Don’t get left behind! Can we make smart city mobility solutions work for all?

Josh Gilbert
Dense urban environments throughout the world are booming, with populations soaring as opportunities attract people to cities. Today, more than half of all humans live in urban areas. Further, this growth is set to continue over the coming years, with the number expected to hit 66% by 2050. This influx of people and goods trying to get into and around our cities is a difficult but potentially lucrative issue to resolve. Here at CTG, we’ve brought together leading startups in... Read More »

Does Ford’s vision of a new transportation value chain suggest Amazon is the future king of transportation?

Ken-Ichi Hino
Ford has had a fast start to 2018, laying out its vision of the future of transportation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and buying two pieces of its future business model shortly thereafter. The transportation-as-a-service (TaaS) business model Ford envisions isn’t anything new, as plenty of players both large and small have been espousing such a vision for some time. The somewhat surprising aspect is that the way Ford is talking about it indicates that defensibility in the TaaS... Read More »

Taking Oil Out of the Big Rig: Electrification of Haulage Trucks

Chris Sworder
As we trundle towards the unveiling of Tesla’s semi-truck, provisionally set for October 26th, we thought this would be a good time to scope out what is happening in the world of electric trucks. Transportation and logistics, especially due to the high levels of venture capital investment in recent years, has become a cornerstone of CTG research. From autonomous vehicles, solving traffic, lithium commodity markets, bike sharing, and even flying cars, evaluating trends in mobility has been a major focus. The... Read More »

How autonomous vehicles drive technological innovation

Nikhila Krishnan
As the possibility of autonomous vehicles hitting the roads becomes a reality, companies are scrambling to gain market share in the autonomous driving industry. Investments into autonomous vehicles have doubled in the past year. In the second quarter of 2017, over $1.4 billion dollars have been invested into autonomous vehicle technologies. This data also includes investments into ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft that are developing autonomous vehicle technology in-house as well. Investors are pouring money into various companies developing... Read More »

Solving Traffic: The highway, the smart way, and the long way off

Chris Sworder
The term ‘smart city’ implies that cities can be dumb. To the city-dweller, this is often acutely clear when stuck in traffic. In the UK, a recent TomTom Traffic Index report found that the average commuter in Britain will spend five days of every year stuck in traffic. That equates to 47 weeks’-worth[1] in an average lifetime of sitting behind the wheel not going anywhere fast. My own city of London comes in as the 20th most congested city in the... Read More »

What City Traders Can Tell Us About the Future of Cleantech

Josh Gilbert
In a recent CTG Insights article (a bi-monthly publication written for our i3 subscribers), we examined the lithium-ion battery market, which is composed of several emerging markets such as EVs and grid storage, as well as the decades-established $20B consumer electronics market. With EVs specifically, the nascent market has rapidly grown, with BNEF projecting an 18.2% CAGR from 2013 through 2040, and with the passing of the 2 million mark of EVs on our roads earlier this week, the trend shows... Read More »

An Analyst’s Guide to Bursting Bubbles – China’s Bike-Sharing Market, and the Facts Behind the Figures

Josh Gilbert
Using our i3 platform, we aim to cut through the noise and provide analysis on the trends that you’ve seen, and many that you haven’t. Our database is the cornerstone upon which we build much of our insight, using i3’s proprietary intelligence on over 24,000 companies to providing clear visibility on the underlying drivers and global trends that drive sustainable innovation. We want to give an example of what this i3 data is telling us regarding one of the higher... Read More »

ACES, Accommodation, Populist Revolts, and Pass the Sugar

Troy Ault
With the support of Silicon Valley Bank and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, CTG convened our most recent Power Breakfast last week in San Francisco. More than fifty individuals representing major corporations, investors, start-ups, and other transportation industry stakeholders made their way to WSGR’s One Market offices – which overlook the daily traffic nightmare that is the Bay Bridge morning commute – under the following banner: When electric vehicles are producing half the emissions of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles... Read More »

Entrenched Incumbents and Seedling Start-ups in Battery Storage Markets – Innovation Finds a Way

Josh Gilbert
In the February edition of CTG Insights, our bi-monthly publication highlighting trends we feel should be at the forefront of the minds of cleantech-focused corporates and investors alike, we wrote an article addressing the opportunities in battery storage markets. The lithium-ion battery energy storage market is composed of a few sub-sectors, including the decades-established consumer electronics market, a $20 billion market that has incumbent advantages in both scale and mature supply chains. However, the electric vehicles market has arrived in... Read More »

Flying cars are arriving along two very different tracks

Ken-Ichi Hino
Monday (February 13) was a big day in the world of personal aerial transportation, with two major announcements: The United Arab Emirates’ Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that Chinese UAV company EHang will begin providing autonomous aerial transportation in Dubai this summer. Dutch company PAL-V announced that its Liberty, the world’s first commercial flying car, is now on sale, with first deliveries expected by the end of 2018. While both announcements have captured imaginations by featuring “flying car” taglines,... Read More »