How will disruption and transformation impact you? Build powerful new alliances at Cleantech Forum Europe in Luxembourg on 18-20 May.

Since 2002, we’ve brought together global investors, innovators, corporates and change makers looking for answers to the biggest question: who will lead the transformation we’re all waiting for?

We’ll let our community tell you what makes Cleantech Forum Europe invaluable.

Reasons to attend Cleantech Forum Europe Sandra TrittenCleantech Forum Europe is a conference where you exchange in an interactive way on the latest topics with all different kinds of stakeholders relevant to our ecological and environmental future. It is a unique opportunity you can only get there.”

-Sandra Trittin, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development & Marketing, tiko Energy Solutions



“For me, the Cleantech Forum remains a unique opportunity to meet with the most significant and active investors in clean energy and environmental technologies in Europe, partake in conversations that inform new investment directions and create opportunities to work with peers in supporting new companies together. the Forum’s uniqueness resides in its ability to bring together the whole industry for a couple of days and create the opportunities for co-investment in portfolio companies”

-Julien Mialaret, Operating Partner, Idinvest Partners

Reasons to attend CLeantech Forum Europe in Luxembourg fro Antoine Hubert


I was able to meet with several very interesting people, with good prospects of future business!”

-Antoine Hubert, CEO, Ynsect


Who Attends

You’ll interact with the people, companies and technologies building a decarbonized and resource efficient future.


Find out who attended last year


What to Expect

A wide range of sessions means you can choose the topics and formats that interest you most. Pursue your area or expertise or widen your horizons. Our agenda will cover all six of our industrial sectors.


Our 2020 agenda is on its way. In the meantime, have a look at all the topics covered in our 2019 sessions.

May 21, 2019

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  • Pre-Registration
  • Registration
    Cleantech Tour of Stockholm

    For the 11th year running, Cleantech Forum Europe will offer a pre-Forum opportunity to see some of the cleantech sights of our host city/area. This year, we will have a places for 40-45 people to join the the tour of GrowSmarter project in Stockholm.

    The tour will consist of three site visits with presentations around Valla Torg in Årsta:

    Read more

    1. Skanska showroom
    – Renovation and energy efficiency of the buildings in Valla Torg (presentation by Skanska TBC)
    – Smart lighting (presentation by TK TBC)
    – Tour of the outdoor smart lighting

    2. 89th view apartment
    – Presentation site by GrowSmarter
    – Energy optimization, presentation by Peter Andersson of L&T
    – Smart Living, presentation by Larz Pohl of Fortum

    3. 89th round walk
    – Mobility solutions and the delivery room, presentation by Stockholmshem
    – Smart waste management, presentation by Envac

    (Places will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis via the registration system, so we recommend registering early if you want to join!)

  • Masshallen
    Nordic Cleantech Open Finals

    Cleantech Group is delighted to host the Nordic Cleantech Open finals as a pre-event to the 2019 Cleantech Forum Europe. The finals of Nordic Cleantech Open, organized by Cleantech Scandinavia, will see the top 10 finalists of this business plan competition pitching to a jury and to the audience who will, together, decide on the 2019 winner(s).

    The 10 finalist companies have now been announced! See the finalists and other great speakers in the full program below:

    Read more

    Moderator: Andreas Stubelius, Swedish Energy Agency

    1:30pm – 1:40pm Welcoming Words — Magnus Agerström, Cleantech Scandinavia

    1:40pm – 1:50pm Keynote — Boel Rydenå, SustainTech Ventures

    1:50pm – 2:00pm Keynote — Lucy Rands, Environmental Technologies Fund Partners (TBC)

    2:00pm – 2:50pm NCO Pitches + Panel Q&A

    •  Cellugy
    •  Curious AI
    •  Einride
    •  Elonroad
    •  GrainSense

    2:50pm – 3:30pm Coffee and Networking Break

    3:30pm – 3:40pm Keynote — Daniel Kaufmann, SITRA

    3:40pm – 4:30pm NCO Pitches + Panel Q&A

    •  Linc
    •  Moving Floor
    •  Solar Water Solutions
    •  SurfCleaner
    •  TotalCtrl

    Co-hosted by: Cleantech Scandinavia


  • Registration & Opening of Cleantech Forum Europe
  • Masshallen
    Welcome to Stockholm, Capital of Scandinavia and Host City of our 15th Cleantech Forum Europe!

