Innovation online: i3 for corporates

i3 Logoi3 is an online platform that enables corporates to connect with innovation, at scale. Corporates use i3 to build and manage their pipeline, market their technology interests to start-ups globally, and gain insight into 18 sectors.

What is i3?

What is i3?

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How Does i3 Work?

How does i3 work?

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Who's Using i3?

Who’s using i3?

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What is i3?

i3 is an online platform that connects corporates with sustainable innovation, at scale. Corporates like EDF, GM, Saint-Gobain, Qualcomm, and GDF Suez rely on i3 to find, vet, and connect with start-ups, efficiently building and managing a pipeline of external innovation targets, documenting notes and feedback, collaborating with team members, and connecting directly with start-ups’ decision-makers. Start-ups create and manage their profiles in i3—for free—because it is the easiest, most cost-effective and efficient way to connect with corporates and grow their businesses.

Identify start-ups of strategic interest

Use i3’s proprietary taxonomy to easily identify strategic targets from thousands of start-ups innovating in your industry, then use this data to evaluate investment, partnership, and acquisition opportunities, at scale

Launch Campaigns to start-ups worldwide

Customize i3 Campaign application questions to suit your interests and needs (e.g, unique IP and technology, stage of development, partnership opportunities, and leadership team)

Collaborate and track discussions

Use i3’s Lists and Messaging functionality to house details and comments on specific targets in one place, then easily share notes and comments internally with colleagues and other business units

Connect directly with decision makers at your target

Scout a start-up in a specific technology area, and immediately reach out to and connect with that target’s leadership team

How do Corporates use i3?

Access vetted intelligence on 24,000 companies Search for and review vetted intelligence about a company’s technology, financials, commercial relationships, and management team; connect with those companies aligned with your sector of interest

Market your technology areas of interest to 60K+ innovation stakeholders worldwide Use i3 Campaigns to build comprehensive, targeted, and relevant innovation pipelines through vetted connections to start-ups that demonstrate alignment with your organization’s strategy

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Build and manage your innovation pipeline in one place, for your entire team Source only relevant companies, document notes and feedback, create rankings and categories, collaborate with team members, and make direct connections

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Analyze global trends or take a deep dive into key sectors Access the largest sustainable innovation network across 18 sectors, including Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Smart Grid, and Water, among others

Which corporates use i3?

Valéry Prunier
Director, Innovation Program North America

"i3 is the most reliable, up-to-date, and best resource for information and insights on startups in my domain of activities, which is pretty broad. When I’m searching for companies, I don’t Google; I use i3 to quickly find the trusted information I need. I also like the new functionalities and services enabled by i3."

Ricardo Angel, PhD
Managing Director
GE Ventures

"At GE Ventures, we use i3 to research companies, market trends and keep up to date with latest deals across spaces ranging from energy management to oil and gas to software. This comprehensive solution also allows us to quickly access data to better understand new spaces."

Óscar Cantalejo Sánchez
Technology Manager

"Using the i3 platform helps my team search - across many different sectors - for new technologies and business models that are changing the future of energy. i3 provides the insight and connectivity we need: our search on i3 for Demand Response companies resulted in new and promising connections with interesting companies. We've changed our aim, and opened our minds - energy innovation is the future and we want to be a part of that."

Bryan Wang, Associate
Nitto Innovations

"I use i3 to connect with companies and new innovations that align with Nitto’s corporate strategy. i3 enables top-down discovery through technology sectors of interest and bottom-up discovery via company profiles. i3 is super useful because it maps competitors directly onto each company’s profile, and this is critical intel for us."

Dorothee Martin
External Venture Manager
Saint-Gobain NOVA

“i3 is one of the best venture databases and services that I am aware of! It includes profiles of thousands of start-ups, with valuable details such as fundraising status and financial/strategic partners. With a single click, I can connect with start-ups that own their company’s profile in i3. I have had an amazing customer experience with i3 because it offers relevant data, while being fast and easy to use. The affordable subscription offers great value, and I appreciate opportunities to also connect directly with start-ups by attending or sponsoring CTG’s events."

Giovanni Ravina, Investment Manager
GDF SUEZ New Ventures

“Cleantech Group recently ran an Innovation Campaign on i3, on behalf of GDF-Suez New Ventures. We were very pleased with the results. The Campaign brought forward some interesting companies who were new to us and we are now exploring more advanced discussions, with one in particular. We found the Cleantech Group team to be knowledgeable in their filtering of companies and professional and proactive in their overall execution of the campaign. Thank you for the collaboration.”