Save the Date: Cleantech Forum Asia will be back in Singapore, May 6-7, 2025.

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Cleantech Forum Asia connects 200+ professionals with big ideas to leaders with the power to deliver a cleaner, cooler world. Secure your spot for two days of networking, dealmaking, and content to keep you prepared for the trends ahead.

Join this community of action, insight and opportunity at Cleantech Forum Asia, May 7-8, 2024.

  • 200+ leaders in the sustainable innovation ecosystem and high-quality networking opportunities.
  • Meet many of the different companies featured on the 2024 APAC Cleantech 25 list (just released).
  • Learn from a research-led agenda covering the most critical issues of today and the innovations needed to achieve net-zero. We will explore themes like adaptation, resource security, maritime sustainability, investment trends, blue economy, AI trends  and so much more.
  • A great opportunity for financial or corporate investors or startups from outside the region to look for strategic partners and meet with new people in the global ecosystem to help fuel your business.

Interested in sponsoring the 2024 edition? Please contact us at forums@cleantech.com to discuss opportunities. 

Who You Will Meet

Engage with leading companies from the APAC region and beyond motivated to explore opportunities and partnerships for innovations in the region.


See Who’s Attending!

Why You Should Participate

Year after year, participants share amazing feedback about attending Cleantech Forum Asia, citing:

  • The amazing opportunity to build their cleantech community and be part of the ecosystem.
  • The unparalleled opportunity to meet the right people, at the right level with the same goals.
  • The chance to learn from Cleantech Group analysts and other experts in the region and stay ahead of the trends and changes in cleantech.
  • A great opportunity for financial or corporate investors from inside and outside the region, looking to find co-investors, strategic partners for your portfolio companies, LPs for your fund, etc.
  • Meeting opportunities abound for startups or scale-ups from around the world with a relevant solution to this region. You will have the chance to meet a wide range of investors and corporations not normally all together in one place.



APAC Cleantech 25

The annual 2024 APAC Cleantech 25, a list of leading private cleantech innovation companies from across the region, has just been released. This highly anticipated annual report brings you the complete list of leading companies combined with analysis of the innovation and investment trends in the region.

Attendees of the Cleantech Forum Asia will have the opportunity to connect with many of the companies on the list at the event.


If you have any questions about Cleantech Forum Asia or are interested in sponsoring the event, please feel free to contact us at forums@cleantech.com.


How Can Entrepreneurs Get More Involved at the Forum?

Apply to be considered for an Innovation Showcase and get your start-up or scale-up in front of investors, corporates and other entrepreneurs who can help you take the next step. Whether you want investment, advice or there’s a technology gap you wish to fill, you’ll meet the right people. Cleantech Forum Asia is where deals get made.

Apply before March 29, 2024 to be considered for an Innovation Showcase. If chosen, you will have the opportunity to present your company and solution to the audience.


Benefits of Attending

Register for the Cleantech Forum Asia today and join us to: 

  • Gain access to leaders in the field and be introduced to relevant investors/corporates. 
  • Increase your company’s profile by highlighting what your company does via the virtual exhibition area on the event app (and consider applying to participate in the innovation showcase).
  • Meet like-minded colleagues, including many from the 2024 APAC Cleantech 25, a list of leading private cleantech innovation companies from across the region. 
  • Learn from experts, other innovators, as well as investors, over two days as speakers discuss trends shaping the future of sustainable innovation. 

Investors and Corporates

What Do Investors and Corporates Get From Participating at a Forum?

Join us in Singapore on 7-8 May to build your network of cleantech leaders and top innovators. You can take advantage of a research-led agenda that includes presentations from investable companies and experts advising on the trends shaping the future of sustainable innovation. And don’t miss the many opportunities to meet with start-ups who are looking for funding and partners to bring their innovations forward.

Interested in speaking? Send us your information to be considered. The speaker application will be open until 1 March 2024.

Benefits of Attending

Register for Cleantech Forum Asia today to: 

  • Find future partnerswe even help you by making introductions.  
  • Hear from top innovators poised to transform the region in the Innovation Showcase and attend the general sessions to learn from sustainable innovation leaders. 
  • Meet many of the companies on the 2024 APAC Cleantech 25, a list of leading private cleantech innovation companies from across the region. 
  • Build your network, create moments that matter, and connect with colleagues in-person and on the mobile app.  


The program will offer both general and concurrent sessions over two days, offerinneg you a wide variety of subjects to choose from, a running program of Innovation Showcases and some Interactive Briefings sessions.

