Cleantech Tour of China 2015 – What You Need to Know to Enter China’s Cleantech Market

On the heels of the announcement that China and the U.S. have committed jointly to limits on carbon pollution and an aggressive share of non-fossil energy in China’s power portfolio, this running Cleantech Group event is more relevant than ever.

On January 26-30, 2015, Cleantech Group will host our 4th annual Cleantech Tour of China for a full week of meetings and network-building activities in China. The tour provides cleantech CEOs with an excellent introduction to doing business in China, as well as the opportunity to showcase their companies to multiple China-based investors and partners.

China Tour Graphic

The clean technology market opportunity in China is certainly massive, especially as the nation is home to some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world. The country is now under immense pressure to solve existing pollution problems, which have resulted in government mandates and aggressive cleantech investment targets as national strategic priorities. As a result, China has been actively pursuing foreign technology companies via outbound investments, partnerships, and M&A’s from potential Chinese partners.

In addition to clear opportunities for innovation that drives sustainability, there are also undoubtedly challenges for foreign companies pursuing such international expansion. Issues such as intellectual property (IP) protection and global operational logistics will definitely be addressed during the market entry process, and could be considered as an exercise in risk management. Also, when conducting business in China, it is critical to focus on building relationships, as these are prerequisites for successful business deals. Business is heavily relationship-driven, and can often occur outside formal office settings. For Western companies, this means it is never too early to start building a network and knowledge base in order to identify the best candidates, and prepare to engage on such partnerships when the right opportunity arises.

As part of Cleantech Group’s mission in accelerating sustainable innovation, we will organize a whole week of business development activities that no one company could get close to putting together themselves – feedback we’ve heard directly from our past tour party members. To dive deeper into China’s cleantech landscape, apply to join Cleantech Group’s 4th annual tour to China, January 26-30, 2015, in partnership with Idinvest Partners, Silicon Valley Bank and Tsing Capital. This is an intense week of meetings, seminars and networking to help a select group of young western clean technology companies and investors with relevant portfolio companies:

(1) Significantly increase their understanding of the China challenge and the China opportunity

(2) Meaningfully advance their “go to China” market entry and investment strategy

(3) Accelerate their acquisition of valuable contacts and insights

(4) Expose their companies to a group of Chinese industrials, entrepreneurs and investors (collectively best thought of as “China Cleantech insiders”)

For more information, including how to apply, contact