Web-Based Recycling: a Consumer-Centric Approach to Waste

The cleanweb theme has received positive attention from venture capital and corporate investors in its innovating business model of connecting cleantech innovation with the web. Recall Cleantech Group’s Cleanweb and the City event , which highlighted some of the latest innovations in urban mobility, waste management, and energy management.  Drilling down on how cleanweb has impacted the Recycling & Waste sector, let’s look at the Web-Based Recycling subsector, the investment trends and some of the leading companies in this space. As the chart below illustrates, the web-based recycling sector attracted a series of equity investments, including several mega deals in 2008.


Let’s take a closer look at the latest innovations on web-based recycling:

Recyclebank, the New York-based developer of a financial rewards system for household recycling, is working towards the ultimate goal of changing conusmer’s behavior in an effort to increase their recycling effort.

Gazelle, the Massachusettes-based provider of an online recommerce service, allows consumers to easily recycle and get paid for their used electronics. In addition, ReCellular, the Michigan-based online marketplace, is also working on similar projects.

thredUP, the California-based provider of an online platform for used clothing, allows consumers to conveniently sell their used clothing  that are no longer needed.

Web-based recycling companies have not only created an online recycling marketplace, but more importantly, they have enabled consumers to conveniently recycle their wastes that would ultimately transform their social behaviros on reduce, resue, and recycling.

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