Now in its 14th year, Cleantech Forum Europe 2018 will once again be a unique and special occasion as Antwerp becomes the 13th different city to host this innovation event – mark your calendars for May 14-16, 2018!

This annual gathering of the European innovation community offers a wide-ranging, three-day program along with exclusive opportunities to network, learn, and get deals done. Since 2002, Cleantech Group has brought together clean technology’s most influential leaders – corporate executives, start-up and growth company CEOs, investors, government agencies, and other players – from across all areas of resource innovation, from the major industrial verticals, and from across the globe.

What You’ll Experience

Our Cleantech Forums give you a glimpse of the future, get you out of your everyday silos, provide a different perspective, and help you find innovations of relevance to you that are in adjacent or altogether different industrial and technology areas. We convene the game-changers from multiple sectors all in one place for three days, from 25+ countries, and from over 100 cities worldwide. Our 16-year history of Cleantech Forums speaks to the importance of our events in getting deals done (or started), and the feedback we receive from attendees each year highlights the unique opportunities found at our Forums.

Haven’t experienced a Cleantech Forum? Learn more about it here.

Who Attends

You can expect to meet high-level corporate and investor representatives, entrepreneurs and disruptive start-ups, and other innovation leaders from 25+ countries, 5 continents, and from across many different sectors and industries.

Attendee numbers are consistently in the 375-425 range. Each is motivated to see today’s ‘state of the art’ in sustainable innovation and to gain insights on tomorrow.

Entrepreneurs: The start-ups and innovators on the front lines of sustainable innovation.

Corporates: Representatives from today’s leading corporate open innovation and venturing programs – those funding, incubating and partnering with innovation for strategic as well as financial return.

Financial Investors: Representatives from leading financial firms – venture and growth capital firms, along with some angels and family offices looking to make a sustainable impact and financial return.

Innovation Leaders: The ecosystem is completed with the presence of public sector officials and programs specialized in helping cleantech and resource innovation, and by lawyers and bankers, thinkers and innovation visionaries.

Check out a sampling of who typically attends our Forum here.


Next-Gen Industries and Future Industrial Hubs: Decentralized, Decarbonized and Digitalized

Over more than 15 years, Cleantech Group (CTG) has been charting the future of industries, with a focus on how sustainable innovation companies will shape such futures.

Cleantech Forums, run by CTG since 2002 in San Francisco and since 2005 in Europe, have showcased both the trends to watch out for and the innovation and the entrepreneurs that illustrate these, and have connected countless international partnerships and cross-border investment deals along the way.

Innovation on show at these Forums is all-pervasive, and looks well beyond enabling technology: business models, who works with who, the latest on the finance and investment scene, as well as the brightest rising start-ups and growth-stage entrepreneurial companies.

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Why Antwerp?

This year’s Cleantech Forum Europe will be held in Antwerp, Belgium, home to Europe’s largest chemical hub and the world’s most tightly concentrated petrochemical hub, and also home to Europe’s second largest port and a key continental logistics hub.

As such, the Forum in Antwerp will provide us unique angles from which to enhance and enrich our views on how industry will develop in the 21st century and to learn from the experiences of SMEs and large corporations established in this region.

  • Learn from leading innovative thinking in action. Having researched and developed numerous groundbreaking ideas to make products and processes more sustainable, these companies have successfully transformed many of these concepts into off-the-shelf products and services. And in doing so, they have set in motion a process to further decentralize and decarbonize the entire industry hub.
  • Explore opportunities and identify partnerships to accelerate your global growth plans and to lock in competitive advantage. Pioneering regions such as Antwerp are learning arenas for building the industry of the future, and thrive on cooperation and interaction with other regions. The 2018 Forum, therefore, presents an excellent opportunity to explore new partnerships that impact the competitive advantage of your company or your region. We will illustrate the power of international innovation partnerships via case studies of some tie-ups between some of our Global Cleantech 100 companies and large, well-established multi-national companies in the region.

What to expect from the 2018 Forum’s program?

The 2018 Cleantech Forum Europe is being built around the idea of what it means and takes to make industries and industrial hubs more decentralized, decarbonized, and digitally-enabled.

