Director of Marketing

Cleantech Group is looking for an experienced Director of Marketing, to make an impactful contribution to the next leg of the company’s multi-decade journey.

Since pioneering the very idea of cleantech and sustainable innovation in the 2000s, Cleantech Group is now in a growth phase, as we seek to catch the 2020s wave, propelled by the tailwinds of the innovation economy, the climate crisis and the commitments to net zero, and sustainability becoming more mainstream.

As part of a wider growth plan and vision, and in a changing market environment, it is now time:

  • To invest more into Marketing and, in time, to expand the team; and
  • For Marketing to be represented at executive level, as a distinct function, to contribute to strategic leadership and the strategic development of the company.

This position will report to the CEO and the individual will be invited to join a new-look leadership team, which will be responsible for the company’s strategic and day to day management.

This is a strategic role, but a deeply practical and operational one too.

  • The ultimate goal is to increase the company’s market share and to maximize revenues.
  • But there is plenty of nuts and bolts, hard graft work to build the necessary processes, infrastructure and team to enable such success.
Responsibilities of the Director of Marketing


  • To develop the marketing and communication strategies that project Cleantech Group into the forefront of tomorrow’s conversations about where the best and most impactful sustainable innovations are to be found, and how to engage with them. This will require keeping abreast of trends and competitors’ marketing movements.
  • To have Cleantech Group be better-known, for what it does and all that it does – as a provider of research, consulting and events services. A stronger presence in the media is one goal.  Another is to change a widely-held perception that we are an events company.
  • To produce and regularly update valuable content for the company’s online presence, orchestrating editorial design and preparing the company’s publications (in collaboration with Research) to be publication-ready.
  • To (re-)organize the management of the world’s most extensive cleantech innovation network, and to leverage its potential as a strategic asset. Our international community needs communicating to, to provide everyone with a steady flow of insights, and it needs engaging to ensure a steadily growing pipeline of sales-ready contacts.
  • To refresh Cleantech Group’s look and feel such that we feel 2020s-fit, and project one voice and one image; and that we convey professionalism, but also the authentic us.


Capabilities of the Director of Marketing



  • Track record in a senior strategic marketing position, and as a significant contributor to a company‘s growth journey, which is analogous to Cleantech Group’s ambitions for the 2020’s
  • Demonstrable interest in, and a deep understanding of, innovation, climate change, and clean technology/sustainability, and the different audience types in our ecosystem
  • Outstanding management and interpersonal skills
    • An open communicator and excellent collaborator, who will build effective working relationships across all departments and teams, x-company
    • A track record in building highly enthusiastic, productive and fulfilled marketing teams.
  • Organized, process- and detail-orientated, with a passion to go the “extra yards” needed to provide great experiences for our audiences
  • Strong evidence of the core marketing skills which will be key to this position, including:
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential
    • Up to speed with current and online marketing channels, techniques and best practices
    • Thorough knowledge of web analytics and high proficiency with standard/typical work packages like MS Office 365 and TEAMS; as well as marketing, CRM, and web content management systems



The compensation package (base salary plus performance related pay, based on individual and company performance) will be commensurate with experience.

All Cleantech Group employees are entitled to a standard set of benefits, including health and dental insurance and employee contributions to pension/retirement plans. These vary a bit, depending on the person’s location.



The Director of Marketing position will be US-based, to ensure that our global leadership team has geographic balance of representation and because the position is to market a US company, whose style guide and editorial practices are US-centric.

Long before the pandemic, we operated in quite a distributed manner. There is a concentration of US team members around San Francisco and Boston, and a concentration of European team members in London and Paris, with a growing presence around continental Europe (with remote team members in Belgium, Italy and Spain, to date)

There are benefits to more team members being in and around locations with multiple colleagues. And so, for this position there is a preference for someone based in or around Boston or San Francisco so that, in addition to remote/home working, there is the opportunity to interact regularly with team members. Boston is the most preferred as it is the centre of our Research and Consulting function.

That said, most important in the end will be the person, their ability and motivation to help us grow, and their fit with our team and culture.


About Us

At Cleantech Group, we provide research, consulting and events to catalyze opportunities for sustainable growth powered by innovation. We bring clients access to the trends, companies and people shaping the future and the customized advice and support businesses need to engage external innovation.

Apply Now

Send resume and cover letter to:

Application Deadline: This position will remain open until we have found the right fit. Our ambition is to do so across June 2022.

Cleantech Group is committed to diversity in its workforce. Cleantech Group is an equal opportunity employer and ensures the promotion of equal opportunity for all persons employed or seeking employment, without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability status.

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