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CTG’s services keep you in touch with the emerging trends, the leading innovation companies, and the key players in sustainable innovation worldwide.

Our Suite of Services

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 CTG ConnectCTG Monitor
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CTG IntelligenceCTG Scouting
Bi-weekly Newslettercheck-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1
Global Cleantech 100 Reportcheck-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1
Access to i3 (our data platform)
Cleantech Forum Discountscheck-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1
Custom Email Alerts & Weekly Digests
Bi-monthly CTG Insightscheck-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1
Quarterly Investment Monitorcheck-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1
Monthly Opportunity Briefscheck-Mark_icon_1check-Mark_icon_1
Analyst Access (Hours)Up to 10/yearUp to 10/year
i3 Campaigns & Scouting Servicescheck-Mark_icon_1
PricingFree$10,500+/year$25,000+/yearPrice upon request
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*Our services also include custom research and programs from sponsored public programs, such as the Global Cleantech Innovation Index, to private research to help clients gain a competitive edge.