This Deal Matters: Evogene files for IPO

 Evogene, an Israeli developer of biotechnologies geared toward developing improved plants for agriculture and biofuel industries through use of plant genomics, filed for an IPO on the NYSE on November 11. The company plans to raised $86 million and would have a market value of $412 million at the midpoint of its proposed range. Evogene has established collaborative relationships with Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta, and Bayer CropScience, showing real traction with the top players in the industry.

While the public markets have opened up a bit, with BioAmber, Control4, and Silver Spring Networks recently listing, it is still tough for companies in the areas of energy, materials, water, and agriculture to go public. However, Evogene is not the only agriculture company approaching the public markets. Marrone Bio Innovation, a US developer of natural weed, pest and disease management products, raised $57 million on NASDAQ in its August 2013 offering.

With Evogene’s filing, we could see even deeper interest in companies working on geed genomics for both agriculture and biofuels. To see which companies may be on the road to a public offering or could attract large venture rounds, we rounded up some of the most promising companies in the area.

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