Across our keynotes, panels, company pitches, and interactive workshops, we will be exploring many angles on this central idea. Here is some of what you should expect:

  • Leveraging the real-life experiences and knowledge available in the Antwerp chemical hub to underpin 21st century industrial transformations, you should expect a significant focus on novel concepts regarding renewable feedstock, sustainable chemistry, and chemicals-as-a-service. Processes to bring materials into a never-ending loop are but one example of contributing to decarbonization of the industry and the so called circular economy. New concepts such as chemical leasing and Carbon to Value (C2V) exemplify the potential for the industry.
  • What better place to examine the future of logistics, and innovations impacting the movement of goods, than in Antwerp?

Beyond these, this is our Europe Forum, and so attendees should also expect our Forum to provide what it always does, irrespective of each year’s location. Join us for:

  • An annual check-in on the future of the power industry, and some of the latest goings-on there, as the worlds of electricity & transportation converge
  • Significant focus on Industry 4.0 and examples of the intersect of digital technologies with industry, and manufacturing – 3D printing, AI and blockchain are all likely to feature
  • Some new subjects, in tune with our times – for example, expect some focus on the crossovers with Health & Ageing
  • The latest on the finance and investment scene – the trends, the new players, the new models and latest thinking
  • The showcasing of some of the brightest rising startup and growth-stage entrepreneurial companies, both locally and from across Europe and beyond

Featured speakers

May 14, 2018

denotes Moderator
  • Registration Area (Entrance)
    Early Registration

    Early check-in to Cleantech Forum Europe for exhibitors and those attending tours or pre-meetings.

  • Meeting Point (Registration Area)
    Cleantech Tours of Antwerp Options: 1) Antwerp's Chemical Hub or 2) Land Rehabilitation

    For the 10th year running, Cleantech Forum Europe is seeking to offer a pre-Forum opportunity forum delegates to see some of the cleantech sights of our host city/area. This year we are offering two tours (full details here):

    Read more

    1. Antwerp’s Next Generation Chemical Hub (11:00 – 4:30):

    A visit to the iconic Port House building and key chemical sites within the Port Area.

    Marc Van Peel, President of Antwerp Port Authority, Port Alderman, Vice Mayor of the City of Antwerp will kick off the tour at the Port House with some welcoming words and an introduction to Europe’s largest cluster (no. 2 in the world).

    After the the introduction, participants will have the option to choose between touring the Left or Right bank of the Port.

    2. Blue Gate Antwerp & Next Generation Land Rehabilitation (1:00 – 4:30):

    Blue Gate Antwerp is a site under development aiming to become a world class business park for innovative and sustainable companies. This tour will visit the site and also take a look at the cutting edge technologies and processes being used to remediate the land from its heavy industrial past

    See full details and itineraries here.

    There are only a few spots left! Reserving a place can be done when registering online for the Forum or through emailing forums@cleantech.com

  • Marble Hall
    Invite-Only Investor Roundtables

    Following the success of the investor roundtables of 2017 in Helsinki, Cleantech Group (CTG) is pleased to once again offer an invite-only, interactive afternoon program for investors. It provides the opportunity for approximately 50 investors, corporate and financial, to participate in interactive and informal roundtable discussions with other investors.

    The full agenda can be seen here.

    This will be an invite-only afternoon session for investors only. A maximum of 50 investor seats will be made available, with priority given to Cleantech Group clients. Places will be allocated on a rolling basis, so those registering late will be at a disadvantage. If you wish to request an invitation, please inquire through forums@cleantech.com

  • Registration Area (Entrance)
    Registration & Opening of the Forum
  • Marble Hall
    Welcome to our 14th Cleantech Forum Europe: Thinking Circular, Thinking Differently, Thinking Next Generation Industries

    In this opening evening session, we will provide you with an introduction to the industrial, innovation and venturing landscape of our host region to give you context for the next two days, and to provide some ideas of players to meet, companies to hear present, as well as insights into some of the unique features and thinking of innovation in this part of the world.

    Our guest speakers will address the innovation needs of the next-gen chemicals industry, what innovations the shipping and ports industries are attracting and why, and what putting in practice the thinking of circularity actually looks like for a company.

