Who Will be on the Next Global Cleantech 100 List? Public Nominations Open!

Izzy Connor
Every year Cleantech Group produces a list of 100 private innovation companies, predicted by the cleantech community to have the most significant market impact upon the cleantech industry over the next 5 to 10 years. We incorporate nominations from the general cleantech community as well as input from a carefully selected panel of cleantech experts (you can read more about our Methodology and how the list comes together here). The Global Cleantech 100 Report provides early insights into the changing... Read More »

Cybersecurity: winning the battle on two fronts

Samer Salty
Samer Salty is the CEO of Zouk Capital, a private equity and infrastructure fund manager, investing in the clean and efficient economy. Zouk’s portfolio includes companies like Off-Grid Electric, Space-Time Insight and iZettle. Cybersecurity is a sector at the centre of a sustainability revolution. It is one which brings the huge risks created by cybercrime together with a solution that puts two levels of efficiency at its core – improving energy efficiency in the first order as well as saving... Read More »

Back to the Future, Back to Cleantech Group

Richard Youngman
Back to the Future day (October 21, 2015) recently came and went, another reminder if we needed one of the impossibility of seeing how things will truly pan out in 30 years’ time. Back to the Future is a good way to describe my feelings today, as I take on the challenge of leading the next chapter for Cleantech Group (CTG).  (If you have not already heard, I have teamed up with Enovation Partners, a fast-growing consultancy platform focused on... Read More »

Chapter 3 for Cleantech: The Deployment of Innovation Chapter? Thoughts and Wishes for 2016+

Richard Youngman
The start of 2016 feels like a good moment for a reflective piece, on the one hand, and a look forward one, on the other. I have a real sense that momentum is building towards a defining and breakthrough 2020’s. COP-21 has just passed. Perhaps our global leaders will take climate change seriously after all, now that the scientific evidence is stronger, the runway for mitigation shorter, and business and finance has been taking some early steps down the multi-decade... Read More »

Precision agriculture takes centre stage as the drone industry ascends to new heights

Chrysostomos Meli
The global drone industry has been growing exponentially in recent years, far beyond its traditional military market, and has attracted hundreds of millions in venture capital funding in the process. In 2015 alone the sector attracted $373 million in venture capital investment, a 5 fold increase from $67 million back in 2014. DJI and 3D Robotics first popularized the technology by providing aerial film capturing drones for amateur film makers and hobbyists. These companies have established the technology as a... Read More »

The Foodtech Cornucopia Continues

Chrysostomos Meli
Interest in the Agriculture and Food sector has skyrocketed in the last two years, essentially more than doubling from $800 Million in 2013 to $1.7 billion in 2014. Of particular interest is the massive increase in VC investment in Consumer Food Sourcing companies, a sub-sector of Agriculture and Food. During the same period, consumer food services and particularly on-demand food service companies enjoyed a 7-fold increase in venture capital investment, going from $89 million to $678 million. These same trends... Read More »

The Energy Storage Push to Mass Market

Michele Parad
Energy storage, as THE mechanism for unlocking the full potential of renewable energy, is expected to grow to a $6 billion global industry by 2020. The only thing standing in its way is getting the mass market to understand its potential. Storage companies are now becoming more customer orientated, by providing energy management analytics in addition to the batteries, as a way to engage more end users with the technology. The topic of customer engagement was discussed at Moixa Energy’s... Read More »

More with Less: The Makings of the 2020s are with us Today

Richard Youngman
The concept of “More with Less” was always central to the founders of Cleantech Group’s vision of the emergent innovation theme they coined as cleantech in 2002. Doing more with less (less inputs, less costs, less environmental impacts), aka resource productivity and efficiency, was highlighted in the first presentation I ever saw from Cleantech Group in 2007 on its explanation of the cleantech innovation theme – and why it mattered. “More with Less” is as relevant today as then –... Read More »

Are we starting to see the end of the wave of major venture-backed solar companies?

Michele Parad
By Simeran Bachra and Michele Parad Solar has strong head-winds right now, with the market forecasted to grow 25-50% in 2016 alone. We are seeing a rise in consolidation, and in both horizontal and vertical integration across the industry. Industry leaders, many of whom have appeared on our past editions of the Global Cleantech 100 (GCT100) – are expanding their market share and taking control of solar deployment across the customer value chain (from owning and operating plants, to financing,... Read More »

Technological edge means business: why we’re adding patents to i3

Jules Besnainou
Each investor, innovation executive or business unit manager has their unique process to discover and evaluate companies in a technology area. However, they all share one key criterion to set companies apart: technological edge and the ability to protect it. With that in mind, we have been hard at work on a feature that would allow you to easily navigate a company's IP portfolio. And it is now ready! Here's what we just launched on i3 Connect: A tile showing US and... Read More »