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Get the 2021 Global Cleantech 100 report and meet the innovative companies working to build a sustainable tomorrow. From revolutionary digital technologies to robotic farming equipment and electric charging solutions to carbon capture, our latest report will give you invaluable insight into the innovators, business models and technologies that are poised to transform our world in the coming decade.

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The Global Cleantech 100 sectors

Agriculture & Food

In 2020, a combination of drivers including maturing technologies, circularity and a supply chain shock that focused attention on agility, resilience, and transparency had an impact on the entire sector. Consumers expect accountability and nutritionally dense food that relies less on animals. What underpins the solutions to these problems?

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Enabling Technologies

As connectivity and processing capabilities improve, Enabling Technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, sensors, big data and analytics, internet of things and other digital technologies find applications in to enable decarbonization. How will the market evolve to accommodate these changes?

Energy & Power

Energy and Power investment has felt the inertia caused by shelter-in-place orders as a result of Covid-19. However, 2020 has witnessed some of the biggest private and public commitments for decarbonization. Will the capital going into the sector become more strategic, purposeful and mission focused than before?

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Materials & Chemicals

Compared to other sectors, the chemical industry faces a unique environmental challenge. Improved energy efficiency and electrification are effective routes to address emissions, but the chemicals industry must also address raw materials and the end-of-life impact of products. How will the sector evolve in the face of these complex barriers?

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Resources & Environment

Using our planet’s resources in a more responsible way means more than just reducing our dependence on plastics and finding better ways of managing water and waste. Can we start to draw value from carbon capture and protect the natural environment we all depend on?

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Transportation & Logistics

The global pandemic has revealed a need for zero-emission, sustainable, flexible and safe methods of moving both people and goods. Will the net zero emissions targets announced by major economies put pressure on the transportation industry to decarbonize across all segments?

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