Interactive Briefings and Discussions– Informal, interactive briefings on a topic led by Cleantech Group analysts for small group of 20-30.
Innovation Showcase– Innovation startups and scaleups present their company and why they think they have a solution of interest to Asia Pacific.
Panel– Expert speakers discuss timely and relevant topics of interest.

May 7, 2024

denotes Moderator
  • Registration and Help Desk
  • Plenary Session
    Welcome to Cleantech Forum Asia: Setting the Stage and Recognizing the 2024 APAC Cleantech 25

    Hear from Richard Youngman, CEO of Cleantech Group, as he sets the stage for Cleantech Forum Asia by providing an overview of the key trends and topics to pay attention to in the Asia-Pacific, and beyond.

    Meet many of the 2024 APAC Cleantech 25 companies in attendance. The annual list which highlights private sustainable innovation companies in the region that have gained the attention of market experts. Richard will introduce the program and celebrate the achievements of those participating in the Forum with us.

  • Networking Session
    Networking Break
  • Panel Session
    Adaptation and Resilience: Is APAC Innovation Keeping Apace of the Challenges?

    The Asia-Pacific region faces unique threats from climate change effects – 70% of the world population that is threatened by sea level rise and 70% of displacements from climate-related events in 2022 is in APAC (according to UNDP). However, the region is uniquely positioned to act, with substantial and growing cleantech innovation communities, and solve local problems with regional scale potential.  

    This panel will bring together innovators with adaptation-first solutions, and investors with a specialized adaptation and resilience thesis. Their perspectives will be juxtaposed against the long-term vision of local policymakers, who are tasked with planning for a moving target of increasingly frequent climate events.  

  • Interactive Briefing
    Interactive Briefing: The Next Frontier in CDR? A Look at Ocean Carbon Capture

    The ocean has absorbed around 25% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions since the Industrial Revolution and continues to have huge potential for carbon capture and storage. While the market is nascent in terms of technical maturity and investment, ocean carbon dioxide removal technologies appear to be the promising next frontier of the ever-expanding CDR portfolio. Join our briefing to discover the emerging set of activities, landscape and opportunities.

  • Innovation Showcase
    Innovation Showcase: Meet Some of the Canadian Company Delegation

    Meet several companies from Canada delivering innovation and solutions for a cooler and cleaner world. This showcase will introduce you, at a faster pace than a typical showcase, to many of the companies that are participating in the Canadian delegation. You will have time during the Forum to meet with them and learn more about their company and solution.

    Co-hosted by: The High Commission of Canada

  • Networking Session

    As a part of our sustainability efforts, we serve a plant-based menu at all forum meals to help reduce our environmental footprint while highlighting local produce and in season products. Join us for a great meal and feel free to book meetings and catch up with other participants during this time.

  • Panel Session
    Corporate Investing in Climate/Decarbonization: The State of Play in Southeast Asia

    This session will explore, with a sample of corporate guests, what ASEAN corporations have done to date, what plans and ambitions they have for the future, and what the panel regards as still missing.

    Co-hosted by: TRIREC

  • Interactive Briefing
    Interactive Briefing: Growing More with Less: Boosting Asia’s Agricultural Productivity

    About 80 % of Asia’s regionally grown food is produced by smallholder farmers working on plots of a few acres or less. Enhancing the productivity of this existing agricultural land, while also keeping a lid on emissions and environmental harms, is key to securing a resilient and sustainable food supply for the region. This briefing will highlight innovators working on a variety of technologies that could enable this, from advancements in biotech and seed science to precision digital tools and robotics. 

  • Innovation Showcase
    Innovation Showcase: Companies to Watch in the Future of Energy and Power

    Four innovation start-ups will present their company and their solutions in the Energy and Power industry.

  • Interactive Briefing
    Interactive Briefing: Zeroing in on 2050: The Technology Stack Required to Hit Net Zero in Built Environment

    Asia-Pacific is home to an estimated 50% of the world’s real estate market and will be home to over 50% of the world’s construction projects through 2030. This dynamic presents a dual challenge requiring decarbonization of today’s APAC buildings, but building tomorrow’s with less embodied emissions. This briefing will explore the role of new technologies for built environment sustainability – now spanning beyond heating and cooling to comprehensive energy management, sustainable construction materials, and technologies to cut waste out of construction.

