After our successful inaugural Cleantech Forum Asia in November 2019, we were excited to return to Singapore with our 2nd annual Cleantech Forum Asia on 8-9 October 2019.

In Pursuit of Net Zero

Cleantech Forum Asia brings you easy access to start-ups, scale-ups, investors and multinationals from across the region and the world. Not only will you meet the future of Asia’s sustainable innovation ecosystem, but you’ll also discover the global connections that will fuel your next opportunities wherever you live and work. It’s two days of insights into sustainable innovation with the power to deliver a net zero future.

Network globally

Connect with the people who can take you in a new direction. From investors to corporates to the latest generation of start-ups, you’ll have opportunities to complete a new deal, assess the latest technology and find the best avenues for progress.

Learn from research-driven sessions

Get insights into critical topics like the potential for hydrogen across Asia, the future of food, sustainable real estate, evolving smart cities and more. You can choose from interactive sessions, presentations and international Innovation Company Showcases.

Meet the thinkers driving change

Whether you’re interested in energy and mobility or your focus extends to water and recycling or preparing your company to enter the Asian market, our speakers offer the latest insights into the ideas that are defining the future of clean technology.


2019 Theme: In Pursuit of Net Zero

For our second Cleantech Forum Asia, we are hard at work on featuring key innovation themes related to both the future of major industries and to innovation and investment trends. This year, we will have two main tracks: the Energy, Power & Transportation track and the Resources & Environment track.

Throughout the Forum, we will also run innovation showcases. In total, the Forum will provide opportunities for more than 30 innovative companies to present themselves to our delegates – a mix of local, regional and global entrepreneurial companies. See our growing list of participating innovation companies. In addition, the 2019 APAC 25 was released and some of the companies will be with us at the forum in October.

Featured speakers

October 8, 2019

denotes Moderator
  • Ballroom Foyer
    Registration & Welcome Coffee
  • Ballroom 1 & 2
    In Pursuit of Net Zero: Welcome to the 2019 Cleantech Forum Asia

    Cleantech Group is delighted to open its 46th international Cleantech Forum since 2003, its seventh in Asia, and its second in Singapore.

  • Ballroom 1 & 2
    Welcome to Singapore: Plans for Net Zero

    As part of some welcome words, we will hear about Singapore’s plans for net zero.

  • Ballroom 1 & 2
    Third Way Investing: The intersects of impact and cleantech investment interests

    As cleantech entrepreneurs and investors, Cleantech Forum participants are typically motivated to do well by doing good and to prosper financially from having impact on some of the world’s sustainability challenges. As our opening keynote speaker, Durreen Shahnaz will talk to her mission with the Impact Investment Exchange and her view that the solutions to some of the world’s thorniest problems won’t be found in the world of pure capitalism or pure philanthropy.

    She will provide us with her views on the potential promise of a third way, exploring how capitalism and philanthropy can mesh together to produce results, and how cleantech and impact investors could and should be doing more together. Is net zero achievable without historically unusual collaborations?

  • Ballroom 1 & 2
    BP Ventures and Asia

    Our global partner, BP Ventures, will welcome all to the Forum with the quick low-down on why BP Ventures is now active again in Asia, what their investment interests are, and who they’d like to connect with at the Forum and beyond.

  • Ballroom 1 & 2
    The Future is Asian

    Dr. Parag Khanna, our second keynote speaker, will share some of the key perspectives of his latest book, The Future is Asian, in which he argues that there is a very clear resurgence of the entire Asia mega-region on the world stage (not just China) and that the ‘Asianization’ of Asia will lead to greater economic, political and social coherence across the region.

    It is critical for us all to appreciate these rapidly developing shifts in geopolitics and economics and to adjust our own strategies accordingly in order to accelerate the transformation of global industries toward a more digitized, decarbonized and resource-efficient future. In that spirit, we are delighted to welcome Parag to his first Cleantech Forum and to offer a signed copy of his book to those who are with us for his talk.

  • Ballroom 1 & 2
    In Pursuit of Net Zero: Connecting You to the Innovation Companies

    As part of getting you set for the next two days, Cleantech Group will brief you on connecting with the 60+ innovation companies at the Forum whose solutions could contribute to the pursuit of net zero. And we will introduce you to the two long-distance company delegations – one from Canada and one from Rotterdam (in the Netherlands) – and to NTU’s EcoLabs, a “landing pad” for foreign start-ups coming to Singapore.

  • Ballroom 1 & 2
    In Pursuit of Net Zero: A Corporate “We Can Do This” Viewpoint

    Another of our global partners, ENGIE, set up an APAC Factory in Singapore 12 months ago, as part of its pursuit of its own net zero goals. The Factory’s MD will provide you some viewpoints on what it might take and from whom to break systemic logjams to create some momentum and set us on paths towards net zero.

