More with Less: The Makings of the 2020s are with us Today

The concept of “More with Less” was always central to the founders of Cleantech Group’s vision of the emergent innovation theme they coined as cleantech in 2002.

Doing more with less (less inputs, less costs, less environmental impacts), aka resource productivity and efficiency, was highlighted in the first presentation I ever saw from Cleantech Group in 2007 on its explanation of the cleantech innovation theme – and why it mattered.

“More with Less” is as relevant today as then – probably more so – and will be thematically front and center at the 2016 Cleantech Forum San Francisco. (“More with Less” was also, by the by but admittedly of absolutely no consequence, the name of the first episode of the fifth season of The Wire!)

Innovations are progressing, industries are changing, and the “More with Less” future is arriving faster than any of us thought possible even five years ago.

Cleantech Group is here to help provide you with glimpses into that future, into the 2020s and beyond – charting the future is the key objective of all our Cleantech Forums. All of our interests in “things cleantech” are in essence expressing an interest in the future – in growth and opportunity, created by the imperative to do more with less; in threat and destruction, inherent in the creative disruption caused by emerging innovations and clean technologies. Indeed, according to McKinsey, the resource revolution and resource productivity quite simply represent “the biggest business opportunity in a century.”

And for the first time, our Global Cleantech 100 program, the annual research exercise we have been conducting since 2009 to take a barometric reading on the changing face of global innovation and to identify which private companies key players in the market regard today as the most likely to make the most significant market impact over the next 5-10 years, will culminate at, and be incorporated within, a Cleantech Forum San Francisco.

At Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2016, we will release and celebrate the flagship Global Cleantech 100 list itself, as well as the sister lists – the Ones to Watch, and the Under the Radar lists. With more than 50 CEOs from these lists present at the event, you will be provided with an incredible array of entrepreneurial talent, who are tapping into the “more with less” opportunity, and a unique opportunity to hear from and to meet many disruptive thinkers. Some will be from the best-known and most widely admired companies, and some will be more on the fringes and under the radar of common knowledge. All will add to your thinking for the year ahead.

If you wish to see the possibilities (the makings) of the 2020s, make sure you join us January 25-27 2016! Register here today.

If you think you could contribute to the development of the agenda/program, be in touch today! Contact us at