Mining Meaningful Data: Revenue Ranges in i3

The i3 team is on a roll, having added all-important revenue data to recent releases that also include Maps, a new-and-improved user interface, an updated taxonomy view, and a revamped Oil & Gas taxonomy. So many valuable features make i3 even more indispensable to subscribers who want to explore deals, trends, and insight into innovation, with data for over 20,000 companies across 18 sectors.

Why did we add revenue data to i3? Clients told us what they wanted, and we listened. We repeatedly heard that they needed revenue data to get a more complete picture of companies and identify future investments and relationships. Having seen the revenue data, Julien Creuzé, Senior Associate at Aster Capital said that “Accurate revenue data on startups has historically been difficult for us to find, and has required a significant amount of time and effort to surface. This new feature will change that aspect of our work. It is a great addition to i3, which is already a key part of our company discovery efforts.” We currently have just under 700 companies’ revenue data in i3 and plan to surpass 1,000 by the end of June.

How do we gather the revenue data? Great question, and one we’re sure will come up quite often. The first—and best—way is from the companies themselves. Profile Owners of companies in i3 enter revenue range data as part of their basic information. A number of top companies have already entered this information and new ones are adding this data every day. The second way that we find this data is through company announcements, interviews, and news articles that refer to revenue data. Lastly, our team of analysts conducts research using the company’s stage and development stage combined with descriptions in articles and interviews to make an accurate estimate of the revenue.

Who should update their i3 profile with revenue data? Entrepreneurs and cleantech companies in search of funding should update their i3 profile with revenue data, or add their company to the i3 platform to be viewable by thousands of investors and corporate executives.

Who can access revenue data? Revenue data is available only to i3 subscribers – subscribers are active participants in the cleantech innovation space and include investors, corporates and economic development agencies, among others. Request a demo of our i3 platform to learn more about revenue data, Oil & Gas innovation, and our other new features. Already a subscriber? Go ahead and access the revenue data by going to the Data tab and using Advanced Search to narrow down the companies you would like to see.