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The future will be de-carbonized, decentralized and digitized. But how will you get there? Our analysts provide insight and analysis to introduce you to new opportunities for growth and begin your journey to successful strategic choices.


Food & Agriculture Research, analysis and insightAgriculture & Food

Over the next thirty years, we need to grow more food than has ever been grown on earth by humans. To achieve this, we need to optimize a food industry that is wasteful and reform an agricultural system that is harmful to the environment. Chris Sworder,  Lead  Analyst, Agriculture & Food  







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Energy and Power ResearchEnergy & Power

Beyond the growth of renewables, achieving long-term climate, air quality and energy access goals means finding the balance between infrastructure deployment, supportive regulation and data management. Louis Brasington, Lead Analyst, Energy & Power 







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Materials & Chemicals

Even with the clean energy and energy efficiency technologies available today, the steel, cement, aluminum and plastics industries alone are projected to cause at least 1.5 times the total allowable greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) budget for a 1.5C future by the turn of the century.” Chris Dawe, Associate Director of Research








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Cleantech Resources and Environment SectorResources & Environment

Using our planet’s resources in a more responsible way means reducing our dependence on plastics, coming up with better ways of managing water and starting to draw value from carbon capture.” Holly Stower, Lead Analyst, Resources & Environment






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Transportation and logistics in cleantechnologyTransportation & Logistics

Transportation accounts for 23% of total energy-related CO2 emissions globally and emissions are increasing at a faster rate than other energy end-use sectors.
As the global population grows and continues to urbanize, transportation needs to decarbonize rapidly to reach global emissions reductions targets. Cassidy Shell, Transportation & Logistics Analyst








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