Between 2007 and 2010, Cleantech Group hosted six Cleantech Forums in Asia: three in China, two in India, and one in South Korea. Since then, CTG has run a number of invitation-only summits in Asia, but we are excited to announce that we are now expanding our current Forum platform into Southeast Asia with an inaugural Cleantech Forum Asia, taking place November 13-14, 2018. More than 30 Cleantech Forums have been run in our hometown of San Francisco and Europe since 2002.

This Forum’s uniqueness is as a meeting point between our local, regional (ASEAN region and Asia Pacific more broadly), and global networks of entrepreneurial companies, investors and corporations, concerned with the future of energy, power, mobility, waste and more. Confirmed attendees and speakers (at the end of September) already mean 19 countries from 3 continents are going to be a part of the conversation. Are you?

Why Asia?

Asia is where most of the world’s population resides, with the fastest rates of urbanization, where the majority of the world’s heavy industries are located, and where the majority of the world’s products are manufactured. However, while Asia is fast-growing, it is not very resource-efficient.

Asia is hungry for innovation and is investing in cleantech solutions that can solve Asian environmental challenges and provide global competitive industrial advantage.

AsiaConnect Week

Cleantech Forum Asia is part of AsiaConnect Week – one week, two events. AsiaConnect Week is a joint initiative between Cleantech Group and Umore Consulting. It consists of two events:

  1. Cleantech Forum Asia in Singapore on November 13-14, hosted by Cleantech Group
  2. CleanConnect in Nanjing, China on November 15-16, hosted by Umore Consulting. Cleantech Group will independently run a Next-Gen Energy & Cross-Border Innovation Summit under the umbrella of CleanConnect – the overall event focused on these 5 areas: Environmental Remediation, Smart Environment, VOCs Treatment, Waste-to-Value, and Water. Learn more about our China part of AsiaConnect Week here.

What to Expect

The aims of Cleantech Forum Asia are to convene the only truly international conference focused exclusively on cleantech innovation in Asia, and provide cleantech stakeholders across the globe an annual opportunity in Asia to exchange viewpoints, and to learn, meet and do deals.

The Forum will also showcase leading innovations relevant to Southeast Asia and APAC more generally, and help develop stronger cleantech innovation ecosystems in the region.

This will be a unique opportunity to foster international collaboration for the APAC, European and North American innovation players.

Why Attend

We’ve listed some of the top reasons to consider attending the inaugural Cleantech Forum Asia:

  • You are an Asia-based investor and/or an Asian corporation, looking to find and connect with some of the best of global innovation.
  • You are a financial or corporate investor from outside the region, looking to find co-investors, strategic partners for your portfolio companies, LPs for your fund, etc.
  • You are a young company at startup or scale-up stage with a relevant solution to this region. For 48 hours, you will have the chance to meet a wide range of investors and corporations not normally all together in one place.
  • You are a public sector agency with a mandate to help companies assess the market opportunity and expand into the Southeast Asian region.
  • You are looking to get up-to-date information on innovation trends and players in Asia for strategic planning purposes.
  • You like high energy, positively-minded events for people who want to get things done, making good by doing good.

We encourage you to give it a try!


Cleantech Forum Asia Agenda: A unique meeting point for local, regional and global innovation players

This Forum has been structured to have some plenary sessions, but the majority of time is spent in breakouts and parallel tracks to allow a number of different themes to be covered, and to give those most interested in those themes a chance to meet each other in more intimate, conversational-style formats and group sizes.

Throughout the Forum, we will run innovation showcases – some standalone, some part of thematic afternoons. In total, the Forum will provide opportunities for more than 35 innovative companies to present themselves to our delegates – a mix of local, regional and global entrepreneurial companies. The full list of companies confirmed so far are shown here, some of whom are on our newly-released APAC 25, a new sister list to our Global Cleantech 100 program.

And generous time is allocated to networking throughout the entire event.

In no one event can we cover the full breadth of innovation areas that CTG’s research embraces. Subjects are chosen each time for their timeliness and for their fit with our location. In our first Cleantech Forum Asia, we are featuring  key innovation themes like the future of e-mobility in the region; solar, storage, micro-grids and related business opportunities in a world of decentralized power; the intersection of digital technologies with energy, transport, and industry; and waste-to-value solutions for the circular economy.

The last details of the agenda are now being finalized, with updates and refinements being made most days.

Featured speakers

November 13, 2018

denotes Moderator
  • Registration & Welcome Coffee
  • Grand Ballroom
    Welcome to Singapore: A Smart Nation

    We will be provided with some welcome words and an introduction to the innovation and investment ecosystem in Singapore, our host of the inaugural Cleantech Forum Asia.

