Technological edge means business: why we’re adding patents to i3

Jules Besnainou
Each investor, innovation executive or business unit manager has their unique process to discover and evaluate companies in a technology area. However, they all share one key criterion to set companies apart: technological edge and the ability to protect it. With that in mind, we have been hard at work on a feature that would allow you to easily navigate a company's IP portfolio. And it is now ready! Here's what we just launched on i3 Connect: A tile showing US and... Read More »

Our data is yours – opening up i3 to global innovation enthusiasts

Jules Besnainou
  The i3 team is committed to connecting global enterprises with emerging technology. Until now, the data sets that power the i3 network have been closed to the public. In a bid to foster tech adoption and have more people benefit from the wealth of data we have collected, we are unveiling a new homepage, from which you can start navigating our data for free, without even signing up! Knowledge is key when making investment decisions in disruptive technology. The data... Read More »

California Drought Leaves Water Sector Thirsty For Innovation

Sheeraz Haji
I live in Berkeley and can’t remember the last time we used our raincoats and umbrellas. Even if you don’t live here, you probably know that California has a big water problem as the drought enters its fourth year. Lawmakers and large corporations recognize the gravity of the situation and have implemented mandatory water cuts and launched water saving campaigns. Never before has there been this much attention focused on water and the urgent need for innovative solutions. However, investments... Read More »

FoodTech Start-ups Enable a Cornucopia of Choice for Consumers

Gannon McHenry
Over the past year, food sourcing applications have seen an explosion in investment as consumers increasingly look to avoid the hassle of shopping in person. Over the past year billions of dollars in venture equity investment has been put into a handful of companies working to make grocery shopping a minutes-a-month task instead of an hours-a-month chore. Nearly all of these start-ups offer delivery as a core function of their services; enabling consumers without a vehicle or close proximity to... Read More »

Global Cleantech 100: Who will make it big?

Simeran Bachra
Yogi Berra: “Its tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” The Global Cleantech 100 is an annual list of the top 100 companies that the cleantech community predicts will have the strongest market impact in the next 5 to 10 years. While we are not certain of what the future of cleantech holds, we can without doubt see the rise of innovative companies presenting creative commercial solutions which are disrupting old industries and forging new markets. In recent headlines,... Read More »

Proving Out the Circular Bio-Economy – Cleantech Forum Europe Recap

Leo Zhang
In its 11th edition, Cleantech Forum Europe took place this year in Florence, Italy, where leading entrepreneurs, industrial multinational corporations, financial investors, and other cleantech stakeholders gathered at our multi-day program immersed under the Industrial Renaissance theme. This year’s theme reflects on the Tuscany region’s leading research and development initiatives, as well as Italy’s heavy industrial manufacturing base. One session in particular – Proving out the Circular Bio-Economy – focused heavily on industrial plants in the industrial biotechnology sector. Based... Read More »

2015 Off to a Good Start for Power Grid Technology Companies

Quitterie de Rivoyre
VC investments in companies innovating in grid-related technologies surged nearly 16x from $200M in Q1 2015 from $32M invested in Q4 2014. Even though deal volume has not changed significantly, the average deal size did: $18.5M in Q1 2015 vs. $4M in Q4 2014 (though this Q1 average is driven by a $115M deal). The increase in the number of deals is a good sign for the sector after a persistent quarterly slide through 2014: 19 deals in Q1 2014,... Read More »

Water Efficiency Innovations in Agriculture

Leo Zhang
California Governor Jerry Brown recently issued an executive order for mandatory water restrictions in order to deal with the state’s worst drought in history. The initiative mostly focuses on urban water use, with the goal of reducing water usage by 25%. Meanwhile, in California, agriculture activities make up more than 75% of the state’s total water consumption. Although the executive order focuses more on urban consumption, improvements in agriculture water efficiency can lead to significant water savings as well. Through... Read More »

The Route to an Industrial Renaissance is Paved with Clean Technologies

Quitterie de Rivoyre
For the 11th edition of its Cleantech Forum Europe, Cleantech Group is going to Florence, Tuscany, on April 27-29, 2015. You can get a feel of what you can experience at our Forums by watching this video here. Apart from the well-known players, like utility Enel, diversified industrial Finmeccanica, energy giant Eni or automotive brand FIAT, you will find a number of dynamic start-up companies at the Forum including Kitenergy, a developer of high-altitude wind generation technology and Is TECH,... Read More »

Cleantech Forum San Francisco: It’s a Wrap!

Natalie Volpe
Every year, the Cleantech Forum chooses a theme that reflects the current pulse of the industry and serves as a common thread for discussion throughout the three-day event. This year’s theme – Cleantech-as-a-Service – felt more relevant than ever. From our opening keynote to closing remarks from Google’s VP of Energy, coupling cleantech with the “as-a-service” business model resonated as the catalyst that will drive the industry forward. [caption id="attachment_11478" align="alignright" width="350"] John Woolard, VP of Energy, Google[/caption] If you... Read More »