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  • Fusion can provide a highly necessary, abundant and zero-carbon baseload energy source with no risk of nuclear accident or long-lived radioactive waste. Where is the technology today? Get the whole story

  • Where are the biggest deals happening? From agtech to energy, chemicals to mobility and recycling, you'll get a concise view of the deals shaping the future. Get the big picture

  • Batterly-electric vehicles will create a massive new source of electricity demand and utilities will need to upgrade distribution infrastructure, transmission infrastructure and increase overall electricity generation Where will it lead? Get the big picture

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Decarbonizing Off-Road Vehicles: An Emerging Challenge and Opportunity to Reach Net-Zero Emissions

Decarbonization of on-road transportation, including cars, buses and trucks, is well underway, with electric alternatives not only widely av...

By Cassidy Shell


Food Redistribution : What Can We Do About Wasting Over 30% of All Grown Food?

The headline numbers in food waste are depressing reading. One third of all food grown is not eaten. Food we waste consumes 20% of all fresh...

By Chris Sworder

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Methane and Climate Mitigation: Outlook for Innovation and Progress

Methane has a global warming potential 86 and 28 times higher than CO2, over 20 and 100 years and is responsible for 23% of all global warmi...

By Holly Stower

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2023 Global Cleantech 100

Meet our list of innovators with the technologies and determination to take us from commitments to actions in the sprint to net-zero. You’ll also discover the fast-changing market trends that give us hope of a sustainable future and the drivers behind the progress of each sector.

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