  • Grand Ballroom
    Glimpses of the Future: The APAC 25 and Innovation in the Region

    As a monitor and curator of the doing more with less, cleantech innovation theme, Cleantech Group (CTG) will provide its viewpoints on trends regionally and globally, pointing out who and what we will be paying attention to in the years ahead, as well as within the Forum’s two-day agenda.

    Included within this segment will be some observations on our recently released APAC 25, a new sister list to our Global Cleantech 100 program, made possible by the kind support of Enterprise Singapore.

    We will also use this moment to salute and celebrate the nine APAC 25 companies at the Forum.

  • Grand Ballroom
    Thinking Differently: Problems don’t get solved by the same thinking that created them

    Two leading entrepreneurial CEOs have been invited to open the Forum with thought-provoking views on the two themes which dominate this afternoon’s agenda. Both have strong interests and/or aspirations in the Southeast Asian region.

    Read more

    Horace Luke, CEO of Gogoro, our 2018 APAC Company of the Year, will speak to his vision of future mobility. Gogoro is a leading provider of e-scooters and battery-swapping technology.

    Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO of ENGIE EPS, a Global Cleantech 100 graduate (after first listing on Euronext and now majority owned by ENGIE) will speak to his viewpoints on powering Southeast Asia, with particular focus on islands. EPS is a specialist in energy storage solutions and microgrids, with significant installations across the world.

  • Grand Ballroom
    Meet the Corporates

    Corporations and their open innovation activities are an important part of this innovation ecosystem. Learn about who to engage with and how.

    You have heard startups do their 5-minute pitches. Today, it will be the turn of a few leading multi-national companies to explain what their innovation mandate is, and what they are looking for internationally, but also regionally (where/if different).

  • Foyer
    Networking Break
  • Sky Ballroom 2
    The “Next-Gen Energy” Innovation Showcase - Meet International Innovation Companies Looking for Capital & Partners

    In this Innovation Showcase, we will feature companies who believe they have a solution of interest to Southeast Asia, and the wider APAC region beyond.

    This showcase features five companies, two who aspire to lead the next generation economics in solar, two developing next generation fuel cells, and one flywheel energy storage company.

  • Sky Ballroom 3
    The “Smart” Innovation Showcase - Meet International Innovation Companies Looking for Capital & Partners

    In this Innovation Showcase, we will feature companies who believe they have a solution of interest to Southeast Asia, and the wider APAC region beyond.

    This showcase features five companies with a range of different solutions. One is focused on air quality monitoring, another on effective GHG emissions. The three others provide intelligence to energy, for example, enabling  smarter buildings and the inter-connectivity of decentralized energy resources.

  • Grand Ballroom
    Networking Lunch
  • Innovation Meeting Room
    APAC 25 CEO Roundtables

    During the lunch break, we encourage our delegates to come to the Innovation Showcase room where a number of the companies at the Forum are exhibiting and are on hand for dialogue.

    In addition, you will have the opportunity to come and have lunch with two APAC 25 company co-founders, who are not appearing elsewhere in the program. One lunch roundtable (for up to 10 people – first come, first served) will be hosted by Barghest Building Performance, a developer of control solutions to lower the total energy consumed in HVAC systems and the other by Zweec, a data analytics water security solution provider.

  • Grand Ballroom
    The Future of Energy: Opportunities, Risks, and Strategies for Major Regional Power Players

    In this session, we are pleased to welcome to Cleantech Forum Asia senior executives from a few of the multi-billion dollar power players in the energy and power sector of Southeast Asia. We are deliberately inviting people from different countries and different business types to provide us all with their different perspectives on how they foresee their industry transitioning in the coming decade, and why.

    This session is being co-developed with TRIREC.

  • Transition Break
  • Sky Ballroom 2
    PART 1 Powering the Region: Off-Grid, Microgrids, and Related Business Opportunities in a World of Decentralized Power Systems

    Our four thematic afternoons will follow similar patterns, whereby the time-block with be split in two.

    In part one, we will set the scene through a panel discussion of different experts and perspectives, providing their viewpoints on the market context – the opportunities and challenges, and how innovation and emergent companies can and do play a role. Here are the some of the questions they are challenged to address. How is the power market developing in the region (size, speeds, trends and geographical variations)? How do they view the mix of on- and off-grid, and the role of storage and new business models? What are the solutions they see working in different places? What solutions are missing from the ideal jigsaw, and who is doing what to address them?

    This thematic afternoon is being co-developed with PTT.

