Global Cleantech 100 FAQs

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Who can qualify for the Global Cleantech 100 list?
Any independent, for-profit cleantech company that is not listed on any major stock exchange, or is not a majority-owned subsidiary of another company.

What is considered cleantech?
Cleantech Group uses more than 700 unique identifiers to classify companies in important areas of innovation, organized by 18 over-arching categories. To see how our 18 cleantech sectors are broken down, please visit our i3 sectors page.

Who can nominate for this award?
Nominations are open to any market participant through the Global Cleantech 100 website. Those interested in doing so are asked to nominate a minimum of three qualifying companies and a maximum of nine. Nominations must adhere to the ‘Lust List principle’ – meaning if you nominate your own company (or one you are part owner of), you must nominate at least two others that you admire (where you have no association). See our Methodology.

How/where/when can I nominate companies?
The facility to nominate is open most of the year but the deadline to make that year’s edition is May 31st each year. Click here to nominate.

What should I expect once I have nominated?
We receive thousands of nominations on thousands of companies – and so, for the majority of companies, they should expect no contact from us. Cleantech Group will only make contact with shortlisted candidates and subsequently to the final 100 and any other award winning companies in the July-September timeframe each year. The list will be announced publicly at the annual Cleantech Forum San Francisco, and all press will be embargoed until then. The next edition of the list will be revealed and celebrated at the 2017 Cleantech Forum San Francisco, January 23-25.

How can I increase my chances of getting on to the Global Cleantech 100?
Cleantech Group, according to its Methodology, pulls from a number of public sources and expert panel opinion. We encourage cleantech companies to create or update their profile on to ensure we have not missed any important public data such as past investment history or new customers/partnerships. We pride ourselves on this list coming out of a robust system, and not a “popularity contest”, so getting all of your friends and family to nominate you will not give you better odds.