Renewable Funding Goes Public

Gannon McHenry
The Great Recession brought about large financial losses, caused the tightening of credit markets, and led to a general prevalence of tax write-offs as a result of the tanking market. Diminished access to private loans, along with the increase in popularity of MLP and REIT structures, led many in the renewable energy industry to wonder if they could take advantage of these newer public financing structures. Practically unheard of just a few years ago, YieldCos have taken off in popularity... Read More »

Energy Efficiency Heats up with Healthy M&A and IPO Activity this Summer

Natalie Volpe
The Energy Efficiency sector has been home to many new entrants of late, all presumably looking to capitalize on the buzz surrounding energy management platforms, IoT-enabled devices, and decreasing LED costs. As the market gets crowded, the industry has waited to see who will emerge as the winners and who will fall short. This summer, the energy efficiency sector began to show signs of maturation with a number of exits and a wave of acquisitions from large corporates. Growth equity... Read More »

What You Need to Know to Enter China’s Cleantech Market

Leo Zhang
China has attracted much attention in recent years from Western industries looking to expand to the Far East. With rapid industrial and economic growth, the country is on a path to becoming an international powerhouse. Yet despite its upward trajectory, the nation is also home to some of the harshest environmental conditions across the globe, exemplified by heavy smog and high toxicity levels upwards of Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM 2.5). Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, recently “declared war” on smog and... Read More »

The Data-Driven Transformation of the Energy Efficiency Sector

Timothy Leong
The Internet of Things, characterized by technology platforms that enable interconnection of devices, has empowered companies to design innovative technologies, especially in the Energy Efficiency sector. Companies are embracing connectivity in product design, ranging from sensors to device communication to data analytics. As a result, we have seen increasing investments in software-based companies that are reshaping traditional energy efficiency products. Examples include Jasper, Nest, and Enlighted, which have garnered interest from many investment firms, news outlets, and social media. These companies are capable of transforming the Energy... Read More »

Corporate Partnerships Help Inventys Scale-up Carbon Capture Tech

Troy Ault
We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Andre Boulet, CEO of Inventys – a developer of energy- and capital-efficient carbon capture technology – after the company announced its latest round of growth funding from new strategic investor Chevron Technology Ventures, as well as existing investors, last week. The company got started in 2007 with a unique piece of technology based on the process of thermal swing adsorption. Unlike other post-combustion carbon capture technologies that use amines or chemical solvents, Inventys’ VeloxoTherm™ platform is based on a... Read More »

The Triple Bottom Line of Car Sharing

Tatiana Brunvall
Of late, the zeitgeist of Gen Y has shifted away from traditional American consumerism towards the collective mentality of adopting a “sharing economy.” Defined as a socioeconomic structure rooted in peer-to-peer sharing of assets and goods, collective consumption has become ubiquitous in many cities across the United States. Research has revealed that “more than 200 start-ups, backed by a total of $2 billion in funding, are now involved in the renting, reselling, giving or swapping of goods and services.”[1] This being... Read More »

Digitizing the Shower Experience: An Interview with SmarTap CEO Asaf Shaltiel

Eric Vermeiren
Israeli company SmarTap has developed a smart shower system that stands to revolutionize personal and commercial water use by monitoring and controlling the temperature and flow of water in a household, hotel, or commercial building. We spoke with Asaf Shaltiel, CEO and founder of SmarTap, about the future of electronic smart shower systems. What initially gave you the idea to pursue smart shower systems? (Did the idea come to you while you were in the shower?) My initial idea for SmarTap came... Read More »

Replenishing California’s Investments in Water Technology

Rosanna Ren
Here in Cleantech Group's San Francisco office, we are acutely aware of California’s climate problem—that is, the worst drought on record in the state’s history. What’s alarming is that, despite the two drought emergency issuances by Gov. Jerry Brown to reduce water use by 20%, statewide water consumption has in fact increased by at least 1%, up to 8% in some areas. One might predict greater investments in Water and Wastewater to expedite solutions that address this current and real problem.  The 1Q2014... Read More »

Isolated Car to Connected Car: Transportation from the 20th to the 21st Century

Christopher Renna
In the 1950s and 1960s, cars took hold of the United States. Car use and sales, as indicated by registration, boomed from 25.8 million cars in 1945 to 52.1 million cars in 1955 and finally 75.3 million cars in 1965. Indeed, Americans bought cars to drive towards the post-war American dream, roaming free of bounds, each person having his or her own car. Gas prices certainly didn’t hold anyone back… [caption id="attachment_10028" align="alignleft" width="300"] Source: autopia/2012/08/vehicleswithcircleshighway-660.jpg[/caption] But if the 20th century... Read More »

Internet of Things: Envisioning an Even More Interconnected World

Elizabeth Horvitz
While we’re not exactly living in the times of Marty McFly or George Jetson, our world is quickly becoming smarter and more interconnected, thanks to the rapidly growing Internet of Things sector.  Internet of Things, or IoT, is a concept in which everyday objects—from home appliances to vehicles-- are connected to the Internet and can be controlled remotely.  Similar to how we put our computers in “sleep” mode today, we will soon be able to put entire households or even cities in a... Read More »