Live Event: 25 August 4:00-6:00 p.m., San Francisco

Is Advanced Nuclear Technology Part of the Solution Set?

By 2040, we will need 29 trillion KWh of new generation to support 9 billion people, a 45% increase in electricity demand. To sustain economic growth while decoupling from fossil fuels, alternative sources of clean baseload energy will be required. Is it now time to be inclusive and pragmatic? Will advanced nuclear technologies be part of the solution set?

Please join Cleantech Group and Silicon Valley Bank for a panel and cocktail hour focusing on advanced nuclear technologies.

You can expect:

  • Open discussion with the investment experts and innovators engaged in developing advanced nuclear technology.
  • Research-based insights on the latest innovations.
  • New connections with the people who can support your progress.


Mike Granowski, Director, Roland Berger – Moderator

Josh Posamentier, Co-Founder and Managing Partner - Congruent Ventures

Jacob DeWitte, CEO – Oklo

Christine King, Director -- Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN)