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Investors can easily invest in the Cleantech Index

Any investor with a brokerage account can invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track the Cleantech Index®. These ETFs can be traded just like stocks, are tax-efficient and have very reasonable management fees (vs. mutual funds). They are:

PowerShares Cleantech Portfolio ETF – (Ticker: PZD)
Traded since October of 2006, PZD tracks the Cleantech Index (CTIUS) and trades on the New York Stock Exchange. PZD provided investors with the first and only easy-to-access, low-cost, and liquid means to invest in the leading cleantech companies across a broad range of industry sectors. Options on PZD are also available.

KSM Cleantech Index Certificate – (Ticker: KSMCLNT)
The first investment product based on CTIUS, KSM Cleantech Index Certificate was launched on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on June 6, 2006, by KSM Financial Instruments. Similar to an ETF, the certificate enables Israeli investors to invest and continuously trade the CTIUS Index locally in real time, with an option to convert the certificate to the underlying Index assets on a daily basis.

PowerShares Cleantech Portfolio Fund – (Ticker: PZD.MX)
In February 2011, the PowerShares Cleantech ETF (PZD) was crosslisted on the international segment of the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV). This is the same ETF as the one traded on the New York Stock Exchange, but it trades as a peso-denominated Mexican Depository Receipt. The local divisions of J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Bank are the sponsoring brokers and service all corporate actions and including shareholder information in the Mexican market. In addition, both brokers have dedicated representatives in Mexico to provide local expertise and guidance to investors.

The Cleantech Index and other indices under development are available for licensing. Please contact for more information.

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