  • Atrium
    Welcome Reception

    Co-Hosted by: Indaver and the City and Port of Antwerp

May 15, 2018

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  • Breakfast at Hotels (or Home)
  • Registration Area (Entrance) & Atrium
    Registration & Welcome
  • Marble Hall
    Next-Gen Industries and Future Industrial Hubs: Decentralized, Decarbonized and Digitalized

    In the opening morning plenary, Cleantech Group (CTG) will provide its perspective on the lay of the land and some key trends we think you should be paying attention to, with a particular focus on the evolution of specific industries towards their next generation versions and how players within the ecosystem continue to morph and adapt. BP Ventures, a 10+ year-old CVC, will provide such an example, updating us on their revised 2018+ strategic mandate and interest areas.

    ENGIE will provide their perspectives on the future of power generation and mobility, and their interlinked futures. BNP Paribas will speak to the notion of next generation financial services, given the ongoing transitions in the energy and industrial worlds, the mainstreaming of sustainability, and the rise of a new generation of customers with an entirely different set of values from the now retiring baby-boomers.

  • Atrium
    Networking Break
  • Gorilla Rooms 1, 3, 4, 5
    Glimpses of Tomorrow's Future In Action Today: Flemish Flavor, Global Implications

    With your energy levels at their highest, this first programmatic block (11am-12:30pm) consists of a series of single-company, single-speaker workshops, profiling some of the leading innovative thinking in action today in the Flemish region. You have the chance to join 4 of the 8 hosts over this 90-minute session block to maximize your opportunity to get glimpses into the future and to learn from people in action today.

    The format is designed to maximize connections between the audience and session hosts, as each company has two dedicated time-slots of 20 minutes each within the block, giving you a chance to hear from 4 of the 8 hosts. And as AV- and powerpoint-free, the formats are intended to be conversational, informal and interactive.

  • Gorilla Room 1

    Two case studies, one from De Neef Chemical Processsing (DNCP) and one from Derbigum, will open our minds to the benefits of wholly new ways to approach business models in the world of chemicals: solvents-as-a-service and roofing materials-as-a-service.

    Read more

    How to Bring Raw Materials in an Everlasting Cycle Using a Pioneering Chemical-as-a-Service Model
    During the workshop we will discuss a Circular Economy concept pioneered by De Neef Chemical Processing (DNCP) where we collect used solvents from pharmaceutical and chemical industry, purify them via distillation and deliver it back to the customer. DNCP has over 10 years of experience in this domain and we will share the numerous benefits it has for the customer and the environment.

    Making roofs sustainable
    There are over 11.7 billion square meters of roof in the world. Derbigum, a circular economy pioneer, has developed a revolutionary bio-based flat roof membranes and bituminous waterproof roofing systems, developed out of 30% recycled materials, which can be applied to new and green roofs as well as retrofits. Derbigum will talk about this large market and how its technology is poised to make the world’s roof’s sustainable.

  • Gorilla Room 3
    Next-Gen Industry in Action Today

    Two case studies, one from Finindus (in combination with Arcelor Mittal) and one from Exypnos, will share their experiences of the convergence of Industry 4.0 and cleantech.

    Read more

    Digitization in the (steel) industry
    Finindus is an investment company funded by the Flemish region and ArcelorMittal. Over recent years Finindus has broadened its investment scope to include also digital technologies applicable to manufacturing environments. Hans Maenhout, Investment Director, will illustrate where Finindus sees investment opportunities within the area of industrial digitization. He will also outline how some of Finindus’ portfolio companies embrace digitization to gain a competitive edge.

    Mr Pinakin Chaubal, General Manager of ArcelorMittal Global R&D with a world-wide responsibility for Industrial Processes R&D Programs, will share some of his experiences with implementing Industry 4.0 initiatives and he will outline a few key opportunities he sees for digital entrepreneurs to connect with ArcelorMittal.

    New manufacturing and process innovations enabling smart features and a better bottom line
    Exypnos has developed an innovative solution for manufacturers in the mobility, energy and construction industry where glass is an important component in the production process in combination with other materials. In this workshop, Exypnos will showcase how its innovation not only helps them reduce energy costs and simplify their manufacturing processes, but also enables them to add new smart and connected features into glass products which were previously not possible.

  • Gorilla Room 4
    Circular Economy in Action Today

    Two case studies, one from Indaver and one from ISVAG, will tell us about their circular business model.