  • Sky Ballroom 3
    PART 1 Next Generation Mobility: Smarter, Increasingly Electrified and Ever More Connected

    Following the pattern of our four thematic afternoons, the time-block with be split in two.

    In part one, we will set the scene through a panel discussion of different experts and perspectives, providing their viewpoints on the market context – the opportunities and challenges, and how innovation and emergent companies can and do play a role. Here are the some of the questions they are challenged to address. How is the electrification of transportation (all forms, goods and people) developing in the region (size, speeds, trends and geographical variations)? Where are the key places, who are the leading players and what are the main drivers accelerating us towards electric mobility? How big a factor will autonomy be, where, when and how? How might all this vary across different form factors – e.g. buses, passenger vehicles, logistics vehicles, and scooters? What are the challenges and obstacles to progress? What are the alternative scenarios?

    Read more

    What future role might fuels and hydrogen, for example, have in the future transportation mix? What are the business and business model implications of all such shifts? What downstream business models become possible for the  different types of players, with different types of services, in a world where transportation is no longer a siloed industrial activity, but one which is inter-connected – not only with the power industry, but also connected to providers of a whole new panoply of services to end users?

    This thematic afternoon is being co-developed with BP Ventures. 

  • Sky Ballroom 2
    PART 2 Powering the Region: Off-Grid, Microgrids, and Related Business Opportunities in a World of Decentralized Power Systems

    In the second part we will provide a thematic innovation company showcase. CEOs of leading emergent innovation companies will provide their viewpoints and experiences from the different Asian countries and contexts in which they are operating. What and how long will it take to bring their visions of community and microgrids to everyday reality in the different markets in which they are operating?

    This thematic afternoon is being co-developed with PTT.

  • Sky Ballroom 3
    PART 2 Next Generation Mobility: Smarter, Increasingly Electrified and Ever More Connected

    In the second part we will provide a thematic innovation company showcase. CEOs of leading emergent innovation companies will provide their viewpoints and experiences from the different Asian countries and contexts in which they are operating.

    This thematic afternoon is being co-developed with BP Ventures.

  • Networking Break
  • Grand Ballroom
    Evening Keynote: Li-ion batteries and beyond for energy storage and electrification

    We are honored to welcome to Cleantech Forum Asia one of the world’s most influential scientific minds (as determined by Clarivate Analytics for each of the last 3 years). The specialism of Dr. Karim Zaghib, General Director of Hydro-Québec’s Center of Excellence in Transportation Electrification and Energy Storage (CETEES), is battery technology.

    Earlier this year, Singapore’s A*STAR’s NanoBio Lab and Canada’s Hydro-Québec announced a US$20 million commitment for a joint laboratory for battery research. The new facility will particularly focus on improving solid-state batteries as a safer alternative to lithium-ion batteries, and on developing new nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for electric vehicles and energy storage that are safe, efficient and cost-effective.

    Dr. Zaghib will share with us his thoughts on these subjects. He will be introduced by Robert Zabors, CEO of Enovation Partners, who will provide some observations from their work on energy storage internationally, in particular where costs of different use cases and technologies have reached in 2018, and where they seem to be heading.

  • Networking Reception

November 14, 2018

denotes Moderator
  • Breakfast at Hotels (or home)
  • Registration & Welcome Coffee
  • Grand Ballroom
    Our Regional Café Session: Up Close and Personal - Perspectives From Asia's Biggest Economies

    A key objective of Cleantech Forums is to create cross-border, cross-continental, cross-industrial exchanges of ideas and business cards. This regional café session fits squarely in that objective.

    This session will allow us to meet and hear from a few chosen special guests who can both provide insights into the cleantech innovation and venturing landscape from across the region, and insights into the potential for collaboration on cross-border innovation opportunities.

    Read more

    The format of this session will start with a handful of mini-keynotes to give everyone a chance to have a few takeaways from Asia’s three largest economies: China, Japan and India. Our speakers will be asked to provide a flavor of cleantech innovation in their country – key trends, key companies, key players.

    These mini-keynotes will be followed by time in roundtable discussions, so delegates will have the opportunity to join a roundtable with one of the guest speakers for more interactive and specific discussions on a country/speaker of strongest interest. It is possible that the speakers will be joined at these roundtables by other experts from the countries being represented to help you get the most from your time.

  • Networking Break
  • Sky Ballroom 2
    The “Disruption” Innovation Showcase - Meet International Innovation Companies Looking for Capital & Partners

    In this Innovation Showcase, we will feature companies who believe they have a solution of interest to Southeast Asia, and the wider APAC region beyond.

