Cleantech Forum San Francisco: It’s a Wrap!

Natalie Volpe
Every year, the Cleantech Forum chooses a theme that reflects the current pulse of the industry and serves as a common thread for discussion throughout the three-day event. This year’s theme – Cleantech-as-a-Service – felt more relevant than ever. From our opening keynote to closing remarks from Google’s VP of Energy, coupling cleantech with the “as-a-service” business model resonated as the catalyst that will drive the industry forward. [caption id="attachment_11478" align="alignright" width="350"] John Woolard, VP of Energy, Google[/caption] If you... Read More »

Digitization of the Oil & Gas Industry and Opportunities Ahead

Leo Zhang
We recently published an i3 white paper –The Digital Oilfield: Transforming Upstream Oil & Gas with Big Data and Cloud – to highlight the latest innovation trends in the Oil and Gas sector. The report highlights leading technology companies within each of these three innovation areas, and provides insights on investments, partnerships, and industry trends. The research report is free to download here. i3's proprietary taxonomy provides a comprehensive overview of the Oil and Gas sector’s value chain, and more specifically,... Read More »

Solar Industry Consolidates… Corporates Increase Involvement

Quitterie de Rivoyre
2015 is off to a good start for residential and commercial scale solar companies. Dollars and partnerships are making daily news and one can easily notice the increasing consolidation of the sector. In these recent deals, corporations are very much involved. The latest on the record is Apple's impressive off-take agreement of $848 million for solar power from First Solar's 130-MW California Flats Solar Project in Monterey County. This 25-year Power Purchase Agreement is Apple's fourth solar farm project, adding to Apple's Data Center... Read More »

As Buildings Get a Brain, Do We Lose Sense Over Cents?

Yakov Berenshteyn
Two weeks ago, Cleantech Group wrapped up its second annual Buildings Get a Brain executive summit in San Francisco. To our delight, the two-day dialogue – among about 120 senior stakeholders to the commercial buildings sector – produced great conversation, great connections, and just the right amount of controversy. Reflecting on our December preview of the event, the event was a great success in digging into these and other topics, but we’ll save some of the conclusions for our upcoming... Read More »

Corporate Strategics Off to the Races in 2015

Troy Ault
It’s off to the races in 2015 for corporate-strategic backers of innovation that drives sustainability across key resource-heavy industries. In just the first three weeks of the year, we’ve already seen more than ten venture deals exhibiting corporate participation. These include Saint-Gobain’s investment in Qivivo’s Series A for smart buildings; Swire Pacific’s investment in Green Biologics for renewable chemicals and biofuels; and internet giant Alibaba’s participation in Kuaidi Dache’s massive $600 million round for smart phone-driven transportation services. Using the... Read More »

Interview with Enlighted CEO Joe Costello

Natalie Volpe
With Buildings Get A Brain event around the corner, we chatted with Enlighted CEO Joe Costello on his thoughts around smart buildings. What inspired you to join Enlighted? How did you end up in the commercial building sector? The very first company I tried to start was focused on energy conservation. It was right after the oil shock, and people were focused on conserving energy rather than drilling for oil. Then, in 2001, when I was working on the Internet... Read More »

The Oil Price Collapse Forces Innovation Prioritization and Focus

Ben Brown
Background In the first week of 2015, West Texas Intermediate - the US crude oil benchmark - dipped below $50 per barrel for the first time in more than five and half years, extending its slide of more than 50% in just six months. New types of resources, such as to Norway’s deep offshore, North America’s tight shale, Canada’s oil sands, and even arctic reserves that are more expensive to develop and extract have been the focus of new development... Read More »

San Francisco’s Buildings Getting Smarter

Yvette Shirinian
On January 20-21, Cleantech Group is hosting its second annual Buildings Get a Brain executive summit in San Francisco to explore the continued rise of the intelligent buildings market. In the lead-up to the event, we sat down with Rich Chien, GreenFinanceSF Program Manager at the San Francisco Department of the Environment, who has overseen the city’s leading edge PACE financing program for the commercial building sector, among other initiatives. Click here to learn more about Buildings Get a Brain... Read More »

When the Grid Meets its Consumers

Quitterie de Rivoyre
Our flagship event, the Cleantech Forum San Francisco, will be held March 16-18! The theme of this year’s Forum is Cleantech Meets the Cloud: The Emergence of Cleantech-as-a-Service. We will discuss many subjects related to energy decentralization and new business models, and in particular the relationship of the end user with the smart grid. In 2014, we saw stories showing several efforts made to enable more connectivity with customers and their energy systems. Silver Spring Networks undertook a strategic shift... Read More »

Insights into Smart Farming: Interviews with PrecisionHawk and Granular

Kerry Cebul
The word is out. Entrepreneurs around the world have heard about the challenge of feeding 9.6 billion people by 2050[1] and are responding. i3, our platform that tracks investments across the Cleantech industry, indicates that Ag and Food is one of the fastest growing cleantech sectors with a CAGR of 31% and $2.6 billion of investment in between 2010 and Q3 2014. Smart farming technologies, from improved sensors to cloud processing for yield optimization and robotics to improve manual tasks,... Read More »