No Scarcity of Companies Tackling the Water Shortage

California Governor Jerry Brown recently declared a drought emergency in California and asked residents and businesses to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 20 percent. While residential water usage is an extremely important part of the equation, agriculture is the largest user of water, using around 80 percent of the water from ground and surface sources. Given this challenge, what companies are helping farmers reduce their water use, both in California and around the world? Here are a few taking on this task:

  • AquaSpy is a California-based developer of agricultural technology to improve crop yield through monitoring soil moisture and improving root health. Through sensors and data, the company is allowing farmers to only water plants when they need it.
  • Driptech is a California and India-based developer of micro-irrigation sytstems for small plot farmers in developing countries. Although the company does not target farms in California, it does provide low-cost irrigation systems to farmers in other drought-prone areas around the world.
  • mOasis is a California-based developer of soil amendment product designed to increase crop yields and reduce the need for fertilizer and water. The company’s hydrogel forms a tight bond with water and nutrients, allowing them to be used by plants when needed.
  • Wiseconn is a Chile-based designer of technology solutions using wireless communications and software for water management. By monitoring crop conditions as well as irrigations systems and valves, farmers can better control water usage.
  • Netafim is an Israel-based provider of agriculture and landscaping smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions. The company is one of the most established in this area and targets both field and orchard crops.

This area clearly will be important in the future as climate change continues to create uncertain precipitation patterns.