Sector Research

The future will be de-carbonized, decentralized and digitized. But how will you get there? Our analysts provide insight and analysis to introduce new opportunities for growth and begin your journey to successful strategic choices.


Food & Agriculture Research, analysis and insightAgriculture & Food

Logistics • Packaging • Plant Sciences • Quality Monitoring • Safety • Smart Irrigation • Storage • Supply Chain Tracking • Sustainable Protein

Agriculture and Food research on companies and technologies





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Energy and Power ResearchEnergy & Power

Digitization • Decentralization • Efficiency • Energy Access • Energy Storage • Flexibility • Fuel Cells • Grid Edge • Heat • Hydrogen • Internet of Energy • Microgrids • Solar • Wind

CLeantech research on energy and power





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Cleantech Industrial and Manufacturing sector companies, insights and trendsIndustrial & Manufacturing

3D Printing • Artificial Intelligence • Blockchain • Cyber Security • Data Analytics • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) • Industry 4.0 • Robotics

Industrial and Manufacturing sector in cleantech research





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Cleantech research and insight into Construction,Industrial Biotechnology, Nano-materials, Metals, Plastics Polymers and Steel TextilesMaterials & Chemicals

Coatings • Construction • Industrial Biotechnology • Nano-materials • Metals • Plastics • Polymers • Steel • Textiles

Cleantech sector materials and chemicas





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Cleantech Resources and Environment SectorResources & Environment

Carbon-to-Value • Circular Economy • Digital Applications • Geospatial Analytics • Oil & Gas • Recycling Waste • Water Treatment

Cleantech Resources and Environment company and themes





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Transportation and logistics in cleantechnologyTransportation & Logistics

Autonomous and Connected Vehicles • Digitization • Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure • Logistics Services • Mobility – People and Goods • New Mobility Business Models • Sharing Infrastructure • Transportation Software

Cleantech Transport and Logistics Sector





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