Diageo Sustainable Solutions

To minimise the climate and water risks of the ingredients we source and use, we are looking for new and complementary blue-sky technology solutions to support our growth ambition while preserving existing agricultural supply chains. The aim is to find additional sources of ingredients with reduced water usage and water quality effects. Ingredients of interest are rice (India), aniseed and grapes (Turkey), agave (Mexico), wheat (UK), maize (USA), barley (Scotland/Ireland), sugarcane (India and Africa), sorghum (Kenya & Nigeria) and neutral spirit geographies: USA, India.

Potential Solutions could include but are not limited to:

  • Alternative, novel crop production methods such as ocean farming
  • Alternative ingredient production processes such as precision fermentation, cellular agriculture, or molecular farming
  • Alternative feedstocks for ingredient production, including waste streams
  • Controlled environment agriculture solutions

What is not included:

We are not looking for regenerative agriculture solutions as part of this challenge, although we do recognise the interdependencies.