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Markets change. Companies evolve. Our research delivers the insight you need to stay ahead of the trends. For deep dives into the market, our expert analysts publish Sector Insights, Investment Insights and a customized weekly Investment Roundup.

And, if you’re looking for research tailored to your needs, Client-Specific Briefings let you determine the scope and scale of your own research projects.

Through our industry data, get access to insights on potential partners, new competitors, emerging trends, and transactions of all kinds. Our platform, known as i3, covers sustainable innovation in all of our cleantech sectors.

Industry Groups

We research these industry groups and their cross-cutting underlying enabling technologies with a focus on sustainable innovation:

Technologies and services that make the production of food more efficient and effective

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See the Innovators Leading the Way in Agriculture & Food:

“Looking forward to 2024, alternative proteins will likely continue to attract a substantial share of Agriculture & Food funding. However, expect more of that capital to go to B2B players making ingredients, consumables, or infrastructure for alternative protein production…”

Jack Ellis, Senior Associate

Technologies, services and business models that accelerate the transition to renewable energy and optimize existing processes.

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See the Innovators Leading the Way in Energy & Power:

“With $18.2B of venture capital into [Energy & Power] technologies, 2023 saw the second highest year in terms of investments since Cleantech Group started recording this data.”

Selene Law, Senior Associate & Zainab Gilani, Associate

Innovations which enable the efficient production of basic materials such steel, cement, and chemicals, or advanced materials used in other cleantech sectors

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See the Innovators Leading the Way in Materials & Chemicals:

“2023 saw strong development in the deployment of green steel production technologies. Leading the way is the production of hydrogen direct reduced iron which will add to demand for renewable energy and green hydrogen technologies.”

Ian Hayton, Group Lead

Technologies and services to protect and restore natural environments, sustainably source materials, prevent waste, improve the circularity of materials, adapt to climate change, and assess corporate environmental impact, carbon, and offset markets

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See the Innovators Leading the Way in Resources & Environmental Management

“2023 saw an uptick in investment across the critical materials supply chain, with technologies such as direct lithium extraction (DLE) and battery recycling seeing more market traction, while regulatory pressures and high-water risks drove investment into wastewater management and treatment technologies.”

Holly Stower, Group Lead

Vehicles, technologies and services that move people and goods with zero or low emissions, or in a more resource-efficient way

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See the Innovators Leading the Way in Transportation & Logistics:

“As the energy demand increases from newly electrified fleets, commercial vehicles such as transit buses and heavy-duty freight vehicles, charging and energy management solutions will be critical to stabilize grids, allow utilities to meet consumer power demands, and avoid extensive grid upgrades.”

Nicole Cerulli, Associate

Technologies to manage waste in an environmentally sound manor, compared to traditional methods

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See the Innovators Leading the Way in Waste & Recycling

“2023 saw a downturn in deal amount back to pre-2021 levels — whilst deal number remained relatively static.”

Holly Stower, Group Lead


i3 cleantech research platform to assess 30,000 plus innovators

Industry Data: The Companies and Transactions Defining the Market

  • Get access to our database of global insights and information on sectors, companies and trends — updated daily.
  • Uncover details on new technologies and the companies creating them.
  • Get insights on over 37,000 companies, their investment histories and management teams.
  • Review investors’ portfolios, funds and sectors.
  • Follow market activity.

Sector Insights & Spotlights

Published regularly, Sector Insights examine innovation themes and analyze value chains to help you gauge attractiveness, business activities, competitive signals and momentum. Spotlights are a deep dive into cleantech subsectors that examine trends through the lens of new innovations, written by Cleantech Group analysts for decision-makers.
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Customized Roundups

Set up your own customized alerts on new companies, sectors, funding rounds, partnerships, M&A, IPOs and more. Your Weekly Roundup can cover all five of our industry groups or be as specific as you want.
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Investment Insights

Get quarterly access to investment trends analysis, emerging investment themes, key M&A, IPO and investor activity.
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Strategic Intelligence Services

Cross-Sectoral Research: Active engagement with the innovators and key stakeholders that are catalyzing business opportunities, through an annual membership that includes: 

  • Baseline Study: Built from the bottom up through primary research, this study sets the stage for understanding a cross-sectoral theme (current topics listed below). 
  • Quarterly Briefing: With subjects chosen by the members, Cleantech Group analysts will dive deep into relevant topics. 
  • Monthly Updates: We’ll provide monitoring and analysis of trends, targeted innovator profiles, and case studies from ongoing interactions across the ecosystem. 
  • Analyst Access: Sometimes you just want to talk to the analysts that are talking to everybody else. We’re here. 

The following Strategic Intelligence Services are in development. If you would like to find out more about the service and the content, please Contact Us. 

Clean AI: AI-enabled cleantech innovation with key trends to identify, assess, and monitor opportunities that impact the clean economy transition. 

Blue Economy: Activities which rely on the oceans and waterways; harvesting of living resources, extraction of non-living resources, commerce & trade in and around the oceans and response to ocean health challenges.  

See What Our Clients Are Saying

“Within the climate tech community, the Cleantech Group's reputation is second to none. World Fund has partnered with Cleantech Group across a number of thought leadership initiatives, including our recent white paper - looking into the climate tech funding landscape and ecosystem. Our internal deep dives benefit a lot from Cleantech Group's research platform, helping us to analyse sectoral trends. Given Cleantech Group's strict definition of clean technologies, we can also rely on their prequalification in line with our climate performance requirements. We recommend every climate fund partner with Cleantech Group for their research and important ecosystem work.”

–– Craig Douglas, Partner, World Fund

“The Cleantech Group’s i3 Monitor platform is an excellent tool for researching and staying on top of trends and innovators. Their proprietary research results in high-quality deep-dive reports into the most discussed sectors and are incredibly insightful. And with a subscription comes access to their researchers, updates, and events. The Cleantech Group is a high-quality, professional organization that investors and incumbents worried about being disrupted should engage with.“

–– Steve Kloos, Partner, True North Venture Partners

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Client-Specific Briefings

Work with our analysts for a strategic assessment of the companies, trends and market activity changing your industry and the outlook of your organization.


Our analysts identify and profile the innovators that can help you achieve your goals. Get a perspective on new and existing players as well as their business models and vision.


Gain a deeper understanding of how innovation affects specific market segments through our analysis of value chains, market drivers, challenges and dynamics.

Market Activity

Stay ahead of the latest market activity to support your goals.

The Cleantech Group Taxonomy

Cleantech Group’s proprietary taxonomy reflects our up-to-date view on companies that are cleantech and innovative, applying the original and trademarked definition of the cleantech term (from 2003) to the market of today.

Each company is tagged with specific technology types, to allow users to make granular comparisons and contrasts. With over 1,400 unique tags in use, the Cleantech Group taxonomy provides users the ability to build a bottom-up perspective on cleantech innovation’s trajectory and impact on the market.

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