Cleantech’s Four $1,000,000,000 Sectors

Josh Gilbert
Introduction Our Quarterly Investment Monitor has just been released, including a round-up for 2016 to help understand the trends driving the past year’s cleantech investments. For the first time since 2011, we had four cleantech sectors pass the $1 Billion mark in global venture capital investment last year –Transportation, Energy Efficiency, Solar and Agriculture. In this blog post, we’ll go behind the numbers to have a look at some of the specific innovations and companies driving the growth and diversity... Read More »

Blockchain meets Energy: Building the Community

Jules Besnainou
For followers of our At the Cutting Edge subscriber research, the promise of using blockchain technology to improve distributed energy, IoT and logistics is nothing new. In fact, throughout 2016, you have observed organizations like LO3, Filament and Grid Singularity enter strategic partnership with large enterprises, deploy pilots and make the headlines. Here is our deal timeline for the year: Leveraging blockchain technology in exchanges of electrons and data makes sense. It’s great at securely processing transactions and registering ownership, meaning... Read More »

It Takes a Village: Creating the energy-optimized smart home

Ken-Ichi Hino
In a previous blog post on home energy management, CTG covered new devices being introduced by Google, Amazon, and Apple. Since then, Amazon announced that it had sold “millions” of Alexa devices in 2016, and that the Echo family of products had seen a 9x increase in sales this holiday season over last. Google has not made any announcements regarding sales, but has just announced new partnerships for Google Home, including Hyundai for connected car services and Sony for high-end... Read More »

Sink or Swim: Challenging times in water start-up fundraising

Troy Ault
If the raw venture investment data is anything to go by, it seems these are trying times for water technology start-ups hoping to raise venture funding. After a modern peak in 2013 of 113 deals and more than $400 million invested, both annual dollars invested and deal volume have declined at a compounded rate of -24% per year, to just $148 million invested across 37 deals in 2016. In addition, 2016 marked the first year since 2010 in which our... Read More »

December’s Power Breakfast: A How-to on Messaging and Fundraising with the Experts

Troy Ault
To date, most of our Power Breakfasts have focused on a specific technology or market sector. This past Tuesday, we took the opportunity to host a hands-on, very interactive power breakfast on important skills for building your company – namely, how to craft a powerful story and use it for fundraising and sales. Any company needs to be able to tell a good story – and give a good pitch. Regardless of the audience, the component parts of the story... Read More »

Levelized Cost of Storage 2.0: Storage costs fall more than 10%

Dan Gabaldon
Dan Gabaldon is a Founder of CTG's parent company Enovation Partners. Lazard has released its second Levelized Cost of Storage Analysis (LCOS 2.0), which was developed through joint analysis of the energy storage market by Lazard and Enovation Partners. The analysis is intended to provide a transparent, rigorous methodology for comparing the cost of energy storage across ten distinct use cases for over a dozen storage technologies. Building on last year’s study, this year’s analysis includes a significantly refined methodology... Read More »

Scale and speed: China’s USP in cleantech. Solving urban wastewater challenges.

Richard Youngman
For some years, we have been monitoring the growing number of examples of where Asian and western organizations are coming together to address environmental challenges for mutual economic benefit. In the past 12-18 months, we have felt that there is a definite uptick in the activity levels. This has been confirmed by an analysis we just completed on the 100 companies we will release as the latest edition of the Global Cleantech 100. In the 6th edition, 20 of the... Read More »

Electrochromic technologies: The quiet revolution underway

Ken-Ichi Hino
Windows are a large energy efficiency opportunity, with the US Department of Energy estimating that retrofitting single pane windows alone could save $12 billion annually. While traditional energy efficiency options include insulation and double-paned glass, advancements in electrochromic (EC) technology may accelerate improvements in window energy efficiency. EC technology changes the tint of transparent surfaces by applying voltage, which enables modulation of the light coming through the surface. Photochromic and thermochromic windows are related solutions – as the names imply,... Read More »

Renewable Energy Down Under: Where solar-plus-storage and utilities become good friends?

Josh Gilbert
In case you hadn’t heard, changes are afoot in our energy system. With previously preventative price points now falling rapidly, are we now seeing an opportunity for an accompanying change in the pricing of our energy? As production ramps up, the energy storage systems required to firm intermittent renewable power are beginning to become financially viable. Smart inverters and corresponding software are combining with solar-plus-storage systems to enable truly democratized energy. To this point, customers in many geographies are already... Read More »

Gene Editing: The ever-hotter CRISPR

Jules Besnainou
During the inaugural Cutting Edge session at Cleantech Forum Europe a few months ago, biologist Anna Gilles explained the basics of CRISPR to an audience of energy investors and corporates. This method, re-discovered five years ago and dubbed "the copy-paste of genome editing," has revolutionized the field and allowed scientists around the world to edit organisms in an easier and cheaper way than was previously possible. The rapid rise of CRISPR-related medical research has been inspiring – as we wrote... Read More »