Targeted insight: the solution to information overload

Markets change. Companies evolve. Our research delivers the insight you need to stay ahead of the trends. For deep dives into the market, our expert analysts publish Sector Insights, Investment Insights and a customizable weekly Investment Roundup .

And, if you’re looking for research tailored to your needs, Sector Briefings lets you determine the scope and scale of your own research projects.

Through our industry data, get access to insights on potential partners, new competitors, emerging trends and transactions of all kinds. Our platform, known as i3, covers sustainable innovation in five sectors: Agriculture & Food, Energy & Power, Materials & Chemicals, Resources & Environment and Transportation & Logistics.


Sector InsightsCleantech research on sector agriculture, energy, chemicals, recycling and mobility

Published regularly,  Sector Insights examine innovation themes and analyze value chains to help you gauge attractiveness, business activities, competitive signals and momentum.

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Investment InsightsMarket insight on global cleantech innovation deals

Get quarterly access to investment trends analysis, emerging investment themes, key M&A, IPO and investor activity.

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Roundup of market movement in the global cleantech settingCustomized Roundups

Set up your own customized alerts on new companies, sectors, funding rounds, partnerships, M&A, IPOs and more.

Your Weekly Roundup can cover all five of our sectors or be as specific as you want.

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Sector Briefings

Work with our sector analysts for a strategic assessment of the companies, trends and market activity changing your industry and the outlook of your organization.

  • Companies

Our analysts identify and profile the innovators that can help you achieve your goals. Get a perspective on new and existing players as well as their business models and vision.

  • Trends

Gain a deeper understanding of how innovation affects specific market segments through our analysis of value chains, market drivers, challenges and dynamics.

  • Market Activity

Stay ahead of the latest market activity to support your goals.


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Industry data: the companies and transactions defining the market i3 cleantech research platform to assess 30,000 plus innovators

  • Uncover details on new technologies and the companies creating them.
  • Get insights on over 30,000 companies, their investment histories and management teams.
  • Review investors’ portfolios, funds and sectors.
  • Follow market activity.

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