Corporate Strategics Off to the Races in 2015

It’s off to the races in 2015 for corporate-strategic backers of innovation that drives sustainability across key resource-heavy industries. In just the first three weeks of the year, we’ve already seen more than ten venture deals exhibiting corporate participation. These include Saint-Gobain’s investment in Qivivo’s Series A for smart buildings; Swire Pacific’s investment in Green Biologics for renewable chemicals and biofuels; and internet giant Alibaba’s participation in Kuaidi Dache’s massive $600 million round for smart phone-driven transportation services.

Using the i3 Platform, run detailed queries to uncover deals involving corporate-strategic investors:

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Additionally, we’ve seen key strategic partnerships and M&A activity tying start-up innovation to stronger corporate industry incumbents. German home energy management and automation company Kiwigrid, for example, recently disclosed two new partnerships. The company is working with BMW to help develop the latter’s home electric vehicle-charging platform, and with Gemalto for support in the fulfilment of German information security requirements for smart metering. Meanwhile, exemplary acquisitions, including Schneider Electric’s purchase of InStep Software and Bosch’s buy-out of EnVerv, show strategic players making whole-hog bets on innovative new technology.

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