Our data is yours – opening up i3 to global innovation enthusiasts


The i3 team is committed to connecting global enterprises with emerging technology. Until now, the data sets that power the i3 network have been closed to the public. In a bid to foster tech adoption and have more people benefit from the wealth of data we have collected, we are unveiling a new homepage, from which you can start navigating our data for free, without even signing up!

Knowledge is key when making investment decisions in disruptive technology. The data service that i3 provides can therefore offer a much greater level of clarity when making those decisions. A wider knowledge base will lead to greater global interaction, and greater traction in over 900 different innovative sectors that we cover.


What can you now see?

Company Profiles

Get a limited view of the depth of detail available on each member of our growing network of emerging technologies.

Trend Data

Quickly evaluate the trend and deal flow in over 900 unique hot innovation areas, compiled from the relevant sector data from the last 4 years.

Biggest Deals

Get a peek at the biggest deals that occurred in these markets in recent years, with an overview of who the main parties were, what type of deal was arranged, and much more. Upgrading to a subscription would offer in-depth evaluation of how each particular deal in that sector.

How can you find it?

We have a lot of data. So we have gone to great lengths to present it to you in the most helpful and straightforward way. Using our homepage search bar you can quickly find the company, sector you are looking for.

What if you want to go further?

For Global Enterprises

  • Identify start-ups of strategic interest
  • Build an innovation pipeline
  • Market your areas of interest to over 60,000 innovation stakeholders
  • Analyse global trends and take deep dives into key sectors

For Start-Ups

  • Browse and connect with global enterprises looking for partners and investments
  • Start up to 5 conversations with potential partners every month, for free
  • Increase your Visibility to our global network of corporates and investors
  • Respond to i3 Campaigns: specific calls for innovation launched by investors targeting particular sectors

For Investors and Service Providers

  • Identify and connect with start-ups
  • Build an investment pipeline
  • Market your services to our network
  • Gain data-led visibility into global industry trends

We hope you find the i3 experience easy to use, and welcome any feedback you may have!

The i3 team