People and Operations Manager

Could your skills in talent attraction and retention help build a net-zero future?

As our People and Operations Manager you’ll help us to deliver the next phase of our growth plans. Since pioneering the idea of cleantech and sustainable innovation in the 2000s, we’re now in an accelerated growth phase. As the 2020s develop, propelled by the tailwinds of the innovation economy, the climate crisis and wider commitments to net zero, the opportunities in sustainability have never been greater.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic and capable person to play an important role in our growth as we strengthen our team. People are critical to our ability to succeed and to the smoothness of our operation. We want to be ready for the future of work – and the changing needs of our employees. In fact, we want to be a leader in the trends shaping the world of work.

We want to be resourced and prepared to recruit and onboard people  and attend to all the needs of individuals and the collective to keep us true to our ambition to be a fun and fulfilling place to work.

What you’ll do

You’ll report to the CEO. In the future, through growth and achievement, you may be invited to join the global leadership team, and help build the strategic direction and day-to-day management of the company.

The role will evolve over time with the company’s needs and will range from the highly strategic to the more specific and tactical.

The key overall objectives of the position:

  • You’ll minimize the costs of attrition and maximize success rates by helping make our workplace exciting, fulfilling and fun for the team and by developing proactive people strategies.
  • You’ll make us more operationally smooth and efficient – through the key lens of our people – and build some competitive advantage from designing a great employee experience that attracts and grows talent and unleashes our employees’ full potential.
  • You’ll be a self-starter, and truly passionate about sustainable innovation and our mission to catalyze innovation-led business opportunities for a better, net-zero, world.
Responsibilities of the People and Operations Manager
  • You’ll help us continue to live up to our aspiration to provide a great place to work, by overseeing the implementation of future-fit strategies and more robust processes around our people and our culture. The People and Operations manager should expect to get involved with a range of initiatives:
    • A re-design that drives the execution of a proactive and high-touch approach to attracting, recruiting and onboarding talent.
    • A re-design that drives the execution of all aspects of the people experience at Cleantech Group, including, but not limited to, our approach to training and development, team collaboration, all our policies and processes; performance reviews and compensation packages; etc.
  • You’ll optimize internal operations and processes, to ensure that the company is running as operationally smoothly and as well-informed as it can be. By way of example, the People and Operations Manager should expect to be involved, with internal and external reporting on action-oriented data and metrics (related to people, operations and culture) that enable us to learn and improve, as well as managing the IT resources people need to be effective
  • Above all, you’ll advocate for and help develop our most critical resource — our people. Whether it’s in direct response to an employee concern or a data-driven discovery, this role is all about improvement, with lots of ongoing small wins, not just flashy, big bang changes.
Requirements of the People and Operations Manager
  • Relevant experience, where you have demonstrated the skills needed to take on this role.
  • Organized, fast-working and detail-orientated, with a passion to go the extra yards and someone who gets joy from helping people, fixing problems and making things more efficient.
  • An excellent collaborator and listener, easy for the team to work with, as well as being a self-sufficient, self-starter who takes the initiative to seek out problems and concerns, and who problem solves and gets things done.
  • An all-rounder, with excellent verbal and written communication skills, a calm demeanour under pressure, and enough presence and leadership skills to command the respect of, and to have effective working relationships with, everyone in the company.
  • A versatile business mind, who is comfortable with numbers and data analysis on the one hand, and providing interpretation and recommendations on the other.
  • A person with high personal integrity and an ability to be discrete with confidential information.
  • Demonstrable interest in innovation, climate change and clean technology/sustainability.
  • High proficiency with standard/typical work packages like MS Office 365 and TEAMS; and adept at picking up and working with other digital systems.
  • Some  international travel will be required.
  • Fluent English required.
Additional skills
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher and proven succeess in business.
  • An interest in being exposed and involved with all the issues and details and decisions that are involved in running a people-centric company.
  • Languages other than English are always a bonus in our very international business.

The compensation package (base salary plus performance related pay, based on individual and company performance) will be commensurate with experience. All our employees are entitled to a standard set of benefits, including health and dental insurance and employee contributions to pension/retirement plans. These vary, depending on location.


There is some preference that the People and Operations manager be based in the UK, given that the CEO is UK-based and strong interaction between the two will be important. Though a location elsewhere is not out of the question. Long before the pandemic, we operated in a distributed manner, with flexible and remote working. That has only increased.

There is a concentration of US team members around San Francisco and Boston, and a concentration of European team members in London and Paris. Equally there are remote employees in North America (e.g. Michigan, New York, Ontario, Tennessee and Washington DC) and continental Europe (e.g. Belgium, Italy and Spain). Asian presence will be next.

There are benefits to more team members being in and around locations with multiple colleagues. Such locations which achieve that are preferred, though not essential

Most important in the end will be the person, their ability and motivation to help us grow, and their fit with our team and culture.

Apply now

Send your C.V. and cover letter to:  We plan to fill this job by May or June 2022.

About Us

At Cleantech Group, we provide research, consulting and events to catalyze opportunities for sustainable growth powered by innovation. We bring clients access to the trends, companies and people shaping the future and the customized advice and support businesses need to engage external innovation.

Cleantech Group is committed to diversity in its workforce. Cleantech Group is an equal opportunity employer and ensures the promotion of equal opportunity for all persons employed or seeking employment, without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability status.



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