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The investment funds that track the Cleantech Index® provide investors with a far-easier, lower-cost way to invest in the broad cleantech investment category (hence, the overall cleantech megatrend) with global exposure and less risk than ever before possible.

Anyone with a brokerage account can invest in Cleantech Index exchange-traded funds (ETF).  ETFs trade just like stocks do, are tax-efficient, and have very reasonable management fees (vis-a-vis most mutual funds or unit trusts).   We expect to launch additional investment products in 2021 and 2022.

KSM Cleantech Index Certificate – (TASE Ticker: KSMCLNT)
The first investment product based on CTIUS, KSM Cleantech Index Certificate was launched on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on June 6, 2006, by KSM Financial Instruments. Similar to an ETF, the certificate enables Israeli investors to invest and continuously trade the Cleantech Index locally in real time, with an option to convert the certificate to the underlying Index assets on a daily basis.


The Cleantech Index and other indices under development are available for licensing worldwide. Please contact for more information.

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