  • Ballroom 1 & 2
    In Pursuit of Net Zero: Investment Perspectives

    We will complete our opening of 2019 Cleantech Forum Asia with some viewpoints on key innovation and investment trends to watch out for both regionally and globally, some observations on the growth of cleantech in Asia, and some examples of what the global pursuit of net zero by 2050 might mean in an Asian context.

  • Ballroom Foyer
    Networking Break
    Ballroom 3
    Innovation Showcase 1: Meet International Innovation Companies Looking for Capital & Partners

    In this Innovation Showcase, we will feature companies who believe they have a solution of interest to Southeast Asia, and the wider APAC region beyond.

    You will be presented a CO2-recycling technology to produce cheaper and greener concrete, a leading solid-state cooling company, a solution to increase the fuel efficiency of engines and generators (gensets), and a zero-emissions advanced hyperloop transportation technology.

    Ballroom 4
    Innovation Showcase 2: Meet International Innovation Companies Looking for Capital & Partners

    In this Innovation Showcase, we will feature companies who believe they have a solution of interest to Southeast Asia, and the wider APAC region beyond. Environmental protection is at the core of this showcase.

    You will be presented tree-seedling propagation solutions for enhancing reforestation, habitat restoration, and agriculture; an environmental analytics platform enabling companies to estimate their environmental impact; a company developing air pollution control technologies, and one with smart machine-monitoring technologies to reduce downtime.

  • Ballroom Foyer
    Networking Lunch

    Consider joining our lunch discussion on Diversity & Inclusivity in Venturing, or just enjoy some re-charge and networking time.

  • Amber Room
    A Next Generation Venturing & Leadership Lunch: The Challenges and Opportunities of Diversity and Inclusivity

    Over the past year, in all its international Forums, Cleantech Group has spent some time on the subject of next generation venturing and innovation leadership, and on how business models and practices might need to evolve to remain “fit for purpose” for the 21st century. In particular, the focus has been on the diversity and inclusivity of both investors and venture capital firms, and the entrepreneurial teams they finance (where that should be understood in the broadest sense to cover gender, ethnicity, educational background, age, values, etc.).

    And so we are delighted to co-host this lunch discussion with the High Commission of Canada to Singapore. Canada has shown leadership in this area through its Women in Cleantech Challenge, for example. You will hear a mix of perspectives, from Canada, Southeast Asia and beyond, on why and how our ecosystem not only could be doing more but should be doing more. We will look at this through the lens of investors and entrepreneurs building international tech companies in the 2020s, fit to attract the capital and talent of the future. And we will also look at the role and importance of the representation of women in the climate/sustainability crisis, and at investment approaches with a gender lens.

    Co-hosted by: The High Commission of Canada to Singapore

  • Ballroom 3
    Hydrogen: Re-imagining its Role in the Asian Economy  

    As the world reawakens to hydrogen, governments and investors across Asia are increasingly turning to hydrogen as a long-term alternative to fossil fuels. Once solely considered an industrial feedstock, green hydrogen is now being seriously considered as a key component for the region’s decarbonization efforts. With the Hydrogen Council predicting a $2.5 trillion market size by 2050, the opportunity in Asia is evident. This session will explore what opportunities exist across the value chain, and where in Asia the early signs of disruption are occurring.

    Co-hosted by: BP Ventures

  • Ballroom 4
    The Future of Waste in Asia (Part 1)

    Our Resources & Environment Track will kick off with the first of 3 mini-summits, this one focused on the waste challenges of the region and the pursuit of zero waste and the circular economy in Asia. From regulatory change to increasing corporate engagement to start-up innovation, opportunities are emerging to drive the region towards a more circular and less wasteful future.

    In this mini-summit format, in part 1 we will set the stage and the market context, and in parts 2 and 3, we will showcase some solution providers in the shape of leading waste management start-ups.

    Read more

    In this part 1, our speakers will provide us a good grounding in the market challenges and opportunities, from their different and hands-on experiences of managing waste streams in Asia, and/or of working to get particular technology solutions adopted in the marketplace. Plastic and e-waste will be among the main waste streams discussed, albeit not exclusively.

    This session may not last the full 90 minutes; it will be the moderator’s call on the day whether to break a few minutes earlier.

  • Ballroom Foyer
    Networking Break
  • Ballroom 3
    Accelerating Sustainable Real Estate

    The cities of the world, with the buildings and infrastructure that comprise them, account for a significant portion of global emissions. Real estate in particular uses more energy than any other sector, consuming over 40% of global energy annually. This session will explore what technologies and business models could play a role in not only Singapore’s commercial buildings, but the region more broadly.

