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Our team cares deeply about sustainable innovation. We have a passion for helping innovators solve the world’s biggest problems by partnering them with some of the world’s biggest companies. To top it off, we’re a fun crew. Take a look for yourself.




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Meet our Team

  • Chris Sworder
    Chris Sworder
  • Heather Matheson
    Heather Matheson
    Associate Director, Programs
  • Izzy Connor
    Izzy Connor
    Events Assistant
  • Joe Trackwell
    Joe Trackwell
    Business Development, North America
  • Josh Gilbert
    Josh Gilbert
    Data Analyst
  • Jules Besnainou
    Jules Besnainou
    Director of Product Development
  • Ken-Ichi Hino
    Ken-Ichi Hino
  • Leo Zhang
    Leo Zhang
    Senior Analyst
  • Madeleine Steger
    Madeleine Steger
    Program Manager
  • Paul De Leon
    Paul De Leon
    Software Engineer
  • Pratiti Beldner
    Pratiti Beldner
    Senior QA Analyst
  • Richard Youngman
    Richard Youngman
  • Stephen Marcus
    Stephen Marcus
    Director of Business Development
  • Troy Ault
    Troy Ault
    Director of Research

Meet our Owners

  • Enovation Partners
    Enovation Partners
    Majority Owners
  • Richard Youngman
    Richard Youngman

Meet our Founders & Advisors

  • Keith Raab
    Keith Raab
  • Nicholas Parker
    Nicholas Parker
  • Fred Chang
    Fred Chang
    Senior Advisor