sustainable Development Goals. The focus this year was on how nations can provide access to affordable and reliable energy, water, and safe and resilient cities. The meeting marked three years since the UN committed to reaching universal access to affordable and clean energy by 2030. Large energy corporates have been actively involved in the push across the globe, deploying decentralized energy systems through partnering... Read More »

A Trillion Dollar Prize – Who will be the winners and losers in the new mobility paradigm?

Josh Gilbert
Business models in the transportation sector have stayed largely consistent over the past century, but today we are seeing a paradigm shift that is challenging the established order. Incumbents, both the old guard of auto OEMs and the nouveau riche TNCs, are facing a confluence of new systemic models and technologies challenging their core offerings. One of the key drivers of these systemic changes are autonomous and self-driving technologies. The brains of a vehicle, in the form of either radar or... Read More »

Changing the Corporate + Startup Collaboration Paradigm

Troy Ault
On Wednesday, January 31, I had the privilege of participating alongside several representatives of corporate innovation or venturing teams, entrepreneurs, and early-stage investors in a symposium exploring feasibility of an industry standard, simplified partnership agreement (SiPA) between corporates and startups. Kudos, first, to the Activation Energy team (Matt, Nikhil, Jeanne, etc.) for their vision in organizing the gathering, and for securing grant funding for the initiative from the Department of Energy’s Innovation Pathways program. Importantly, such a meeting could not... Read More »

Highlights of our Investment Summit: Trends & Opportunities in Energy’s Emerging Future

Ken-Ichi Hino
On October 20th, Cleantech Group and Enovation Partners, in collaboration with our sponsor Stifel, convened an invitation-only executive summit in New York City focused on the emerging investment opportunity sets and trends in energy for 2017 and beyond. The discussion-focused event helped facilitate a day of shared viewpoints from the attendees, which included investors, corporates, utilities, innovators, and other stakeholders in energy. The morning sessions elicited perspectives on the investment opportunities and challenges, and how those differ across capital classes... Read More »

Precision agriculture takes centre stage as the drone industry ascends to new heights

Chrysostomos Meli
The global drone industry has been growing exponentially in recent years, far beyond its traditional military market, and has attracted hundreds of millions in venture capital funding in the process. In 2015 alone the sector attracted $373 million in venture capital investment, a 5 fold increase from $67 million back in 2014. DJI and 3D Robotics first popularized the technology by providing aerial film capturing drones for amateur film makers and hobbyists. These companies have established the technology as a... Read More »

Corporate Strategics Off to the Races in 2015

Troy Ault
It’s off to the races in 2015 for corporate-strategic backers of innovation that drives sustainability across key resource-heavy industries. In just the first three weeks of the year, we’ve already seen more than ten venture deals exhibiting corporate participation. These include Saint-Gobain’s investment in Qivivo’s Series A for smart buildings; Swire Pacific’s investment in Green Biologics for renewable chemicals and biofuels; and internet giant Alibaba’s participation in Kuaidi Dache’s massive $600 million round for smart phone-driven transportation services. Using the... Read More »

2014 Global Cleantech 100 – CEO Insights on the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Cybersecurity

Michele Parad
QBotix, Ubitricity, Space-Time Insight - What do they all have in common? Yes, they are all Global Cleantech 100 companies, but there is more that ties them together than winning a prestigious annual award. Cleantech companies are increasingly integrating their product into the Internet of Things theme – and this was one of the biggest takeaways from the Global Cleantech 100 summit and roundtables in both Washington, D.C. and London. Below, we share key (anonymized) insights from company CEOs and our own analysis of the concerns... Read More »

Matchmaking for Corporates and Start-ups: A Product Journey

Jules Besnainou
As Cleantech Group unveiled its new i3 online platform on September 27, Director of Product Development Jules Besnainou tells the story of what brought about the major shift in the product’s direction, and describes where it is headed. When I joined Cleantech Group in early 2012, my job was straightforward: to maintain i3, a database of transactions in the cleantech space. At the time, the platform was mainly geared toward investors, and the data came from manual inputs of a top-notch Research... Read More »

Obama, Wal-Mart, and the Changing Face of Cleantech

James Mwaura
When it was announced that President Barack Obama’s west coast swing would conclude in Mountain View, CA (home of Google, LinkedIn, and a variety of other tech starlets), the location of his speech took a lot of people by surprise – Wal-Mart. Despite being in the heart of Silicon Valley, 40 minutes away from the bustle of San Francisco, and a stone’s throw from Stanford University, Obama chose the Mountain View branch of a behemoth retailer which is far from... Read More »