    Ballroom 4
    The Future of Waste in Asia (Part 2): A Waste to Energy Innovation Showcase

    After setting the market context in part 1, we will showcase some “waste to energy” innovators from across the globe in the second part of the Future of Waste mini-summit.

  • Transition Break
  • Ballroom 3
    Workshop: Grid Modernization Made Easier: Practical Digitalization Strategies to Achieve Full-Scale Electrification

    Utilities are at the center of a major evolution affecting the entire electricity system. From trying to help establish streamlined access to electricity using distributed energy resources to electrifying transportation networks and supporting the mass adoption of electric vehicles, there is a lot to plan for – with many uncertainties around the impacts these efforts will have on existing infrastructure. How much will this cost? How much clean generation can be accommodated and where do we locate these resources to get the most value without affecting the reliability of distribution networks?

    Digital solutions offer collaborative environments to encourage all stakeholders to put forward the best plans to build the electricity grid of the future. During this workshop, various use cases will be presented for software-based integrated planning with references to real projects that prove grid modernization is much more feasible than we think.

    This workshop is developed and hosted by: Opus One Solutions

    Ballroom 4
    The Future of Waste in Asia (Part 3): A Waste to Value Innovation Showcase

    We will showcase some leading “waste to value” innovators from across the globe in the third and final part of the Future of Waste mini-summit. Companies featured in this session will have solutions that convert a range of waste streams (e.g. food, electronics, industrial solid waste) into products of value (e.g. bioplastics, building products, metals, etc.).

  • Transition Break
  • Ballroom 1 & 2
    The 2019 APAC 25: Let’s celebrate and meet leading sustainable innovation companies in the Asia Pacific Region (PART 1)

    Across two sessions, one this evening and the opening tomorrow morning, Cleantech Group will introduce you to the 2019 APAC 25. This latest edition was released on September 4th, highlighting  25 leading sustainable innovation companies from across the region and across the different industrial spheres.

    Ahead of the reception, we will meet all those present and officially recognize their achievement. We will take a group photo and we will have a chance to meet and hear from a few of the companies this evening and more tomorrow morning. A few others are presenting within thematic showcase sessions across the Forum agenda.

    The 2019 APAC 25 program has been made possible by the kind support of Enterprise Singapore and the Asian Development Bank.

  • Ballroom Foyer
    The APAC 25 Reception

    Our evening celebration of the 2019 APAC 25 will continue with an informal reception in the networking area, your chance to carry on the conversation with those companies of most interest to you.

October 9, 2019

denotes Moderator
  • Breakfast at Hotels (or home)
  • Ballroom Foyer
    Registration & Welcome Coffee
  • Ballroom 1 & 2
    The 2019 APAC 25: Let’s celebrate and meet leading sustainable innovation companies in the Asia Pacific Region (PART 2)

    Following on from yesterday evening, Cleantech Group will finish introducing you to some of the 2019 APAC 25 companies present at the event.

    The 2019 APAC 25 program has been made possible by the kind support of Enterprise Singapore and the Asian Development Bank.

  • Transition Break
    Ballroom 3
    Innovation Showcase 3: Meet International Innovation Companies Looking for Capital & Partners

    In this Innovation Showcase, we will feature more companies who believe they have a solution of interest to Southeast Asia, and the wider APAC region beyond.

    You will be presented a trading platform for commodities (e.g. rare earth metals) of the future industrial and sustainable economy, low-temperature hydrogen fuel cells, lightweight, high-strength cylinders to be used for weight-sensitive energy and hydrogen and fuel storage, and coatings for cool roofs and to enable energy savings in Asian buildings/cities.

  • Ballroom 4
    The Future of Water in Asia (Part 1)

    Our Resources & Environment Track will resume with the second of 3 mini-summits, this one focused on the water challenges of the region. Water scarcity and efficient usage has become an important challenge for the Asia Pacific region caused by industrial growth, increasing agricultural production and rapid urbanization. But with these risks come opportunities.

    This mini-summit will provide insight into the trends and dynamics in water-related innovation and investment, both globally and in the APAC region, through a combination of perspectives from investors, corporations, government agencies and other experts from Singapore, Southeast Asia and China.

    This session has been developed with the advice and input of Emerald Technology Ventures and Imagine H2O Asia.

  • Ballroom Foyer
    Networking Break
    Ballroom 3
    Peering into the Future of Mobility in the Region: An Innovation Showcase

    Billions of venture dollars have been invested into companies around the world over the last 2-3 years, proving immediately impactful in some cases, more experimental in others. All are motivated to take advantage of the huge shift required if transportation is serious about being a contributor to a net-zero future. This session will showcase a range of APAC companies developing next-gen solutions for Asia’s mobility challenges.

