Echoes From the Past: Companies and Themes to Pay Attention to Beyond the APAC 25

Richard Youngman
Maybe you have been following us closely enough to notice that we have been making a stronger push into the B2B future of industrial innovation ecosystem in Asia over the last year? This initial push will culminate with AsiaConnect week, in which we will host our 1st Cleantech Forum Asia in Singapore on November 13-14, 2018, followed by our invite only Next-Gen Energy & Cross-Border Innovation Summit in Nanjing, China on November 15-16, 2018. Maybe you noticed that, two weeks ago,... Read More »

Mobility, Intelligence, Scooters, Reverse Innovation, and More – Our APAC 25 provides us glimpses of the future

Richard Youngman
We released our APAC 25 today, representing 25 leading innovative companies from across the region and across the different industrial spheres. The APAC 25 is a new sister list of the Global Cleantech 100 program that we are releasing ahead of our 1st Cleantech Forum Asia in Singapore on November 13-14, 2018. No doubt, just as will always be the case with our flagship Global Cleantech 100 program, the final list of companies would not be any one person’s list... Read More »

Just two of us? Or is anyone else noticing the innovation and venturing news coming from Southeast Asia, of late?

Richard Youngman
We are a firm believer in the idea that innovation, year on year, is going global, measured by where innovative solutions are emerging from, where demand for them resides, and who is providing the capital for the next-generation of new businesses, transitioning us toward a very different 21st century. Recent years have seen a venture capital industry boom in China, we have seen Slush in Finland becoming one of the biggest tech/innovation conferences in the world (20K people, >2,000 startups,... Read More »

European Utilities Support UN Development Goals

Louis Brasington
Last month, the United National delegates came together in New York, assessing the progress for their Sustainable Development Goals. The focus this year was on how nations can provide access to affordable and reliable energy, water, and safe and resilient cities. The meeting marked three years since the UN committed to reaching universal access to affordable and clean energy by 2030. Large energy corporates have been actively involved in the push across the globe, deploying decentralized energy systems through partnering... Read More »

Closing the Circle on Textiles

Lily Lin
The world generates 92 million tons of textile waste annually, with an estimated increase of 60% to 147 million tons in 2030. Textile waste management is a global challenge that that is likely to become a source of regulatory and reputational risk. Just ask Burberry after burning £28M of products, or H&M who was called out for burning an average of 12 tons of unsold product a year. If dealt with correctly, textile waste could become a business opportunity. According... Read More »

Where Synthetic Biology Meets Textiles

Lily Lin
Synthetic biology is an interdisciplinary field combining biology and engineering that is being applied to textiles, where living organisms have the potential to become both the machine and operating system of bio-fibers and bio-fabrics. Two notable areas of innovation are: bio-leather (lab-grown, but biologically identical to traditional leather) and spider silk. Demand Push Towards Cultured Leather The global leather goods market was USD $93.2 billion in 2016 and will reach USD $121.16 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 4.47%... Read More »

We Need More Wizards

Julio Friedmann
This guest blog by Julio Friedmann, CEO of Carbon Wrangler LLC, is part of an ongoing series on CarbonTech. I misspent a large fraction of my youth playing Dungeons and Dragons and re-reading “Lord of the Rings”. Gary Gygax and J.R.R. Tolkein owe me money. In my defense, my adolescent brain was ensorcelled by the idea of wizards. Magic bent the laws of physics and allowed creation out of thin air. Magic could hurtle energy and transmute matter. Magic was... Read More »

Strength in Numbers: Long Term Solutions for CO2 Reuse

Louis Brasington
Industrial clusters are geographic concentrations of interconnected companies, benefiting from shared infrastructure. For CO2 reuse, this creates a wider set of opportunities to connect elements along the carbon, capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) value chain. Standalone projects have been challenged by having to finance all the related infrastructure costs. One example is the first commercial-scale CCUS project at Boundary Dam which captures 1 million tons per year of CO2 from SaskPower's coal-fired power for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR).... Read More »

Disrupting the solar industry – Talking perovskite with Saule Technologies

Louis Brasington
Disruption was one of the key themes at this year’s Cleantech Forum Europe in Antwerp. We explored some of the industries that are poised for change, driven by advancements in next generation technologies. One of these technologies was perovskite solar, which is seen as a wonder material that has the potential to really shake up the solar industry. Consequently, we decided to speak with a company who is very active in the space to give our readers an up to... Read More »

Meatless sliders at White Castle, Mars bars with added protein – what’s happening in protein innovation?

Chris Sworder
Over a year ago, we outlined in this blog how various innovators are tackling the problems that are affecting the protein value chain. The analysis a year ago concentrated on meat alternatives and innovators that were bringing down the resource intensity of certain parts of the protein supply chain by using insects or other methods. The problem, highlighted then, was that “food-related greenhouse gas emissions could account for half of the emissions the world can afford if global warming is... Read More »