Meet our Team
Meet our Owners
Meet our Founders & Advisors

Meet our Team

  • Anthony DeOrsey
    Anthony DeOrsey
    Consultant Manager
  • Cassidy Shell
    Cassidy Shell
    Lead Analyst, Transportation & Logistics
  • Chris Dawe
    Chris Dawe
    Assoc. Director of Research
  • Chris Sworder
    Chris Sworder
    Lead Analyst, Agriculture & Food
  • Holly Stower
    Holly Stower
    Lead Analyst, Resources & Environment
  • Ian Hayton
    Ian Hayton
    Lead Analyst, Materials & Chemicals
  • Joseph Trackwell
    Joseph Trackwell
    Business Development, North America
  • Jules Besnainou
    Jules Besnainou
  • Laura Dolby
    Laura Dolby
    Senior Marketing Manager
  • Louis Brasington
    Louis Brasington
    Lead Analyst, Energy & Power
  • Lucy Chatburn
    Lucy Chatburn
    Consultant Manager
  • Madeleine Persson
    Madeleine Persson
    Events Manager
  • Nathalie Nebelius
    Nathalie Nebelius
    Assoc. Director, Events
  • Nisa Mirza
    Nisa Mirza
  • Paul De Leon
    Paul De Leon
    Software Engineer
  • Pratiti Beldner
    Pratiti Beldner
    Software Developer
  • Richard Youngman
    Richard Youngman
  • Shelby Brodman
    Shelby Brodman
  • Stephen Marcus
    Stephen Marcus
    Director of Business Development
  • Todd Allmendinger
    Todd Allmendinger
    Director of Research and Consulting
  • Yoachim Haynes
    Yoachim Haynes
    Consultant Manager

Meet our Owners

  • Enovation Partners
    Enovation Partners
    Majority Owners
  • Richard Youngman
    Richard Youngman

Meet our Founders and Advisors

  • Keith Raab
    Keith Raab
  • Nicholas Parker
    Nicholas Parker
  • Henrik Olsén
    Henrik Olsén
    Senior Advisor, Europe
  • Wendolyn Holland
    Wendolyn Holland
    Senior Advisor, US
  • Chivas Lam
    Chivas Lam
    Senior Advisor, China