    Ballroom 4
    The Future of Water in Asia (Part 2): An Innovation Showcase

    After setting the market context in Part 1, in the second part of our Future of Water mini-summit, we will showcase a number of companies with water-related solutions. From osmosis-based wastewater treatment to software-based solutions, in this session you will have access to companies looking to solve some of the most pressing industrial and commercial water-related challenges to safeguard our shared future.

    This session has been developed with the advice and input of Emerald Technology Ventures and Imagine H2O Asia.

  • Ballroom Foyer
    Networking Lunch

    Consider joining our lunch discussion on How To Localize Innovations for an Asian Context, or just enjoy some re-charge and networking time.

  • Amber Room
    How To Localize Innovations for an Asian Context

    A key premise of this Forum is that there is opportunity for Asian corporations and partners to work with foreign solution providers to address key sustainability challenges in the region. This Forum is motivated to bring the two together and to catalyze such opportunity. For that to happen and for it to work, there is much for both sides to learn about why such technology and their business models need to be localized and cannot be a straight export.

    This educational session is designed to help foreign technology companies gain insights into how foreign technology is viewed by Asia-based corporations, and indeed, how they think, act and contract. The session will be full of case studies of successes and failures as part of the learning!

    This session has been developed with the advice and input of Idinvest Partners.

  • Ballroom 3
    Batteries: What’s Hype and What’s Opportunity?

    Lithium-ion batteries have seen a ten-fold drop in costs over the past decade, paving the way for development of decentralised energy systems for self-generation and mobility. Some sources believe that by 2028 lithium-ion costs will drop 450% from 2016 levels while other storage technologies are emerging in the market. But where are the real cost savings going to come from – technology or overall system design and business models? Can the supply chain exist with its reliance on cobalt and other rare earth metals? This session will explore some of these questions, highlighting innovations that could have an impact.

    Session developed and co-hosted by: EnRupt

  • Ballroom 4
    The Future of Food: Innovation in the Protein Industry

    Our Resources & Environment Track will conclude with two sessions focused on the future of food in Asia. In this first session we will hear from leading innovators, investors and corporates working to reduce the environmental impact of an increasingly protein-rich diet. Plant-based products that resemble traditional meat are the start, but the future will also draw on cell-based clean meats. Our panelists will explore the challenges and opportunities of scaling production and changing consumer preferences, and discuss what strategies and partnerships are required to create a safe supply of plentiful, environmental and nutritious protein.

  • Transition Break
  • Ballroom 3
    Power to the People: Checking in on Energy Access in Asia

    Across the world, around 1.3 billion people still have no access to electricity, due to the unreliability of existing grid’s, or due to grid extension being impractical. Across Asia, there are numerous innovators looking to take the challenge head on, targeting areas such as Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia where the problem is most apparent. This session will revisit a subject we did a deep dive on at the 2018 Forum to highlight who and what has changed and progressed, and to hear from some of the most exciting companies across the region.

  • Ballroom 4
    The Future of Fish: Digital Tools for Aquaculture

    Our Resources & Environment Track concludes with a second session focused on the future of food in Asia – this one on aquaculture. With news of misreported data and unaccountable mortality rates, digital tools are increasingly used to understand what is happening below the surface. This panel will explore what is being done to increase the flow of data to improve fish farming practices, increase transparency, and reduce inefficiencies in farm inputs and processes. The panel will analyze the diverse challenges that exist between large scale off-shore salmon farms and small scale on-shore shrimp ponds, and explain how digital tools are helping to improve practices across the value chain.

  • Ballroom Foyer
    Networking Break & Impossible Foods Tasting

    During this break, we will have a specially tailored tasting of Impossible Foods’ plant-based beef/burger product.

    Sponsored by: Impossible Foods

  • Ballroom 1 & 2
    The Round-up: So What Did the Investors Take Away from Cleantech Forum Asia 2019?

    Whether on- or off-stage, some investors, financial and strategics will be asked to provide some color commentary on what they have taken away from the Forum, and what has surprised them. Some, if not all of these investors, will have been an Investor Reviewer in one of the innovation showcases.

    Turn off your phone, pull up your chair and join the conversation. This kind of format was trialed successfully at our previous Cleantech Forum Europe in May and we thought to try it out again in a different context. We are after an open, informal, provocative and interactive end to our 2019 Cleantech Forum Asia.

  • Ballroom Foyer
    Closing Reception

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And don’t miss out on the Cloud Forest, which features a 35-meter tall mountain and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

Museums & Entertainment

ArtScience Museum: Located within the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort, the lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum is an architectural must-see (along with the Marina Bay Sands Resort itself, of course!). Explore the exhibits on the intersection of art and science

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark: The iconic three-towered building with one of the largest cantilevers on top is impossible to miss across the Singapore skyline. Take a trip up to the SkyPark and enjoy the views from the Observation Deck or even take a swim in the infinity pool, 57 levels up!

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