    This showcase features six companies with a range of disruptive solutions. Two come from the world of agriculture & food – one focused on making aquaculture more efficient, one on producing protein for animal feed in a much more environmentally-friendly way. Two have materials to enable next generation manufacturing. One promises energy neutral industrial wastewater treatment.

  • Sky Ballroom 3
    Re-imagining Services to Cities of the Future

    Today’s technology advances are enabling solution providers to work with cities to overhaul how a city of the future could be planned and operated. Cities have the opportunity to leverage the power of data and inter-connectivity to provide its residents with cleaner, safer, less stressful and more sustainable experiences of city life. Areas for re-imagination vary from traffic to waste to safety.

    This interactive discussion session will be framed by McKinsey providing us with a summary of the key findings of their recent report, Smart Cities in Southeast Asia (July 2018). Other contributors will include CEOs of entrepreneurial companies and other stakeholders with interests in the city of tomorrow to illustrate what is already happening and what the future might look like in the 2020s. McKinsey’s introduction will provide the broader context, but to give the subsequent discussion more depth in the time available, the focus will be mainly on the mobility side of city life.

  • Grand Ballroom
    General Networking Lunch
  • Sky Ballroom 2
    Women in Cleantech & Sustainability Lunch

    During the lunch break, there will be an informal women in cleantech and sustainability networking meet-up. The speakers will discuss showing leadership in navigating the cleantech and sustainability landscape with changing policies, business models and technologies.  The speakers will also share their views on how we can each do our part to reduce carbon footprint and manage climate change.  The speakers will address how women can be encouraged to join and take leadership positions in the cleantech and sustainability industry.  All female guests are invited, male guests are welcomed too.

  • Grand Ballroom
    Lunch Keynote: Water, Waste and Disruptive Technologies in Conservative Industries

    We are honored to welcome to Cleantech Forum Asia, Dr. Andrew Benedek, a true cleantech pioneer. Dr. Benedek was the founder of Zenon, acquired by GE in 2006, which under his leadership pioneered submersible membranes that became the key technology for water reuse throughout the world. For such, in 2008 he was chosen as the inaugural recipient of the Lee Kwan Yew Water Prize, one of the most prestigious prizes in the world for contributions to solving water problems.

    These days, he is spearheading a new mission, namely to disrupt the solid waste industry and chart a circular future, by proving out that wastewater solids and other organic wastes can be converted at competitive pricing, to things of value, such as energy, fertilizer and pure water.

    Read more

    Andrew will participate in our waste to value thematic afternoon to follow, but ahead of that, we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to welcome him as our lunchtime keynote so that everyone has a chance to hear his story and views on what’s next, before we break back into parallel tracks.

    Dr. Benedek will be introduced by Dr. Helge Daebel, Emerald Technology Ventures, who will provide some opening thoughts on the water venturing and innovation landscape.

  • Transition Break
  • Sky Ballroom 2
    Digital Technologies: Their potential influence on next generation energy

    To better dive into the digital future of energy, we will split this block in three parts:

    First, we will hear from two utility and energy executives on how digital technologies are transforming their business.

    Second, we will be joined by three top innovators to look at how blockchain technology is impacting the fields of energy and mobility and enabling a more sustainable future in the region. Since we started covering the field 3 years ago, the ecosystem has grown significantly, with 170+ startups having raised more than a billion dollars of financing. Asia Pacific is a hot spot of blockchain innovation, the second globally after Europe, fostered by keen governments and large corporates. In this favorable context, we will look at how blockchain is being applied in the region, what are opportunities, and barriers to adoption.

    Read more

    In part three, three other innovators will take the stage to help us understand how artificial intelligence is becoming a critical part of next generation energy and industrial systems. With more data being captured in the energy value chain and on the manufacturing line, the potential for optimization and prediction through AI algorithms is significant. This session will aim to take a closer look at specific use cases along these value chains and try to uncover where it is best applied and what challenges remain to get to wider adoption.

  • Sky Ballroom 3
    PART 1 Waste to Value: In search of the circular economy  

    Following the pattern of our other thematic afternoons, the time-block with be split in two.

    In part one, we will set the scene through a panel discussion of different experts and perspectives, providing their viewpoints on the circular economy in the context of Southeast Asia – why it is needed, how it is or is not already happening, and viewpoints on areas of the economy where it might develop first or fastest, areas where there are fundamental blockages, initiatives that are underway, etc.

  • Sky Ballroom 3
    PART 2 Waste to Value: In search of the circular economy  

    In the second part we will provide a thematic innovation company showcase. CEOs of some leading emergent innovation companies with waste to value solutions, which they believe are relevant to this region and beyond, will share what they are doing and give us their experience and viewpoints.

