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Funded pilot: Low emissions building space heating

QuadReal is seeking to electrify space heating equipment in existing multi-unit residential and light industrial buildings, in particular by piloting air- and water-source heat pump solutions to replace natural gas-fired heating equipment.

For residential buildings, QuadReal is interested in, but not limited to, the following solutions:

  • ductless ASHPs for use in-suite with no external unit
  • central WSHP for use with existing hydronic heating systems

For industrial buildings, QuadReal is interested in, but not limited to, the following technologies:

  • ASHP packaged roof-top units (RTUs)
  • Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems with ASHPs

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Funded pilot: Grid-side innovations to integrate renewable generation technologies into remote microgrids.

BC Hydro is seeking grid-side innovations to integrate renewable generation technologies into remote, community owned microgrids. Solutions should be cost-effective, and simple to operate and maintain with remote-community operation in mind.

Solutions could include: variable-speed generators, battery storage systems designed specifically to address peak load management, or similar technologies to maximize renewable output.

Novel solutions that improve grid optimization, integration and management, as well as storage with demonstrable impact on lowering overall cost of renewable energy for remote communities will also be considered.

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Funded pilot: Retrofit technologies to lower operational building emissions

Canadian Urban’s flagship property, 600 Cochrane Drive, Markham, is currently a LEED Platinum office development. They aim to go further, developing a property that targets the highest levels of efficiency.

Solutions should offer one of more of the following technology pathways:

  • Solutions to lower the GHG footprint and enhance the sustainability of the building
  • Solutions to enable renewable energy integration into the building, including on-site energy storage
  • EV Charging stations on the property to expedite the move away from gas propelled vehicles
  • Replacement of the onsite diesel generator

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Funded pilot: Low-carbon fuels for marine vessels.

The Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate and its members (vessel owners) seek end-to-end solutions for low-carbon intensity fuel alternatives or renewable fuels for marine vessels.

Vessel types include, but are not limited to, tugs, pilot boats, emergency response coastal tugs, small passenger harbour ferries, small coastal ferries and ror-ro ocean going ferries.

The overall solution should address::

  • Provision of a new propulsion system or engine retrofit (if needed)
  • Supply of fuel within Salish Sea operations (either onboard, bunkering or jetty)

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Funded pilot: Fat, oil and grease to fuel

Walker, a leading waste and resource recovery company, is seeking solutions to valorize fat, oil and grease (FOG) from restaurants to produce low carbon alternative fuels or/and other marketable by-products. Walker aims to create marketable products from FOG at its facilities across Canada.


Through this effort, Walker will continue to close the loop on organic waste and support Canada’s transition to a circular economy.

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