    Read more

    Indaver, Molecule Manager in the Circular Economy
    Indaver Molecule Management focuses on projects that seek to recover “fractions” from (hazardous) residual waste streams of industrial processes. This approach results in recovering iodine, precious metals, rare earth metals and on a much larger scale hydrochloric acid from industrial waste. With its latest project, Indaver aims to recover chemical feedstock from difficult-to-recycle plastics.

    Developing a pioneering waste-to-energy plant
    In this workshop managing director Kristel Moulaert will provide insight about ISVAG, the Antwerp-based intermunicipal cooperation that converts the non-recyclable household waste of more than 1 million inhabitants into sustainable energy. No matter how well we sort and recycle, a non-recyclable fraction will still need to be processed. Therefore, ISVAG are now building a new state-of-the-art waste-to-energy plant in Antwerp. After years of research, study and expert consultation, ISVAG concluded that a grate incinerator with extensive flue gas cleaning and maximum energy recovery (electricity, heat and hydrogen) will be the best solution from a reliability, ecological, economic, technological and logistical perspective to process heterogeneous non-recyclable household waste. In this workshop, Kristel will discuss the different considerations and aspects that have led to the decision to build this pioneering waste-to-energy plant.


  • Gorilla Room 5
    Bringing you Green Chemistry Today

    Two case studies, one from Harsonic and one from Oleon, will talk to us about the “natural” in their approach to chemical problems.

    Read more

    Sustainable alternatives for chemical disinfection and toxic anti-fouling
    Harsonic has developed an innovative solution to avoid biofilm. The ultrasound-based technology cleans in real-time, 24/7 and avoids clogging of pipelines, cooling-systems, heat-exchangers, filters, strainers, etc. In this workshop, Harsonic will showcase how its innovation helps to reduce maintenance and production costs as well as bacterial contamination. Harsonic is a sustainable alternative for standard chemical disinfection products, such as chloride. Harsonic’s solution is currently used in a number of markets including: maritime to avoid bio-fouling on ship hulls and cooling-systems; industry where companies want to improve their environmental footprint; and drinking water lines in livestock where thanks to the removal of unwanted bacteria, there is a big reduction in anti-biotics use.

    Boosting the sales of renewable chemicals by using green process technologies.
    Renewable chemicals are often more expensive than their equivalents made from fossil feedstocks. In this workshop, Oleon will explore to what extent renewability determines the market value of a chemical, and whether renewable chemicals, made using a sustainable manufacturing process, can add more value in comparison to those made with fossil feedstocks.

  • Atrium
    Networking Lunch

    Enjoy the lunch break and come visit some of the exhibitors in our networking areas.

  • CEO Roundtable Lunch

    Cleantech Group and Chubb are holding a small, invitation-only roundtable for 10-12 CEOs during lunch. The subject will be data security, something we have held 2-3 CEO roundtables on in recent months, with participants all enthused by the peer learnings. Now, with the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica case looking set to run and run and May’s GDPR introduction in Europe, this feels a timely topic. Data security is an issue for every CEO.

    Request an invitation through forums@cleantech.com if you would like to join this discussion.

    Hosted by: Chubb Group of Insurance Companies


  • Sustainable Chemistry
    Gorilla Room 3
    The Pioneers in Biomass and Biotechnology: Where is Bio-based Chemical Innovation Today?

    In the opening session of this 3-part Sustainable Chemistry afternoon track, we will take stock of the current “lay of the land” in bio-based chemical innovation. Companies, endeavoring to penetrate existing markets and/or to create new products fusing the art of chemical engineering, industrial biotech and fundamental (genetic) sciences, will take stock of their experiences to date and look forward to what is ahead.

    This 3-part Sustainable Chemistry half-day track has been co-created with the advice and support of Capricorn Venture Partner

  • Gorilla Room 1
    Blockchain in Energy: The Scale-up Race

    This will be the 3rd year we feature blockchain startups at Cleantech Forum Europe. In this time, the ecosystem has changed radically. On the financing side, traditional venture capital involvement has been dwarfed by the rise of ICOs. Corporates have adopted the consortium model while continuing to push on internal pilots. Innovators themselves have multiplied, and some of them have morphed from startups to crypto-ecosystems. In this context, all efforts are concentrated on scaling up solutions and deployments. Will 2018 be the year of production-scale blockchain in energy?

