Turning tide for ocean power: Is marine energy coming of age?

Jonathan Koch
Ocean energy still has a long voyage before reaching the relative level of investment and maturity of other renewables, but recent activities in the sector are hinting at promising developments and breakthroughs in the coming years. Below is a quick overview of what we’re seeing in terms of trends, innovators, and partnerships, but for a closer look at this space, please do get in touch with us at research@cleantech.com. There are at least four different technologies to harness the energy... Read More »

Bug fixing the law: Regulation of insects as an alternative protein source

Henri van Soest
Upcoming changes in EU legislation could signal the breakthrough of insect-based protein in Europe. Insect-based proteins are one of the most abundant sources of alternative proteins. Up until now, however, the legal framework surrounding insect-based proteins has been very complex, with many regulations being unprepared for the possibility of using insects as both feed for animals and food for human consumption. Upcoming EU legislation will likely bring more clarity. Impacts Two major EU regulations are in the pipeline. First of... Read More »

Riding the Agriculture & Food Wave – Indoor Vertical Farming

Leo Zhang
Following our recent blog post on alternative proteins, let’s take another look at the agriculture & food sector and touch on a related topic of sustainable food production – indoor vertical farming. Although vertical farming has yet to attract similar level of investments compared to alternative proteins, this space is certainly worth keeping track of as we expect more mega-cities to form over the next decade, and subsequently, the demand for a more sustainable food production system. Below is a... Read More »

Core Cleantech: Driving Wind Costs Down

Louisiana Salge
The wind power sector has been somewhat overshadowed by the unprecedented drop in the cost of solar power in recent years. This blog looks to bring wind back into the picture. In certain geographies, this type of renewable energy generation has immense advantages, and thus also innovation opportunities. The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) recently released its annual report, and the review of 2016 shows that wind energy has passed significant milestones once again. The sector kept up its double-digit... Read More »

An Analyst’s Guide to Bursting Bubbles – China’s Bike-Sharing Market, and the Facts Behind the Figures

Josh Gilbert
Using our i3 platform, we aim to cut through the noise and provide analysis on the trends that you’ve seen, and many that you haven’t. Our database is the cornerstone upon which we build much of our insight, using i3’s proprietary intelligence on over 24,000 companies to providing clear visibility on the underlying drivers and global trends that drive sustainable innovation. We want to give an example of what this i3 data is telling us regarding one of the higher... Read More »

SaaS to PaaS and Beyond: Interviewing Uptake on the Evolution of Software Services in the Power Sector

Ken-Ichi Hino
I recently had the opportunity to speak with Sonny Garg, who leads the energy unit at Uptake, an industrials-focused predictive analytics company launched by Groupon co-founders, Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky. Uptake’s platform serves a broad range of markets – rail, aviation, mining, energy, construction, agriculture and retail, among others – and recently announced a deal with Berkshire Hathaway Energy for the application of Uptake’s predictive analytics to wind plants at two BHE subsidiaries. I spoke with Garg about both... Read More »

China Emerging as an Innovation Leader: Lessons Learned From Our 2017 Cleantech Tour of China

Leo Zhang
On March 21-23, Cleantech Group has the pleasure of leading its 5th Cleantech Tour of China with a group of young, Western clean technology companies and investors with relevant portfolio companies for 3 full days of meetings and network-building activities. The tour provides cleantech CEOs and investors with an excellent introduction to doing business in China, as well as the opportunity to showcase their companies to multiple China-based investors and partners. Many Western technology companies and investors, without a doubt,... Read More »

ACES, Accommodation, Populist Revolts, and Pass the Sugar

Troy Ault
With the support of Silicon Valley Bank and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, CTG convened our most recent Power Breakfast last week in San Francisco. More than fifty individuals representing major corporations, investors, start-ups, and other transportation industry stakeholders made their way to WSGR’s One Market offices – which overlook the daily traffic nightmare that is the Bay Bridge morning commute – under the following banner: When electric vehicles are producing half the emissions of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles... Read More »

Entrenched Incumbents and Seedling Start-ups in Battery Storage Markets – Innovation Finds a Way

Josh Gilbert
In the February edition of CTG Insights, our bi-monthly publication highlighting trends we feel should be at the forefront of the minds of cleantech-focused corporates and investors alike, we wrote an article addressing the opportunities in battery storage markets. The lithium-ion battery energy storage market is composed of a few sub-sectors, including the decades-established consumer electronics market, a $20 billion market that has incumbent advantages in both scale and mature supply chains. However, the electric vehicles market has arrived in... Read More »

Charting the Future Towards 2032: Why affordable technology can trump the future

Richard Youngman
Charting the Future Towards 2032 was the theme of our recent 15th Cleantech Forum San Francisco. Some focus was given to the idea of imagining out how things might develop over the next 15 years given our 2017 starting point, itself a result of where the last 15 years has taken us. This three-part blog series was intended to provide some perspectives to help you get set for the year and the years ahead, drawing on my own keynote at... Read More »