Challenge: Reduce bottling plant water consumption through monitoring and analysis

Swire Coca-Cola (SCC) is one of the world’s largest Coca-Cola bottling partners, with a global footprint spanning from the US to Greater China. A strategic partner of The Coca-Cola Company since 1965, SCC manufactures, distributes, and markets over 1,700 million unit cases of still and sparkling drinks annually throughout Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and US franchise territories.


To achieve its sustainability targets, SCC is now seeking monitoring and analysis solutions of water consumption (and if possible, water microbial level) in its bottling plants. Find out more

What You Need to Know

The Challenge

To reduce overall water consumption within industrial facilities (beverage bottling plants) through real time water consumption and usage monitoring/analysis, which can help enable water efficiency improvement opportunities.

The existing water meters care not interconnected and rely on manual meter reading to process data. As such, data collection, analysis and management have been difficult, inefficient and error prone, analysis can only be done on a daily basis at most, and delays in data collection have hindered investigation and rectification of water management issues.

Solutions can include but not limited to: sensors, meter-compatible solutions, predictive/AI and cloud-based technologies, IoT water monitoring and analysis networks, hardware-agnostic software services, and innovative SCADA systems.

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The Opportunity

Swire Pacific’s Sustainable Development Fund, an annual HK$100 million fund, seeks primarily to fund proof of concept pilots of innovative technologies and approaches that, when scaled up more widely within the group’s various operations, have the potential to significantly positively impact environmental performance of operating companies.

The innovator chosen for a pilot project aimed at solving the challenge presented here, will be awarded full funding for that pilot. If results are successful, this partner may have the opportunity to scale their solution across the operating company’s operations and, where applicable, across Swire’s portfolio of companies in Property, Aviation, Beverages, Marine Services and Trading & Industrial.


  • Application Open:  25 May 2022  Apply Now
  • Application Close: 8 July 2022
  • Shortlist Selection : 22 July 2022
  • Finalists Pitch (virtually): 1 Aug – 12 Aug 2022

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