Insights into Smart Farming: Interviews with PrecisionHawk and Granular

Kerry Cebul
The word is out. Entrepreneurs around the world have heard about the challenge of feeding 9.6 billion people by 2050[1] and are responding. i3, our platform that tracks investments across the Cleantech industry, indicates that Ag and Food is one of the fastest growing cleantech sectors with a CAGR of 31% and $2.6 billion of investment in between 2010 and Q3 2014. Smart farming technologies, from improved sensors to cloud processing for yield optimization and robotics to improve manual tasks,... Read More »

Cleanweb and the City: Connecting the Built Environment and Mobility to Enable Resilience

Will Van Eaton
Last month, Cleantech Group hosted our second annual Cleanweb and the City Executive Summit in New York City along with our Anchor Partner NYSERDA. Together we assembled a leading group of entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, and government agencies to explore how a city’s major challenges can be addressed through emerging cleanweb business models, and what barriers need to be broken to reach scale. Cleanweb is a broad concept, but can generally be summarized as the convergence of data, analytics, connectivity, and... Read More »

Buildings Get a Brain – Putting Theory to Practice

Sheeraz Haji
Cleantech Group is pleased to host the second annual Buildings Get a Brain executive summit sponsored by Johnson Controls and Navitas Capital. After a few years of talking about the potential for intelligent buildings, this year we will highlight real customers deploying real hardware and software products to make the built environment smarter, more comfortable for occupants, and more energy efficient. Buildings pose a huge untapped resource for energy and other resource savings, yet the market for smart building technologies... Read More »

Cleantech in Oil & Gas – Digital Oilfield and the Emergence of Cleantech-as-a-Service

Leo Zhang
Save the Date! On March 16-18, 2015, Cleantech Group will host our annual flagship event, Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2015, focusing on the theme of Cleantech Meets the Cloud: The Emergence of Cleantech-as-a-Service. This annual gathering of the global cleantech innovation community is designed to share stores, spark conversation and hear dynamic pitches under this year’s theme, including specific sessions on oil & gas and digital oilfield. Cleantech innovation – though at first appears counterintuitive to conventional fuels – is... Read More »

Growing Hardware Start-ups: Inside EcoMachines Incubator

Tom Turula
As the saying goes, hardware is hard. Entrepreneurs face tough hurdles from the outset – from expensive IP and prototyping to complex manufacturing, supply chain or piloting setup – before they are able to attract venture capital investment and take on the world. As a result, a new breed of hardware incubators and accelerators have emerged to guide scientists and engineers through early stage pitfalls. Dr. Ilian Iliev, who last year co-founded London-based EcoMachines Incubator Ltd, provides us with insight... Read More »

Cleantech Meets the Cloud: The Emergence of Cleantech-as-a-Service

Sheeraz Haji
We have observed a significant shift in energy and resource markets from centralized to distributed systems. The power sector is built around large, centralized plants that send their power through inefficient and one-way transmission and distribution lines to uninformed customers; this is a structure that dates back decades. Now, however, generation is becoming distributed, occurring anywhere and everywhere—on rooftops or via mini power plants co-located at a customer’s site. In this increasingly decentralized world, customers and energy providers would like... Read More »

Beyond the 100: The Ones to Watch List and the Megatrends Continued

Michele Parad
Every year, Cleantech Group runs a rigorous process to identify a top 100 out of more than 6000 companies globally (see Global Cleantech 100 methodology). However, we have recognized that, to many of you corporate scouts and investors out there, 100 seems like a relatively small number when, admittedly, there are hundreds of fast-growing sustainable innovation companies with some very exciting new partnerships and activities. So what lies beyond 100? Who are the rising stars with interesting value propositions and... Read More »

Cleantech Tour of China 2015 – What You Need to Know to Enter China’s Cleantech Market

Leo Zhang
On the heels of the announcement that China and the U.S. have committed jointly to limits on carbon pollution and an aggressive share of non-fossil energy in China’s power portfolio, this running Cleantech Group event is more relevant than ever. On January 26-30, 2015, Cleantech Group will host our 4th annual Cleantech Tour of China for a full week of meetings and network-building activities in China. The tour provides cleantech CEOs with an excellent introduction to doing business in China, as well... Read More »

Farming in the Cloud – Agriculture Meets the Internet of Things

Natalie Volpe
On November 19th, Cleantech Group will host a webinar, Farming in the Cloud – Agriculture Meets the Internet of Things, on the emerging innovation landscape in agriculture. Joined by two start-ups on the cutting edge of technology in this sector, Granular and Precision Hawk, the conversation will provide an in-depth understanding of winning business models and technologies, venture capital’s role in advancing the sector, and showcase some of the new companies we've been tracking in i3. The market opportunity in agriculture... Read More »

Third Quarter Agriculture Innovation Highlights & Trends

Gannon McHenry
A number of innovative business models have received venture funding this past quarter. As we prepare the upcoming Agriculture & Food Quarterly Innovation Monitor, I wanted to provide highlights of the companies which received funding this past quarter. Moreover, this blog posts demonstrates the continued high level of innovation taking place in the agriculture and food space. Three separate and relatively new trends which stood out to me this quarter were: nutrient upcycling, environmentally friendly field treatments and energy efficient... Read More »