Exploring the Interplay between Adaptation and Mitigation: New Innovation & Venturing Opportunities for a 2° World. Register Today. 

Climate mitigation remains the best long-term form of adaptation​.

But, with the reality that the world will miss the 1.5°C target, adaptation and resilience as an innovation theme is becoming ever more important to protect people, property, and our livelihood, as well as enable people to live and industries to function in a new climate reality.

Join us on September 10 in Boston, MA for a one-day special event where leaders and innovators will discuss the interplay between adaptation and mitigation.

Adaptation is more than just adjustment to climate change; adaptation can also be a driver and enabler of decarbonization. Mitigation will remain critical to lessen the impact, but adaptation is needed to ensure we can reduce our risks from the harmful effects of climate change, in the meantime. By exploring this vital intersection, we can find more effective and integrated solutions to the climate crisis.

Join 100+ sustainable innovation leaders and visionaries to identify and assess the opportunity sets and to discuss how we mobilize the critical capital needed for climate adaptation making our businesses and industries, and our cities and countries, more resilient.

Be Part of the Conversation

The potential is huge. Adaptation is VC’s biggest blind spot. Cleantech Group estimates that adaptation-type solutions – such as flood and wildfire prevention, resilient agriculture, clean water supply, infrastructure modification – constitute only about 4-5% of all cleantech venture and growth investments.

The financial impacts are real. Major businesses face a reduction of up to 10% of annual sales and 4% of their market value due to physical climate risks, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2023 landmark study.

The solutions are out there. More and more startups are entering the market. Innovation opportunities around heat, drought, flooding, storms, fire, etc. will be discussed and we will feature some leading example companies to showcase their solutions.

Unlocking the triple dividend. From avoided losses to significant economic, social and environmental benefits, there is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity to invest now and build a healthier, fairer and more resilient world.

Who Should Attend

  • Corporates: Safeguard Your Future. Unlock adaptation strategies to shield your bottom line and thrive in a changing climate.
  • Investors: Hear about adaptation opportunities and actionable insight to integrate adaptation into your portfolio and fund mandate.
  • Financial Services and Insurance Providers: Considering the opportunities and risks at stake, nobody is impacted more than you. Indeed, you are already feeling that impact.
  • Government and Non-Profits: Share your perspective on building resilient cities and economies, and the strategies needed to adapt.
  • Start-ups and Scale-ups: Showcase your adaptation solutions and build your network to fuel your business.



If you have any questions about this event or are interested in sponsoring, please feel free to contact us at forums@cleantech.com.


We want to showcase your adaptation solutions to the right investors and corporates who can help you take your next steps.

Join us on September 10 and get your start-up or scale-up in front of investors, corporates and other entrepreneurs looking for new partners. Whether you want investment, advice or there’s a technology gap you need to fill, you’ll meet the right people.

The official deadline for companies to present during an Innovation Showcase to investors and corporates looking for successful start-ups and scale-ups is August 2. If chosen, you will be given 6 mins to present your company and solution to the audience during a dedicate Innovation Showcase or asked to speak on a different type of session like a panel.

If interested, please take the two minutes to apply to present at an Innovation Showcase or other session. We will review applications on a rolling basis, so apply as soon as possible to be considered.

Apply Now!

Register today and join us to: 

  • Gain access to leaders in the field and be introduced to relevant investors/corporates. 
  • Meet like-minded colleagues with a focus on adaptation and resilience who have the dedication, technologies and business models that make it possible to fight the climate crisis. 
  • Learn from experts, Cleantech Group analysts, other innovators, as well as investors, as we look ahead and discuss trends shaping the future of sustainable innovation. 

Investors and Corporates


Cleantech Group Events offer high-quality interaction, opportunities to meet innovative and exciting start-ups and scale-ups, and find future investments.

Start-ups and scale-ups of all sizes and in different phases of fundraising will participate looking for partners who can take them to the next level. The potential is huge. Adaptation is VC’s biggest blind spot. Cleantech Group estimates that adaptation-type solutions – such as flood and wildfire prevention, resilient agriculture, clean water supply, infrastructure modification – constitute only about 4-5% of all cleantech venture and growth investments.

Now is the time to join the conversation and walk away in a better position to develop adaptation strategies that protect businesses, economies, and societies. By shifting some of the focus to climate adaptation, investors can not only generate strong returns but also contribute to a more resilient and sustainable future.


September 10, 2024

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  • Networking
    Registration and Coffee

    Pick up your badge, get a cup of coffee to start the day, and meet up with other participants..

  • Session
    Exploring the Interplay between Adaptation and Mitigation

    The harsh reality is that the more we fall short of the Paris Goals and fail to mitigate on time, the more we will have to adapt and build resilience into our systems as we head towards coping with a +2˚ world. While reducing emissions is crucial, we also need to adapt to its current impacts. Cleantech Group estimates adaptation efforts account for 4-5% of all venture and growth investment in cleantech today, with the majority in areas like crop inputs.

