Our Coverage

CTG provides the most comprehensive coverage of the sustainable innovation mega-theme globally. Our finger is on the pulse of the trends you need to watch.

Cleantech – Meaning & History

From the very beginning in 2002, CTG has covered the cleantech innovation theme as a resource productivity question. We follow companies whose innovations realize economic value from doing more with less, in which one aspect of the less is a reduction in environmental impact and/or resource usage. This efficiency mindset makes our coverage intersect with many different applications, disruptive to most traditional industries.

Our Scope

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What We Track

Our coverage is focused on emerging and innovative companies. We typically track start-ups and SMEs from the seed stage to late-stage private equity – and everything in between. We strive to provide data and insights on these companies, as well as their relationships with other entities in the ecosystem – be they investors, corporate partners, clients, incubators, and more.

CTG Insights – Our Cross-Cutting Themes

Our bi-monthly Insights report explores key innovation themes and cuts through the hype. It provides signals of where momentum is heading, and what you should be looking out for.

CTG Insight Themes