  • Interaction Track
    Gorilla Room 4
    Next-Gen Space Technologies: Cleantech’s Next Frontier

    In recent years, space-based industry has developed rapidly, offering an opportunity to both investors and startups to capitalize on this emergent value proposition. In this session, we will feature innovators who are looking to outer-space for answers to earth’s most pressing questions. From nanosatellites & earth observation, to asteroid mining and solar sails, we will highlight those at the very cutting edge of the new space industry.

    Read more

    The Interaction Track’s purpose is to offer our guests more subjects and more opportunities to get smart or updated on particular, often niche, subjects – or ones late to the agenda. The format of these sessions is deliberately informal, intimate and interactive. That means smaller rooms (think 20-40 people), with no AV or slide decks. You are here to listen and talk to each other!

  • Transition Break
  • Sustainable Chemistry
    Gorilla Room 3
    From Thermal and Global to Electric and Local: Is the Chemical Industry Set for Radical and Disruptive Change?

    Renewable energy for renewable chemicals, renewable chemicals for renewable energy, electro-catalysis is providing new processing routes. The startup scene is vibrant with life, but will they be ready for the market, and is the market ready for them? Will this bring new players to the market? What are the investment opportunities? This session will shine a light on what are the future application possibilities as electro-driven gas-based chemistry matures.

    This 3-part Sustainable Chemistry half-day track has been co-created with the advice and support of Capricorn Venture Partners

  • Gorilla Room 1
    Innovations for Next Generation Industry: Digital Technologies for the Smart Remediation of Our Planet

    Europe is densely populated and heavily industrialized; therefore, land reclamation and efficiency in terms of using existing assets is becoming increasingly crucial. We foresee a growth market in the “smart” re-use of contaminated land, with the potential to turn multi-million Euro liabilities into value-generating assets, enabled by an anticipated rise in progressive regulation around Europe, by innovative design work with public bodies, and by the ever-improving performance of several emerging precision technologies, including sensors, data processing & analysis, drone surveying, and ‘e-noses.’

    It is easy to see why soil remediation and the measurements of emissions (not just GHGs, but equally noise, odour, dust, discharge to water, etc.) will be growth industries of the 2020’s and beyond. Transparency is a theme of our times.

    DEME Group, a full solutions provider in land reclamation work, will draw on its market experiences, along with some guest speakers, to help bring this growing, but complex, market opportunity alive to us all. Come learn something new. A chance to discover how and where opportunities and risks lie, and for whom.

    Co-Hosted by: DEME Group

  • Interaction Track
    Gorilla Room 4
    Connecting and Caring: The How and the Who of Smart Services to Support an Ageing Society

    Ageing societies are a mega-trend: life expectancy is increasing on average by five hours a day. As we move towards a population that lives longer, has the desire to live better and also more independently, society needs to find ways to accommodate this, and businesses need to consider the opportunity set. In this session, we shall explore emerging tech-enabled ageing services, and their intersection with the smart home. Is this a new area that those supplying services to the home, like utilities, should be focusing on? Come discover why Cleantech Group (CTG) thinks this is a trend many of you should be paying some attention to.

    Read more

    The Interaction Track’s purpose is to offer our guests more subjects and more opportunities to get smart or updated on particular, often niche, subjects – or ones late to the agenda. The format of these sessions is deliberately informal, intimate and interactive. That means smaller rooms (think 20-40 people), with no AV or slide decks. You are here to listen and talk to each other!

  • Atrium
    Networking Break
  • Sustainable Chemistry
    Gorilla Room 3
    Food, Feed and Agriculture: It’s All About Chemistry

    Increasingly, the investment world has pivoted its way to markets that cover different ground than commodities, building blocks and plastics. Will these markets, some more crowded than others, bear the lucrative fruit that they anticipate? Specialists, startups and scale-ups will present their views. What is the investor view on this evolving landscape?

