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Meet Our Team

  • Alex Crutchfield
    Alex Crutchfield
    Associate, Resources & Environment
  • Alexandra Zakreski
    Alexandra Zakreski
    Client Services Manager
  • Andra Enache
    Andra Enache
    People & Operations Manager
  • Andrea Katzenmayer
    Andrea Katzenmayer
    Accounting Manager
  • Anthony DeOrsey
    Anthony DeOrsey
    Research Manager
  • Anthony Vicari
    Anthony Vicari
    Consultant Manager
  • Arianna Bernas
    Arianna Bernas
    Data & Ecosystems Analyst
  • Buff López
    Buff López
    Research Analyst
  • Carole Jacques
    Carole Jacques
    Director of Marketing
  • Gabriella Rufo
    Gabriella Rufo
  • Holly Stower
    Holly Stower
    Group Lead, Resources & Environment
  • Ian Hayton
    Ian Hayton
    Group Lead, Materials & Chemicals
  • Jack Ellis
    Jack Ellis
    Senior Associate, Agriculture & Food
  • Jessica Grayek
    Jessica Grayek
    Marketing Manager
  • João Gabriel Vezza Campos
    João Gabriel Vezza Campos
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Joel Boehme
    Joel Boehme
    Communications Officer, Cleantech for Europe
  • Joseph Trackwell
    Joseph Trackwell
    Client Services Director, North America
  • Jules Besnainou
    Jules Besnainou
    Executive Director, Cleantech for Europe
  • Julie Martin
    Julie Martin
  • Kamila Sizinceva
    Kamila Sizinceva
    Marketing Assistant
  • Kevin Adams
    Kevin Adams
    Business Development Director, North America
  • Lucy Chatburn
    Lucy Chatburn
  • Marcel van Galen
    Marcel van Galen
    Director of Sales and Client Services
  • Natalie Cox
    Natalie Cox
    Junior Events and Programs Manager
  • Nicole Cerulli
    Nicole Cerulli
    Associate, Transportation & Logistics
  • Nino Lazariia
    Nino Lazariia
  • Noah Ross
    Noah Ross
    Sr. Consultant
  • Omar Hernandez
    Omar Hernandez
    Business Development Director, Europe & Asia
  • Parker Bovée
    Parker Bovée
    Research Analyst
  • Pratiti Beldner
    Pratiti Beldner
    Software Developer
  • Richard Youngman
    Richard Youngman
  • Ruben Davis
    Ruben Davis
    Policy Officer, Cleantech for Europe
  • Sarah MacKintosh
    Sarah MacKintosh
    Director, Cleantech for UK
  • Sarah O’Connell
    Sarah O’Connell
    Director of Events & Programs
  • Sasha Bukhari
    Sasha Bukhari
    Data & Ecosystem Associate
  • Selene Law
    Selene Law
    Senior Associate, Energy & Power
  • Sofia Karagianni
    Sofia Karagianni
    Policy Officer, Cleantech for Europe
  • Sunena Gupta
    Sunena Gupta
    Research Analyst
  • Suzana Carp
    Suzana Carp
    Deputy Executive Director, Cleantech for Europe
  • Todd Allmendinger
    Todd Allmendinger
    Director of Research and Consulting
  • Tony Liu
    Tony Liu
  • Tristan Beucler
    Tristan Beucler
    Policy Analyst, Cleantech for France
  • Zach Sporn
    Zach Sporn
    Communications Director, Cleantech for Europe
  • Zainab Gilani
    Zainab Gilani
    Associate, Energy & Power

Meet Our Owners

  • Enovation Partners
    Enovation Partners
    Majority Owners
  • Richard Youngman
    Richard Youngman

Meet Our Founders and Advisors

  • Keith Raab
    Keith Raab
  • Nicholas Parker
    Nicholas Parker
  • Henrik Olsén
    Henrik Olsén
    Senior Advisor, Europe
  • Wendolyn Holland
    Wendolyn Holland
    Senior Advisor, US
  • Chivas Lam
    Chivas Lam
    Senior Advisor, China