Cleantech Group at Events

Want to meet Cleantech Group team members at industry conferences and events?  See where they will be and email us at if you’d like to get together.

Jun 17th – Jun 18th, 2024

Battery & Critical Metals Recycling Conference

Atlanta, GA

In a society where stored power plays a vital role, it is imperative to recycle batteries to not only harness their raw materials but also to preserve the environment and safeguard valuable assets.  This event delves into the complexities surrounding battery and critical metals recovery and recycling.  Contact Cleantech Group’s Parker Bovee if you will be there.

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Jun 24th – Jun 28th, 2024

India Global Forum

London, UK

This 6th iteration of IGF’s flagship event in the UK will engage with global leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors to showcase the role of India, the UK and their global partners in tackling key challenges.  Cleantech Group’s Holly Stower will be a part of the roundtable, “IGF Dialogues – Driving Global Innovation – Cleantech and the Road Ahead” on June 26th.

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Jun 25th – Jun 27th, 2024

Connecting Green Hydrogen Europe Conference & Exhibition 2024

Madrid, Spain

This event will provide a unique platform to connect and learn about the latest trends and technologies in the Europe hydrogen space. With a focus on green hydrogen, the investment, production, storage, and distribution of this exciting energy source will be explored.  If you plan to be there, contact Cleantech Group’s Selene Law to connect.

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Jun 25th – Jun 26th, 2024


London, UK

Take the next step towards finding sustainable, low-carbon solutions and providers and exploring funding opportunities for your organisation.  If you can attend, please contact Cleantech for UK’s Sarah Mackintosh who will be speaking at the event.

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Aug 12th – Aug 14th, 2024

NREL’s CAMP Cleantech: Breaking Trail Together

Denver, CO

A hands-on experience for cleantech and climate tech startups to gain strength and knowledge from the ecosystem’s leading experts in entrepreneurial support specialized in climate tech. Attend the Cleantech Group workshop, “Winning with the Gatekeepers: Strategies for Making the Innovation Case to Corporate Decision Makers ,” with workshop leaders Anthony DeOrsey, Research Manager, and Zainab Gilani, Energy & Power Associate.  Learn about recurring themes Cleantech Group hears from engagements with corporate demand owners and investors.

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Sep 2nd – Sep 3rd, 2024

Investing in Green Hydrogen 2024

London, UK

This event will address long-term offtake agreements, end demand, decarbonization in aviation, mobility, steel, chemicals, and other heavy industries, green ammonia, and sustainable aviation.  If you can attend, please contact Cleantech Group’s Selene Law to meet.

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Sep 3rd – Sep 4th, 2024

Sustainable Road Transport Europe 2024

Amsterdam, NL

Uniting senior practitioners from across shippers, transport & logistics, government, OEMs, policymakers, utilities, technology and finance to accelerate decarbonisation in Europe’s road freight sector. Be at the forefront of sustainable transport and join 300+ transport leaders.  Please contact Cleantech Group’s Nicole Cerulli if you can make it.

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Oct 4th, 2024

The CleanAI Summit

Toronto, Canada

The full day program will feature top thinkers and industry leaders already taking action in cleanAI. Participation in the summit is limited to 150 people, maintaining a high-quality experience focused on an audience of key decision makers and C-suite leaders.  Anthony DeOrsey and Nino Lazariia will be speaking.

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Oct 23rd – Oct 24th, 2024

Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference

Chicago, IL

Connect with industry leaders from throughout the supply chain, including brand owners, recyclers and consumers of recyclables.  If you’d like to connect with Cleantech Group’s Parker Bovee, please drop him a line.

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