    In the opening evening session, we will begin with an introduction to the innovation, and venturing landscape of our host region to provide you context for the next two days, as well as some ideas of players to meet, companies to hear present, etc. We will also find out who has won the 2019 Nordic Cleantech Open Finals (from the afternoon session).

  • Masshallen & Lilla Hallen
    Opening Reception

    Co-Hosted by: Invest Stockholm

May 22, 2019

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  • Registration & Welcome Coffee
  • Masshallen
    Welcome to our 15th Cleantech Forum Europe - Where the Best Have Always Come!

    Our opening morning plenary will include three elements, starting with Exponential Roadmaps: The Big Picture Realities of What Industrial Transformations Need to be Achieved in the 2020’s. The Exponential Climate Action Roadmap was launched at September’s Global Climate Action Summit in California by Christina Figueres and Johan Rockstrom. The roadmap outlines the global economic transformation required by 2030 to meet the Paris Agreement on climate, to halve carbon emissions across that decade (a halving which needs to be repeated in the 2030s and 2040s too). The work is both fundamentally alarming and optimistic. Its central conclusion is that it can be done, the solutions exist, that certain industrial sectors are already on the necessary exponential pathway, while others are linear laggards, and need to get their act together (fast). The key findings most relevant to this audience – namely, the pathways the different industrial sectors need to be on to make their contribution to the path to Paris – will be presented to us.

    Next, Cleantech Group will provide its annual “lay of the land,” incorporating the trends and organizations to keep an eye on, in the months and years ahead. It will also revisit the 10th anniversary report, Looking Back, Looking Forward: The Best is Yet to Come, with some critical assessment of whether and how that best is now emerging.

    Finally, on his return to the location of his first ever appearance at a Cleantech Forum (in 2014), sonnen’s CEO will be with us to look back at their story, and to look forward to where things may head in the next chapter.

  • Masshallen & Lilla Hallen
    Networking Break (Fika)

    During the networking break, consider taking your coffee at one of the 30-minute Meet the Analyst roundtables, on the topics shown below.

    From this point on, the majority of the Forum’s programming will take place in parallel tracks, offering you a wider variety of subjects to choose from and continuing our well-received Interaction Track. Wherever you see the label Interaction Track, expect the format of these sessions to be deliberately informal, intimate and interactive. That means smaller groups (think 20-30 people), with no microphones or monitors and powerpoint-free. You are here to listen and talk to each other!

  • Masshallen
    Meet the Analysts

    Four of Cleantech Group’s analysts will be at specified and marked roundtables in the plenary area during the networking break, ready to talk to you, and with you, about a topic each they have been researching of late. Places at each table (max. 10-12 people) will be available on a first come, first served basis. Here are the four analysts and their table topics:

    • Cassidy Shell on Urban Air Mobility
    • Chris Sworder on Alternative Proteins
    • Josh Gilbert on Geospatial Monitoring
    • Louis Brasington on Edge Computing and Utilities
  • Riddarsalen
    The Future of Carbon: Utilization or Sequestration or Both?

    Our 2019 Global Cleantech 100 featured a record number (5) of carbon-to-value companies, a signal that the utilization of carbon as a future growth market is gaining traction and momentum as we head toward the 2020s. However, given the scale of the carbon issue, there are plenty of the persuasion that converting it to fuels, chemicals or concrete isn’t going to deal with the global CO2 challenge, and that we will still need to sequester and store as well. This session will give voice to this debate.

    Co-hosted by: BP Ventures

  • Galleriet
    Innovation Company Showcase 1

    Six competitively selected CEOs, looking for capital and partners, will present their companies. We will have three investor reviewers on hand to provide comment and questions.

