Build strategies and engage external innovation to deliver growth in a decarbonized, digitized and resource-efficient future. We’ll help you set priorities and determine where and how to find the partners and investment opportunities that take your business forward.

Our consulting team and sector analysts combined with our proprietary insights, analytical tools, and global relationships can help you capture the opportunities to engage with external innovation, evaluate risks and grow.

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Market Entry Strategy

Evaluate opportunities to enter new markets and effectively work with new technologies.

    • Understand the attractiveness of markets.
    • Identify organizational capabilities to bring to new markets.
    • Define your needs and what is needed to be competitive.
    • Identify new technologies and business models.
    • Build a strategic roadmap to scale.


Innovation Program Development

Build innovation programs to reach your strategic goals including accelerators, venture capital and open innovation platforms.

      • Define your goals.
      • Find the best way to engage external innovation to reach your goals.
      • Evaluate and prioritize sector opportunities.
      • Find and evaluate the best external partners globally.

Market Opportunity Assessment

Find and evaluate market opportunities for you to engage innovation.

      • Understand market size, growth and trends.
      • Understand market value chains, customer needs and develop value propositions.
      • Understand the market, competitive and ecosystem landscapes.
      • Find the market gaps you can access.

Investment and Partner Scouting

Find and screen innovations that will take you forward. Quickly get to the external partners you can action.

      • Clarify the criteria for innovation partners.
      • Understand the market landscape across the value chain.
      • Find and shortlist innovation partners that are a strategic match.
      • Action the best opportunities for you.

 Competitive Analysis and Due Diligence

Evaluate the opportunities and risk of an investment into an emerging technology company

      • Understand the competitive universe and value propositions.
      • Assess the success and risks factors of investment opportunities.
      • Develop a financial model as a basis for investment.

Industry Groups We Cover

      • Agriculture & Food
      • Energy & Power
      • Materials & Chemicals
      • Resources & Environment
      • Transportation & Logistics
      • Enabling Technologies

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