    This 3-part Sustainable Chemistry half-day track has been co-created with the advice and support of Capricorn Venture Partners

  • Gorilla Room 1
    Managing the Ever-Growing Complexity of Distributed Power Assets: Different Models, New Approaches

    In this session, co-developed and co-hosted with GE Ventures, we will assemble a group to provide viewpoints on a race to the future – namely, who can crack the nut on how to effectively manage and orchestrate the ever-growing number of distributed energy resources. We believe new problems require new thinking. We believe it would be an error to view the electrification of power grids and transport networks as just a substitution of one form of power for another, and we see plenty of that mindset still apparent. We believe systemic innovation is at play here which will fundamentally change the landscape, and how value is derived, by whom and for whom. It’s exciting but hard to predict outcomes and timings. We are delighted to provide an annual check-in on some of the latest and provocative thinking around on the subject, via some “outsiders” to the electricity industry.

    Co-Hosted by: GE Ventures

  • Transition Break
  • Marble Hall
    Closing Plenary: The Future is Electric, The Future is Vertical Take-Off

    In the closing plenary of the day, we get the chance to hear from one of the founders of Lilium, the first European company to win the Global Cleantech 100 Early Stage Company of the Year award. Come hear the story of the development of the world’s first electric vertical take-⁠off and landing jet, its maiden voyage, and their vision of the future.

  • The New Palace of Justice
    The 14th Annual Cleantech Forum Europe Reception, Dinner & Awards

    Join us for the 14th Cleantech Forum Europe Dinner & Awards – as ever, a special evening in a special location. There will be drinks on arrival from 7:30pm, followed by an 8:00pm seated dinner – as well as the presentation of the 2018 European Cleantech Awards.

    There are a maximum of 250 places, which can be reserved on a “first come, first served” basis when registering.

May 16, 2018

denotes Moderator
  • Breakfast at Hotels (or Home)
  • Registration Area (Entrance) & Atrium
    Registration & Welcome
  • Marble Hall
    New Funds, New Alliances: A New-look Investor Ecosystem for the 2020s is Taking Shape

    The past 12 months have seen a noticeable uptick in the number of new fund announcements by both pioneers and new players in the space, as well as the arrival of several significant and relevant “billion-dollar” international investment mandates. This is testament to re-invigorated interest in the “doing more with less” theme and cleantech-related subjects, as it becomes almost indisputable in 2018 that significant transitions of the energy and industrial worlds are underway. Investors are evolving their models and refining their investment theses, as well as adapting their ways of working and the alliances they are striking.

    As per the last three years, Wednesday’s program will open with a temperature test on the changing investor landscape and a look at what it means for both investors and next generation innovation companies.

    Co-Hosted by: InnoEnergy

  • Transition Break
  • Marble Hall
    Fusion Energy: Clearing the Path to Commercialization, Identifying the Business Case in the Next-Gen Clean Energy Portfolio

    With the amount of money, energy and talent that the private sector is now pursuing the fusion energy dream, it becomes quite a reasonable bet that human ingenuity will crack the technological challenges. But will it find its place in the future (clean) energy mix? Will fusion arrive in time to play a significant role in the future energy mix, and will the world be ready for it, from a regulatory perspective? What will be the business case for fusion, and the application areas it can address? How will its costs stack up versus the ever-reducing costs profile of solar and wind, and now in combination with storage? Following on from fusion’s debut at a Cleantech Forum Europe last year, where the focus was on 101-style education, this year we wish to push on the discussion into these key commercial questions.

  • Gorilla Room 1
    Innovation Showcase

    We will continue our morning with the first of two showcases, featuring some leading innovation companies, looking to update you on their plans and progress, in search of capital and partners.

    Investor Reviewers:
    Fabrice Bienfait, Partner, ETF Partners
    Matthieu Bonamy, Senior Investment Director, Idinvest Partners

  • Interaction Track
    Gorilla Room 4
    AI and the Future of Energy

    Artificial intelligence is bound to become a critical component for next-generation energy systems. With sensors being deployed throughout the energy value chain and data created from generation assets, transmission infrastructure, and consumers, the potential for optimization and prediction through AI algorithms is significant. This session will aim to take a closer look at specific use cases along this value chain and try to uncover where it is best applied and what challenges remain to get to wider adoption.

    Read more

    The Interaction Track’s purpose is to offer our guests more subjects and more opportunities to get smart or updated on particular, often niche, subjects – or ones late to the agenda. The format of these sessions is deliberately informal, intimate and interactive. That means smaller rooms (think 20-40 people), with no AV or slide decks. You are here to listen and talk to each other!