  • Networking Session
    Afternoon Networking Break
  • Panel Session
    Bridging the Gap: Cleantech Opportunities in South and Southeast Asia

    In 2023, South and Southeast Asia experienced its strongest year for venture capital funding in cleantech innovation. This session will draw on a range of perspectives from different players across the region to identify what are some of the opportunity-sets and pathways they see for innovators and investors from both within the region and from outside.

  • Interactive Briefing
    Interactive Briefing: Scaling Sustainable Aviation Fuels in Asia and Beyond

    The aviation industry is responsible for around 2.5% of global emissions and is increasingly coming under pressure to mitigate emissions, with some policy makers, in some markets, implementing mechanisms to stimulate a market for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF’s). This briefing will explore:

    • The various SAF production pathways – and their pro’s and cons
    • Innovations which enable new pathways, including electro-fuels
    • Market drivers for uptake of SAF, including incentives and quotas – including Singapore’s recent announcement that all outbound planes from 2026 will need to use SAF’s
  • Showcase Session
    Innovation Showcase: See Tomorrow First (New Zealand Technology)

    New Zealand is a nation with a deep connection to the land and a firm commitment to sustainability. During this showcase you will get the chance to hear from six New Zealand companies that are building future-focused technology for a better tomorrow.  This showcase will introduce you, at a faster pace than a typical showcase, to many of the companies that are participating in the New Zealand delegation. You will have time during the Forum to meet with them and learn more about their company and solution.

    Co-hosted by: New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

  • Networking Session

    Join us for drinks, hors d’oeuvres and networking to close out the first day of the Forum.

May 8, 2024

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  • Registration and Help Desk
  • Networking Session
    Networking Coffee

    Grab a coffee and connect with other participants before we start the day

  • Showcase Session
    Innovation Showcase: Meet Some of the 2024 APAC Cleantech 25

    The opening session of our second day will introduce you to some of the 2024 APAC Cleantech 25 companies. The sixth annual edition was just released!

  • Panel Session
    The Emerging Blue Ocean Economy: The Next Frontier for Decarbonization and Resilience

    The blue ocean economy has seen increasing interest from investors this past year, while innovators are emerging to capitalize on sustainable development opportunities.  As such, new markets are being created in remediation, coastal resilience, and marine carbon dioxide removal, while innovation is creating efficiencies and sustainable growth in established industries such as shipping, fishing, and offshore energy. Join key innovators, investors, and corporates creating the new blue ocean economy in Singapore and across the word.

  • Interactive Briefing
    Interactive Briefing: What's Next in Global Hydrogen Innovation

    Enthusiasm only continues to build around the potential of hydrogen innovation to improve the economics of global decarbonization. A Q1 2024 that saw significant investment activity is juxtaposed against a continuing debate around how big the final markets for hydrogen will be, and which innovations can break the current economic barriers. Hear perspectives from across the landscape, including on regional opportunities.

  • Networking Session
    Networking Break
  • Panel Session
    Water Innovation: Where are the 2025+ Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific?

    So much of the global GDP depends on the availability of water at an affordable price. And yet, it remains an under-valued resource, and an under-invested area of the cleantech portfolio. This session will provide insights and a range of perspectives on where some of the best investable opportunities in water might lie for the rest of this decade, and why, with a particular focus on Asia-Pacific.

  • Interactive Briefing
    Interactive Briefing: Reducing Waste and Increasing Value in Food Supply Chains

    As much as a third of all the food we produce is lost or wasted before it even reaches the end consumerall due to poor storage, lack of refrigeration, or spoilage in transit. Food waste and loss accounts for around 6% of all greenhouse gas emissions; three times those of the aviation sector, and more than any single country except for China and the U.S. Learn more about a range of food waste tech being developed in Asia, including upcycling solutions and interventions aimed at preventing waste.

  • Panel Session
    Harnessing AI: Asia's Sustainable Future at the Digital-Physical Intersection

    Asia-Pacific raced ahead during the digital economy revolution of the early 2000’s and 2010’s, in many ways outpacing its global counterparts in both application areas and scale of usage. The breakneck speed of the high-powered AI roll-out in 2023 surprised the world and it has made AI applications in cleantech a nuanced and controversial topic.

