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Small-Scale Nuclear Power Plants – Have We Reached an Inflection Point?

Last week two barge-mounted reactors in Russia started providing electricity to the coastal town of Pevek, marking the official start of ope...

By Louis Brasington


Is a Cleaner, Smarter and De-carbonized Future Possible? Introducing the 2020 Global Cleantech 100

Every year, the Global Cleantech 100 selects the innovative companies poised to make a significant commercial impact in the next five to ten...

By Jules Besnainou

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Shipping, Pollution and Technology – Can a Dirty Sector Clean up?

Maritime transport accounts for 7% of global oil consumption, and the bunker oil used in the industry is heavily polluting due to its’ hig...

By Cassidy Shell

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2020 Global Cleantech 100 Report

The 2020 Global Cleantech 100 brings you the top 100 innovators poised to shape the future of sustainable innovation and deliver a cleaner, smarter future.

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