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  • Packaging-free alternatives are emerging to challenge incumbent plastics, glass and packaging producers. One such business model is reuse and refill. But who will deliver change? Get the whole story

  • Where are the biggest deals happening? From agtech to energy, chemicals to mobility and recycling, you'll get a concise view of the deals shaping the future. Get the big picture

  • Batterly-electric vehicles will create a massive new source of electricity demand and utilities will need to upgrade distribution infrastructure, transmission infrastructure and increase overall electricity generation Where will it lead? Get the big picture

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Lithium: The Material Fueling The EV Revolution

Lithium and its compounds are used in numerous industrial applications, from ceramics to glass. Demand for lithium is forecast to grow stron...

By Ian Hayton


Plant-based, Fermented, and Cultured Proteins: Incredible Food Coming in Hot!

The addressable target market for alternative proteins has grown in step with hype and investment over the last several years. Five years ag...

By Chris Sworder

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3D Printing Helps Streamline the Construction Industry

New Demands in Construction Drive InnovationDemand for new structures, buildings and housing continues unabated. This inevitably places pres...

By Ian Hayton

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The 2021 Global Cleantech 100

The 2021 Global Cleantech 100 brings you the top 100 innovators and global themes that will deliver sustainable innovation.

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