Diageo Sustainable Solutions

To maximise the value of Diageo’s waste streams, we’re looking for solutions that can be applied to Diageo’s distillation and brewing operations to upcycle wastewater into value-add products or services. This could benefit Diageo’s supply chain, other industries, local communities, or nature.  We’re particularly interested in solutions, including modular solutions that can be adapted to differing concentrations of compounds, those that can be applied to industrial processes to increase concentration for easier and more efficient extraction of value-add components, and those that are applicable to different geographies, including remote locations. 

Potential Solutions could include but are not limited to:  

  • Alternative, novel crop production methods such as ocean farming

  • Alternative ingredient production processes such as precision fermentation, cellular agriculture, or molecular farming

  • Alternative feedstocks for ingredient production, including waste streams

  • Controlled environment agriculture solutions 

What is not included:

We are not looking for regenerative agriculture solutions as part of this challenge, although we do recognise the interdependencies.