The Week in Cleantech – March 4 – 10

It was an exciting week in Cleantech, with M&A and partnership activity, as well as several early-stage company financings.

CIGS thin film PV maker NuvoSun was acquired by Dow Chemical last week for an undisclosed sum. Dow had previously invested in the company, which will now operate as a wholly owned subsidiary. Though terms were not disclosed, it is safe to assume this was no blockbuster deal. And the consolidation of small CIGS thin film firms into large industrials underscores the pain thin film producers have felt as their technologies continue to face stiff competition from dirt-cheap conventional silicon PV.

In partnership news, ECOtality and ChargePoint announced last week their collaboration to ensure interoperability of EV charging networks. The companies have formed Collaboratev, LLC, which will seek to make billing and authentication easier for EV drivers.

In venture capital, several companies received funding last week. Utility Funding, a UK company providing smart meters to utilities on rental terms, received £7.5 million ($11.2 million) from Foresight Group. The week also saw several ealry-stage funding rounds, with companies like Parking Panda (Transportation), Gridtential Energy (Energy Storage), Puralytics (Water & Wastewater), and Lucid Energy (Hydro & Marine Power) announcing Seed or Series A investments.

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