  • Atrium
    Networking Break
  • Marble Hall
    New Value Chains, New Business Types: Digitalization’s Power to Disrupt and Transform

    In this session, co-developed and co-hosted with BP Ventures, we will showcase new examples of digitalization transforming traditional markets and value chains, as part of our desire to continually challenge our preconceptions and biases about what future industries and their value chains might look like. This trend may have started with the Airbnbs and Ubers, but arguably it is still very early days into the industrial and commercial transformations that digital technologies can enable.

    Read more

    Packaging up solutions, connecting different dots, bringing together new forms of collaborative partnerships, new propositions, underpinned by top notch service, can be offered to customers, offering new and different value streams to a market’s participants. Innovation is so much more than technology.

    Four CEO’s will provide case studies, ranging from Aviation to Plant Operations, from Alternatives to Car Ownership to Waste Management.

    Co-hosted by: BP Ventures

  • Gorilla Room 1
    Innovation Showcase

    We will continue our morning with the second of two showcases, featuring some leading innovation companies, looking to update you on their plans and progress, in search of capital and partners.

    Investor Reviewers:
    Jamie Vollbracht, Director, Cleantech IP Group
    Cédric Mutz, Investment Director, Emerald Technology Ventures
    Martin Kroener, Managing Partner, Munich Venture Parters

  • Atrium
    Networking Lunch

    Enjoy the lunch break and come visit some of the exhibitors in our networking areas.

  • Marble Hall
    The EV Ecosystem: What are the Opportunities for Incumbents and Innovators?

    With electric vehicle fleets growing rapidly and mass adoption around the corner, energy providers, automotive groups and startups alike are competing to capture emerging opportunities. A telling sign is that deal activity has been high in the space, with rising investments, partnerships and acquisitions. But with new business models arising around charging, vehicle-to-grid and financing, the field is still wide open. In this context, who will capture the most value and build a lasting competitive advantage? And how is autonomy changing this emerging picture?

  • Gorilla Room 1
    Emerging Gas Technologies for Lower GHG Emissions

    To achieve deep decarbonization goals at lowest cost, non-electric energy pathways from production to consumer must contribute their share of GHG reduction. For many heating or large transport uses of energy, carbon abatement through all-electric solutions can be substantially more expensive than a mixed approach.  More efficient gas end use technologies, combined with emerging technologies for producing carbon-neutral renewable gas, are expanding the role that gas can play in delivering high customer value and cost-effectively achieving mid-term and long-term COP21 goals.  This panel will highlight technology advancements in both renewable gas production and commercial/transport end uses.

  • Transition Break
  • Marble Hall
    Without a Panel: Exploring New Paradigms of Solar Integration

    Over recent years, we have seen impressive advancements in a few next generation solar technologies, with the potential to create new markets and opportunities for investors and startups. Developments in power conversion efficiency, production cost and durability is driving commercial deployment. This session will highlight some new potential use cases and the investment potential in areas such as building-integrated photovoltaics, solar-assisted electric vehicles, multi-media mobile displays and tandem cells.

  • Marble Hall
    Closing Words
  • Atrium
    Closing Reception


Here’s our guide for planning your trip to Antwerp:

Forum Venue – the Forum will be held at Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp

14th Annual Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony – the Dinner will be held at the New Palace of Justice (max 250 seats available)

Hotel Accommodations – guidance on our special rate hotel at the Hyllit Hotel (now closed)

How to Get to Antwerp / the Venue – some tips for getting to Antwerp, and a special offer from the Lufthansa Group Partner Airlines

Top Tips for a Longer Stay in Antwerp – suggestions for additional activities around the city

Forum Venue

The new Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp combines the best of two worlds. State-of-the-art facilities and technology are integrated in the breathtaking façade of the rooms that have been there for decades.

An international magnet with unique assets, this wonderful location is truly a stunning development, created with sustainable materials and designed to be highly energy efficient.

FMCCA is part of the world’s best kept 19th century zoo, and is located right next to a modern international transport connection housed in 19th century marble splendour.

Koningin Astridplein 20-26 | B-2018 Antwerp | Belgium

14th Annual Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

14th Annual Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony – the Dinner on Tuesday May 15th will be held at the New Palace of Justice (max 250 seats available)

The New Palace of Justice/Antwerp Courthouse, nicknamed “the Butterfly Palace,” is a building in the south of Antwerp, near the Bolivarplaats. It was designed by the British modern architect Richard Rogers, who is also the creative brain behind famous buildings such as the Centre Pompidou (Paris) and the Millennium Dome (London). The Palace of Justice in Antwerp is commonly considered to be one of Belgium’s 21st century architectural highlights.

