Our Approach

Your needs and motivations are unique, but we find that engagement with external innovation can help our clients achieve a number of common business priorities and objectives:

Get Ahead of Regulatory or Public Pressures:

Meet or exceed environmental regulation ahead of competition; engage external stakeholders early to hedge against disruptions

Reduce Operating Costs:

Uncover new sources of resource efficiencies to drive down costs on energy, water, and other process inputs

Develop New Revenue Streams:

Identify opportunities for new products, solutions, and partners to enter new markets

Develop Higher Margin Solutions:

Identify new technology and business models to acquire, engage, and retain customers or to diversify away from commodity sales

Accelerate Technology Development:

Gain preferential access to innovation, inform long-term strategy, and influence the development of external technology

Develop a Sustainable Competitive Edge:

Integrate innovation and lean partnership models into the DNA of your organization in order to stay nimble under accelerating market pressures

Our Processes and Tools

We work with you to scope our services to meet your needs and expectations. Below are two typical pathways for our advisory work:

“I have a mandate to find innovation – I’m not sure where to start” – Innovation Program Development
Approach 01

Approach 03
“I’m not sure how to evaluate these emerging sectors” – External Engagement & Execution
Approach 3a
Approach 3b
Approach 3c


We have over a decade of success stories with the most prominent global corporations. Read our case studies to see how we deliver on our promise to connect corporates with sustainable innovation. More than the sum of our parts: Our Advisory team is backed by our i3 platform  and our global events, which provide an unparalleled network and forum for us to source the latest innovation and foster lasting partnerships. Clients that engage with us across our comprehensive solutions tend to find the greatest value in the innovation ecosystem.