    Hear observations from AI-for-climate investors in varying APAC countries as they unpack:

    • Areas of cleantech innovation to be impacted by AI.
    • APAC-specific application opportunities for AI in cleantech.
    • Where APAC innovation in AI is offering a unique edge versus global competitors.
  • Interactive Briefing
    Interactive Briefing: Critical Minerals: Ensuring a Sustainable and Economic Supply

    Electric vehicles and renewable energy deployment are scaling quickly. High-performance, cost-effective batteries will be essential in the successful scaling of these technologies. The Asia-Pacific region is rich in mineral reserves yet sustainably sourcing the critical materials required remains a challenge. This session will look at the critical materials supply chain and highlight how innovation in exploration and production can overcome these challenges, specifically: 

    • Demand for critical materials, what’s needed and when. 
    • The challenges with critical materials sourcing and production. 
    • Innovations which address these challenges e.g. innovations in mineral identification, production, and refining. 
  • Networking Session

    As a part of our sustainability efforts, we serve a plant-based menu at all forum meals to help reduce our environmental footprint while highlighting local produce and in season products. Join us for a great meal and feel free to book meetings and catch up with other participants during this time.

  • Panel Session
    Maritime Shipping: A “Perfect Storm” for Decarbonization?

    The maritime industry is, for perhaps the first time, on the cusp of significant sustainability strides. International standards and regulations are cracking down on maritime shipping emissions, customers are demanding supply chain decarbonization, and electrification and optimization technologies and low- to zero-carbon fuels are reaching commercialization.

    Speakers will examine the drivers and challenges for maritime shipping decarbonization, the future of alternative fuels, the state of electrification and autonomy technologies, as well as the role of ports, particularly infrastructure and energy generation and storage in meeting 2050 decarbonization targets.

  • Innovation Showcase
    Innovation Showcase: Innovators to Watch

    Hear from leading innovation start-ups and scale-ups and learn more about their solutions. Looking at waste and rocks differently.

  • Networking Session
    Afternoon Break
  • Panel Session
    Plastic Waste as a Natural Resource of the Future

    The Asia-Pacific region produces 52% of the world’s plastic and 65% of mismanaged plastic waste (MPW). Traditionally, only 8% of these plastics are recycled due to technological limitations and poor collection infrastructure. This panel will discuss how innovators are tackling this issue by converting the pollution of yesterday into the petroleum feedstocks and virgin plastics of tomorrow. This panel will pair innovators’ scientific breakthroughs with larger ecosystem analysis from leading chemical corporates and policymakers. 

  • Networking Session
    Closing Reception

    One last opportunity to make new connections, rehash what you learned with others and enjoy a drink before you head out.


Main Venue

All Forum events will take place at the Sheraton Towers Singapore, located at 39 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228230.

We have secured a small block of sleeping rooms at a special rate of  S$320++ a night for registered participants only.  This special rate has been extended until April 26 or until the room block sells out. Don’t delay booking your room! Please review the cancelation and deposit info on the hotel website.

Book your room for Cleantech Forum Asia

Located in the heart of Singapore next to the Newton station. The 5-star hotel is a mere 10-minute walk from Singapore’s famous shopping belt, Orchard Road.

For those wishing to explore the garden city, you can easily get around via the Downtown and North South Lines to the Central Business District and other major places of interests, such as the Singapore Botanic Garden.

Explore Singapore

Arriving early to Cleantech Forum Asia, or extending your trip after the event? Here’s a brief guide to some activities and places to explore in the Lion City.

Outdoor Activities

Gardens by the Bay: Explore these waterfront gardens on reclaimed land, including the ‘Supertrees’ that inspired our event artwork for the Forum! These tree-shaped vertical gardens are between 9-16 stories tall. Walk on the suspended walkway between two Supertrees, and in the evening, catch the sky show of choreographed lights and sounds at the Garden Rhapsody amidst the Supertrees.

And don’t miss out on the Cloud Forest, which features a 35-meter tall mountain and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

Museums & Entertainment

ArtScience Museum: Located within the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort, the lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum is an architectural must-see (along with the Marina Bay Sands Resort itself, of course!). Explore the exhibits on the intersection of art and science

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark: The iconic three-towered building with one of the largest cantilevers on top is impossible to miss across the Singapore skyline. Take a trip up to the SkyPark and enjoy the views from the Observation Deck or even take a swim in the infinity pool, 57 levels up!

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay: Known as the “Durian” because of its shape similar to that of the fruit, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, is host to an incredible range of world-class performances and events, across the genres of music, dance, theatre, visual arts and more. Check out the Esplanade’s website to see what’s on during your time in Singapore.


Thank you to the fantastic speakers who will be joining us to give their perspective and share new ideas.



A Platform for Greater Visibility

Sponsors and partners benefit from increased visibility and global networking opportunities. Every package is bespoke to make the most of your organization’s goals.

Interested in sponsoring the 2024 edition? Please contact us at forums@cleantech.com to discuss opportunities.