Cleantech in Oil & Gas – Digital Oilfield and the Emergence of Cleantech-as-a-Service

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Save the Date! On March 16-18, 2015, Cleantech Group will host our annual flagship event, Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2015, focusing on the theme of Cleantech Meets the Cloud: The Emergence of Cleantech-as-a-Service. This annual gathering of the global cleantech innovation community is designed to share stores, spark conversation and hear dynamic pitches under this year’s theme, including specific sessions on oil & gas and digital oilfield.

Cleantech innovation – though at first appears counterintuitive to conventional fuels – is rather entirely relevant to oil & gas companies seeking to reduce production costs, carbon emissions and overall environmental footprint. As world energy demand continues to increase, coupled with the need to optimize production and minimize environmental impact, oil & gas companies are increasingly embracing the concept of the digital oilfield to solve such challenges.

Digital oilfield, in Cleantech Group’s definition, indicates technologies, services, and related business models focused on both the tools and processes for data and information management in oil & gas upstream activities. Our i3 platform taxonomy further expands the digital oilfield theme and maps out several technologies and application areas. Two major themes stand out from our research – data collection & analytics and networking & communication:

Data collection and analytics

To enable a digitalized oilfield and real-time operation, data collection and analysis are two innovating technology areas we have observed. On hardware, companies such as WellAware, Tachyus, and GasSecure have developed sensors to capture real-time data in oil & gas wells and pipelines. Meanwhile, software companies also emerged to provide advanced data analytics in order to make the most optimized exploration & production decisions.

Networking & Communication

With the emergence of Big Data and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies, oil & gas companies have embraced these technologies to their critical infrastructure and assets. Through a connected field, oil & gas companies will be able to monitor, track, and even remotely control their assets in real-time.

At the Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2015, we will have two parallel tracks focusing on the digital oilfield – one focusing on opportunities to strategically network and connect with fellow attendees, with the other track focusing on specific technology interest areas. Mark your calendar and come to experience our series of thought-provoking sessions and discussion in March 2015.