    We will use this time to set the stage for the day, build the landscape of innovation opportunity overall and illustrate what this theme of adaptation is about and why it is important.

  • Session
    Building a Climate Innovation Hub: Building Resilience for the Future

    Wildfires in Canada, historic flooding in the Northeast, record-breaking heat waves around the world. The accelerating volume and intensity of climate-related disasters now requires that we think beyond just climate change mitigation and begin adapting to climate change in parallel. Critical to achieving resilience is implementing technologies today that can support future avoided losses, while supporting the development of future-focused technologies that can insulate against the greatest climate threats long-term.

    In the past few years, Boston has transformed itself into one of the world’s pre-eminent climate innovation hubs. Now, with a growing imperative to begin preparing the region for the effects of climate change, the region has an opportunity to plant a flag as the world’s climate resilience technology innovation and deployment capital.

    Leaders tasked with preparing the region for climate weather events, as well as leaders of global companies bringing resilience strategies to the rest of the world will share their perspectives around adaptation as a driver and enabler of decarbonization.

  • Networking
    Networking Break
  • Session
    Weathering the Storm: Flood Resilience through Insurance & Innovation

    Severe storms ($455.2 billion) and inland flooding ($196.6 billion) caused hundreds of billions in property damages to the United States in 2023, including four separate billion-dollar urban flood events across California, Florida, and the Northeast. Insurers are reevaluating their relationship with natural disasters making it imperative to advance technologies and economic frameworks to support rapid and accurate insurance evaluations. The time has also come to reevaluate America’s infrastructure and identify key innovation to protect against flooding and how to scale it.

  • Session
    Climate Risk, Cleantech & Insurance

    In 2023, economic losses from global natural disasters totaled $380 billion – with only $118 billion of these losses covered by insurance. As climate risk increases, so will economic losses, with insurers footing the bill. While for many this is widening the coverage gap, some insurers are working with cleantech innovators to:

    • More accurately predict and price changing risks.
    • Proactively manage and reduce climate risk.
    • Create new insurance products for the previously uninsurable.

    Join the discussion and learn how these partnerships have worked in practice.

  • Discussion
    Breakout Discussions

    Let’s take advantage of who is in the room and come together for some discussion and collaboration. Participants can join a specific discussion around critical challenges relating to adaptation development and share new ideas. Some topics under development are around heating and cooling, building more resilient buildings, building resilient cities, scaling up: raising funds & deploying solutions, and insurability.

  • Networking
    Networking Lunch
  • Session
    Powering Up: Building a Climate-Ready Grid

    The U.S. Department of Energy predicts that New England and New York alone will require 255% increase in transmission development to meet changing energy needs. To address this gap, large investment will be needed for expansion and upgrades to harden the region’s electric grid against extreme weather, reduce emissions and help the states meet their clean energy goals. Utilities, local and state governments, corporates, financial institutions, and various stakeholders will need to come together and collaborate to improve transmission capacity and ensure reliable energy transmission exists to face a changing climate.

  • Showcase
    Innovation Showcase

    Hear from several start-ups who will share their adaptation solutions with participants.

  • Networking
    Networking Break
  • Discussion
    Breakout Discussions

    Participants can join a specific discussion around critical challenges relating to adaptation development and share new ideas. Some topics under development are around wildfires, infrastructure, agriculture and food, and water.

  • Session
    Taming the Dry Spell: Desalination Solutions for Water Scarcity

    52% of the world’s projected 9.7 billion people will live in water-stressed areas by 2050, but only 1% of potable water is currently derived from desalinated water. Let’s explore the innovative practices in development to combat the triple threat of demographic growth, climate change, and water scarcity.

  • Session
    Crop Science Innovation: Key to a Climate-Resilient Food System

    Climate change is disrupting where and how we grow key food crops. As a result, we are facing reduced yields, higher prices, and in the worst case, food shortages; all at the same time, the world population pushes towards 9.7 billion by 2050.

    Advances in crop inputs and plant genetics could allow us to maximize yields amid a warming world and growing population. By leveraging cutting-edge innovations in this field, farmers can enhance crop resilience and adapt to the impacts of global heating, more frequent extreme weather events, drought, flooding, and heatwaves.

    This session will examine the powerful set of tools that we already possess to address these challenges:

    • Biological inputs that can reduce our reliance on chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers.
    • Cleaner ways of manufacturing and applying agrochemicals, such as green ammonia.
    • Gene-editing technologies enabling the rapid breeding of new, climate-resilient crop.
  • Networking
    Closing Reception

    Join us for a drink and a chance to wrap up the day with other participants.


Main Venue

This one-day event will take place at Loft on Two located at One Financial Center, Boston, MA 02111, conveniently located right across the street from South St station.


Interested in Speaking?

Contact us at forums@cleantech.com or if you are a start-up or scale-up, fill in this application by August 2 to be considered.


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