  • Networking Break
  • Grand Ballroom
    Investment Models and Mandates: Leveraging the best of the best into the most impactful actions

    After two days of listening and hearing from many emerging and disruptive solution providers, the challenge of getting “it” done remains. Existing models and financial instruments are not all fit for purpose when it comes to accelerating the necessary transitions of the energy and industrial worlds.

    Our closing plenary session will wrap Cleantech Forum Asia with a panel of people who are indeed trying to get such solutions to market, proving out that returns can be made, that the Sustainable Development Goals are a business opportunity, and that impact does not have to be concessionary and philanthropic. Let’s hear their reflections on where now and what next.

  • Closing Reception


Here’s our guide for planning your trip to Singapore:

Forum Venue – the Forum will be held at the PARKROYAL Hotel on Beach Road

Hotel Accommodations – see below guidance on how to book your reservation at our venue hotel

Explore Singapore – enjoy your time exploring the Garden City and take part in additional activities

Forum Venue & Hotel

Cleantech Forum Asia will be headquartered at the PARKROYAL Hotel on Beach Road, located in the city center of downtown Singapore. An urban retreat with well-appointed guest rooms and suites, PARKROYAL on Beach Road is located close to the finest downtown attractions and provides easy access to the city’s most important business hubs.

We encourage you to book at the hotel using our special Cleantech Group delegate rate of SGD 240.00 per night (USD 180 per night). Our hotel block deadline is Friday, November 2nd, or until rooms run out. Available room nights for this rate are between November 10-16, 2018, with limited availability the nights of November 10-11 and November 14-15.



PARKROYAL Hotel | 7500 Beach Road | Singapore 199591

Explore Singapore

Arriving early to Cleantech Forum Asia, or extending your trip after the event? Here’s a brief guide to some activities and places to explore in the Lion City.

Cultural Activities

Deepavali (“Diwali”) on November 6th: If you are arriving a week early to Singapore, you will have a chance to experience Deepavali (also known as Diwali), the annual Hindu celebration of the triumph of light over darkness.

As one of the major cultural festivals in Singapore, the Festival of Lights is a celebration to mark the triumph of good over evil. Thousands of Hindu families in the city transform their homes into beacons of light, exchange gifts, share feasts and perform pooja (prayers) to deities such as Lakshmi, the goddess of fertility and prosperity.

Learn more about the festival and associated activities here.

Haji Lane & Arab Street (the Muslim Quarter): Just a 5-minute walk from our venue hotel, PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Haji Lane & Arab Street retain much of its rich cultural heritage of the Middle East, with many shops still run by traditional Muslim families selling fabrics, rugs and jewels. Enjoy the views of quaint, traditional shop houses and the proximity to delicious ethnic restaurants.

Outdoor Activities

Gardens by the Bay: Explore these waterfront gardens on reclaimed land, including the ‘Supertrees’ that inspired our event artwork for the Forum! These tree-shaped vertical gardens are between 9-16 storeys tall. Walk on the suspended walkway between two Supertrees, and in the evening, catch the sky show of choreographed lights and sounds at the Garden Rhapsody amidst the Supertrees.

And don’t miss out on the Cloud Forest, which features a 35-meter tall mountain and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

Museums & Entertainment

ArtScience Museum: Located within the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort, the lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum is an architectural must-see (along with the Marina Bay Sands Resort itself, of course!). Explore the exhibits on the intersection of art and science

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark: The iconic three-towered building with one of the largest cantilevers on top is impossible to miss across the Singapore skyline. Take a trip up to the SkyPark and enjoy the views from the Observation Deck or even take a swim in the infinity pool, 57 levels up! Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay: Known as the “Durian” because of its shape similar to that of the fruit, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, is host to an incredible range of world-class performances and events, across the genres of music, dance, theatre, visual arts and more. Check out the Esplanade’s website to see what’s on during your time in Singapore.


Singapore is a foodie’s heaven, with a wide mix of choices and cuisines. Our venue hotel is located in the Kampong Glam district of Singapore, which is known for its mix of traditional heritage dining options as well as modern cafes.

Top of the must-visits is Singapore Zam Zam, an Indian Muslim restaurant that has been open since 1908. This family-run business specializes in briyani (an Indian spiced rice dish with meat or vegetables).

You can check out this quick guide to the neighborhood for options that will be within walking distance of PARKROYAL Hotel on Beach Road.

Want to experience the Michelin-starred Singapore hawker fare? Take a trip to the Newton Centre, the late-night market that boasts a couple vendors who have the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred food. Check out a local guide here.



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