Past Global Cleantech 100 Companies: Then & Now

Earlier this week, Cleantech Group hosted the 6th annual Global Cleantech 100 in Washington, DC. Every year, Cleantech Group evaluates the best and brightest in the cleantech start-up ecosystem to choose 100 companies who are likely to have the greatest impact in the next five to ten years. This year’s list spans sectors, geographies and industries, including big names like Airbnb and Uber, and early stage startups such as Imprint Energy and sunfire. We’ve got an exciting group of companies this year, but what about the Global Cleantech 100 (GCT100) winners of years past? Let’s take a look at where these companies are now and how they’ve impacted the industry to date:

When it comes to industry-altering acquisitions, Google’s acquisition of Nest undoubtedly comes to mind. Ever since Nest was bought by the behemoth tech giant, every large firm in Silicon Valley seems to be claiming real estate in the increasingly crowded smart home space. Thermostats, energy monitors and intelligent light bulbs are no longer confined to a niche market of upscale, environmentally conscious consumers; energy efficiency has gone mainstream, and it’s now easier than ever.

Global Cleantech 100: 2010-2013 Awardees

 GCT 2010-2013 Awardees Table

A similar sentiment arose when Opower, a company that utilizes behavioral science to influence consumer engagement and energy consumption, became one of the first SaaS energy efficiency startups to go public earlier this year. Silver Spring Networks, a smart grid solutions provider, and GCT100 2013 winner, went public in 2013, setting the precedent for future software solutions, like Opower, to scale successfully.

Beyond these top headlines, past GCT100 winners have gone on to raise considerable amounts of money privately, continuing to expand their businesses and contributing to the growth of their industries. SunRun, Bloom Energy and Elevance Renewable Sciences, all having raised large growth equity rounds, are influential players in the Solar, Energy Storage, and Biofuel industries, respectively. Its been exciting to track the progress of these companies, and we look forward to following the success of the next crop of GCT100 winners.