Third Quarter Agriculture Innovation Highlights & Trends

Gannon McHenry
A number of innovative business models have received venture funding this past quarter. As we prepare the upcoming Agriculture & Food Quarterly Innovation Monitor, I wanted to provide highlights of the companies which received funding this past quarter. Moreover, this blog posts demonstrates the continued high level of innovation taking place in the agriculture and food space. Three separate and relatively new trends which stood out to me this quarter were: nutrient upcycling, environmentally friendly field treatments and energy efficient... Read More »

2014 Global Cleantech 100 – CEO Insights on the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Cybersecurity

Michele Parad
QBotix, Ubitricity, Space-Time Insight - What do they all have in common? Yes, they are all Global Cleantech 100 companies, but there is more that ties them together than winning a prestigious annual award. Cleantech companies are increasingly integrating their product into the Internet of Things theme – and this was one of the biggest takeaways from the Global Cleantech 100 summit and roundtables in both Washington, D.C. and London. Below, we share key (anonymized) insights from company CEOs and our own analysis of the concerns... Read More »

The Internet of Waste Bins: Interview with the Co-founder of Enevo

Tom Turula
Enevo aims to make Big Data indispensable in the waste collection industry, with a sensor-based solution that tracks container fill-levels and optimizes pickup routes accordingly. When Enevo received $8 million in financing this summer, one investor compared the Finnish startup to Airbnb and Uber in its potential to disrupt a conservative industry. Indeed the smart logistics solution is rapidly gaining traction with waste collectors around the world – from Boston to Tokyo. We met up with Co-founder Fredrik Kekalainen at the... Read More »

Italian Cleantech Innovation on Display

Michele Parad
In December of 2013, Cleantech Group collaborated with Italy Cleantech Network and several prestigious investors and clusters in the Italian ecosystem to conduct a research endeavor into the landscape of sustainable innovation in Italy, one of Europe’s largest and most heavily industrialized manufacturing economies. We’ve also highlighted some of the most promising cleantech SME companies in the country, through a report and video series, where you can view the personalized stories of BM Solar, Directa Plus, Electro Power Systems, i-EM,... Read More »

Past Global Cleantech 100 Companies: Then & Now

Natalie Volpe
Earlier this week, Cleantech Group hosted the 6th annual Global Cleantech 100 in Washington, DC. Every year, Cleantech Group evaluates the best and brightest in the cleantech start-up ecosystem to choose 100 companies who are likely to have the greatest impact in the next five to ten years. This year’s list spans sectors, geographies and industries, including big names like Airbnb and Uber, and early stage startups such as Imprint Energy and sunfire. We’ve got an exciting group of companies this... Read More »

Water Innovation Summit 2014: Key Takeaways

Samanta Jovanovic
From September 23- 24, Cleantech Group hosted its third annual Water Innovation Summit at the historic Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, convening a group of 100+ attendees active in the water industry and interested in exploring ways to create smarter, better water. The event brought together leading corporate executives, utilities, industry influencers, investors, and entrepreneurs through a highly participatory format. Four discussions involved attendees in rich dialogue on (1) The Oil & Gas industry, (2) The Agriculture, Food & Beverage Industry,... Read More »

Engineering a Well-Fed Future: An Interview with Arcadia Biosciences

Gannon McHenry
As a member of the Research team here at Cleantech Group, we are constantly intrigued by new, emerging technologies and embrace opportunities to interview highly innovative companies making headlines in their respective industries.  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Rey, CEO of Arcadia Biosciences, about his company and the broader Ag space. Arcadia is a plant-genetics company focused on breeding more environmentally friendly strains of many staple crops including, but not limited to rice, corn, soybeans, and wheat.... Read More »

Matchmaking for Corporates and Start-ups: A Product Journey

Jules Besnainou
As Cleantech Group unveiled its new i3 online platform on September 27, Director of Product Development Jules Besnainou tells the story of what brought about the major shift in the product’s direction, and describes where it is headed. When I joined Cleantech Group in early 2012, my job was straightforward: to maintain i3, a database of transactions in the cleantech space. At the time, the platform was mainly geared toward investors, and the data came from manual inputs of a top-notch Research... Read More »

Taking Hi-tech Waste Sorting Mainstream: An Interview with ZenRobotics’ CEO

Tom Turula
ZenRobotics, a Global Cleantech 100 company from Finland, challenges the recycling industry to smarten and automate its waste sorting system. Conceived of by two Finnish PhD scientists, the ZenRobotics Recycler™ relies on cutting edge sensor technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze bulky waste streams, and to control the robot arms that sort the valuables. We spoke with Juho Malmberg, CEO of ZenRobotics, on his insights into what this pioneering company has in store in the next five years. You... Read More »

Recent Activities in Industrial Biotechnology: Investments & Relationships

Leo Zhang
The Industrial Biotechnology sector, which includes biofuels, biochemicals, and biomaterials, has received quite a bit of attention in recent months. Although we continue to see headwinds in technology commercialization, several recent investments have brought fresh confidence. In addition to investments, we are also seeing several active corporate partnerships, which definitely serve as significant milestones for innovative technology companies in this sector.   Last week, SGB, the California-based developer of plant oil and protein technologies, successfully raised $11 million in new... Read More »