Hotel Accommodations

Hyllit Hotel:

We have a hotel block discounted rate with the Hyllit Hotel, which is a 5-minute walk from the main Forum venue and the central train station (Antwerpen Centraal).

Hotel room options include:

  • Single room at € 152,00 per room per night, including breakfast (excluding city tax at € 2,39 per person per night)
  • Double room at € 172,00 per room per night, including breakfast (excluding city tax at € 2,39 per person per night)

Available booking dates are the nights of May 13-May 16, 2018 (please note that there are a limited number of rooms available for the dates of May 13 and May 16). All bookings include VAT, in-room wifi, and breakfast.

Our room block rates are now closed. You can still make individual reservations with the hotel directly, pending room availability. As of May 2, the night of Tuesday May 15 is fully booked.  

Hyllit Hotel
De Keyserlei 28-30
2018 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel. +32 3 202 68 00

Travel to Antwerp / Venue

By Train:

The Flanders Meeting and Convention Center Antwerp is conveniently located right next to the fabulous central train station (Antwerpen Centraal) – worth traveling by train just to see it! All information on train timetables and fares can be found on the NMBS website (Belgian Rail).

By Air:

The majority of our international guests will need to use Brussels International Airport, from where you can take a 30-minute direct train connection to Antwerp Central Station (Antwerpen Centraal).

Antwerp airport is located only fifteen minutes outside the city center, and offers direct flights to a few major cities, such as London, Munich and Zurich.

Special offer: Discounted Travel with Lufthansa Group Partner Airlines

Lufthansa Group Partner Airlines offer a comprehensive global route network linking major cities around the world. We offer special prices and conditions to participants, visitors, exhibitors, invited guests as well as employees of Cleantech Group and their travel companions.

To make a reservation, please click on www.lh.com/event-flight-booking and enter the access code BEZQPTO in the “Offer for discounted flights” area. This will open an online booking platform that will automatically calculate the discount offered or provide you with an even better offer if another promotional fare is available.

NOTE: Pop-ups must be enabled otherwise the booking platform window will not open.

These promotional fares are also available through your IATA / ARC travel agent. Travel agents can obtain ticketing instructions by sending an email to lufthansa.mobility@dlh.de and providing the access code as a reference.

By tram or bus:

Over twenty tram and bus routes stop within 250 meters from the Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp.

Please see the FMCCA website for more information on traveling to and from the venue.

Top Tips for a Longer Stay in Antwerp

If you are extending your stay in Antwerp, here are a few suggestions for you.

Before our Forum:

From May 10-13, take part in Antwerpen Proeft! (Taste of Antwerp)

If you like to chow down on good food or enjoy a few drinks, then don’t miss this event that includes Michelin-starred chefs, and some of the country’s best restaurants, local talent and food trucks. There will be signature dishes developed for the event, as well as free cooking demos and culinary workshops to add to the experience.

More information about the event and booking details here.

Antwerpen Proeft!
Rijnkaai 150
2000 Antwerp
(at Waagnatie in the Eilandje)


DIVA – Antwerp Home of Diamonds

For over 500 years, Antwerp has been the capital of the world diamond trade. Given its position at the forefront of the diamond industry, the time was ripe for a new diamond museum. DIVA is making its grand opening on May 7th, just before our Forum begins.

But it’s not just a regular museum. DIVA has so much more in store for visitors. Here you can discover why diamonds are so special, in a dazzling combination of original objects, craftsmanship and history.

For more information, please see the website here.

DIVA – Antwerp Home of Diamonds
Suikerrui 17
2000 Antwerp

MAS | Museum aan de Stroom

Visitors to Antwerp have been flocking to the hip Eilandje district, an old dockside neighborhood, to visit the MAS | Museum aan de Stroom, which opened in 2011. This is where the city and the port – the second largest port in Europe – converge. The stunning architecture and the museum collection are perfect examples of this.

For more information, please visit the website here.

MAS | Museum aan de Stroom
Hanzestedenplaats 1
2000 Antwerp



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