Global Cleantech 100

Welcome to the Global Cleantech 100, an annually-refreshed list of the top 100 private innovation companies in clean technology. Collated by combining proprietary Cleantech Group research data, with over 11,000 nominations and specific input from an expert panel, these companies represent the most innovative and promising ideas in cleantech — the companies that are best positioned to solve tomorrow’s clean technology challenges.

How the List Comes Together

Every year since 2009, we have put together the Global Cleantech 100 list following our Methodology to answer the question: According to the world’s cleantech community, which 100 of today’s private cleantech companies are the most likely to make the most significant market impact over the next 5-10 years?

Read more on our Methodology here

We incorporate nominations from the general cleantech community as well as input from a global expert panel. Our public nominations are now closed. 

2016 Expert Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Global Cleantech 100 (2009-2017)

We are currently in the process of pulling together the 8th edition of the Global Cleantech 100 list. Meantime, you can check out the previous years’ lists and download the corresponding reports below. Each year’s report is entitled “A barometer of the changing face of global cleantech innovation” because the process allows us to provide a viewpoint on which are the companies and the sub-sectors top of mind today, and why, and how has that been changing over time.

The 2015 Global Cleantech 100

In-depth company profiles can be found on i3 Connect.

You can dive deeper into our Global Cleantech 100 companies, and explore the past five years of the Global Cleantech 100 Reports and the groundbreaking companies celebrated within.

Past Global Cleantech 100 Reports

Global Cleantech 100 in the News

The Live Unveiling

We will once be announcing the Global Cleantech 100 list during our flagship event, Cleantech Forum San Francisco on January 23-25, 2017. The list will be officially unveiled, and all attending Global Cleantech 100 companies will receive their certificates. We will also hold the annual Global Cleantech 100 Gala Dinner & Awards (invite only) where we honor and celebrate the achievements of the Global Cleantech 100 companies and present the annual awards.

Global Cleantech 100 Awards & Past Winners

Global Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch

We will also release the 3rd annual Global Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch List – a list highlighting a group of upcoming companies, beyond the Global Cleantech 100. The 2016 Ones to Watch list has been officially launched. 

The Under the Radar List

In 2015, we also released the Under the Radar List. These companies caught the eye of leading players in the market, but they may have some ways to go before their value proposition is more widely known. *We will not release a 2016 Under the Radar list. 

2015 Global Cleantech 100 Under the Radar

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