    Investor Reviewers:
    Hans Dellenbach, Partner, Chief Financial Officer, Emerald Technology Ventures
    Markus Hökfelt, Fund Manager, Almi Invest

    Innovation in Industrial Cybersecurity – From ICS to IIoT

    Protection of critical network assets and infrastructure from cyber-attack is an increasingly important area of innovation, and it is a growing area of concern for large industrial corporates. Remote industrial control systems (ICS) are an attractive target for hackers, as illustrated by the Ukraine grid blackout in 2015, and Russian hackers targeting the US grid in 2018. In this session we will highlight some of the leading innovators in the industrial cyber-security ecosystem, and explore how innovation and proactive risk management can combine to protect mission-critical assets and infrastructure.

    Co-hosted by: Chubb

  • Masshallen & Lilla Hallen
    Networking Lunch

    Consider joining the lunchtime workshop on applying for EU Grants, or just enjoy some re-charge and networking time.

  • Galleriet
    Lunch Workshop: Leveraging EU Grants to Grow Your Startup: Demystifying the SME Instrument

    This lunch workshop offers an overview of the SME Instrument for startups looking to leverage EU grants:

    • How to use the SME Instrument (grants of up to €2.5 million) as an alternative to equity-based VC Series As.
    • An overview of the origins of the programme to help understand its objectives, specificities and how it works.
    • What the selection process looks like, and what are the key elements to have to maximize your chances.
    • What the profile is of an ideal candidate and what the jury expects from you.
    • Practical advice on the application itself.
  • Riddarsalen
    Energy Storage: A Game Changer for Power, Transport and Industry

    As one of major facets in the decarbonization story across Europe, batteries are increasingly taking a central role in the transformation of the power, transport and industrial sectors. InnoEnergy will lead a discussion on a cross-section of the energy storage market, exploring how innovative technologies are transforming the region’s major sectors. Key representatives from these sectors, alongside market innovators, will discuss key market developments, challenges and opportunities, as well how innovation can drive cross-sector collaboration.

    Co-hosted by: InnoEnergy

  • Galleriet
    Innovation Company Showcase 2

    Six competitively selected CEOs, looking for capital and partners, will present their companies. We will have three investor reviewers on hand to provide comment and questions.

    Investor Reviewers:
    David Aitken, Associate Director, Carbon Trust
    Olivier Bordelanne, Partner, Demeter Ventures
    Andrew Symes, Associate, BP Ventures

    IPO Clinic – What should you know about listing a company?

    Nasdaq Nordic has become one of the leading venues in growth company listings in Europe, and many founders all over the globe are considering it to make it big and enter stock markets in the Nordics. Come and learn what the motives are for doing so, what is required from a company, and how the market sentiment is now. A case study or two of listings on Nasdaq First North will be used. How did they do it in practice? Come ask questions and take part in an interactive discussion.

    Co-hosted by: Nasdaq

  • Masshallen & Lilla Hallen
    Networking Break (Fika)
  • Riddarsalen
    Heat: An Opportunity As Big As Power and Transportation Combined

    From industrial waste heat to residential air conditioning, heat is one of the major contributors to the global GHG emissions, and often not given the attention that it needs. This session will evaluate some of the innovative solutions to tackle the heating challenge, exploring alternative heat de-carbonization pathways, including digitization of heating systems, conversion of the gas grid to low-carbon hydrogen, and emerging waste heat recovery solutions.

  • Galleriet
    Linking the Food Chain: How to Waste Less Food with On-Demand Logistics

    How do you get food from field-to-fork fast, and how is this going to help us reduce waste? Food delivery is more convenient than ever for consumers, with direct-from-farm business models and a network of grocery and cooked food delivery options available on your phone. The new food system relies heavily on efficient logistics systems and less on a supermarket’s ability to predict and drive demand. This session aims to understand how this system provides fresh opportunities to reduce food waste.

    India: An emerging hotbed for clean technologies - learn how EU cleantech companies can access the opportunities

    India is one of the fastest growing major economies in the world and projected to grow 7.5% in 2019-2020. With over EUR 100 billion worth of EU-India bilateral trade in 2017, the EU is not only India’s largest trading partner contributing to the creation of 6 million Indian jobs, but also an important strategic partner supporting sustainable modernization initiatives. Many European startups and SMEs in the technology, environment, communications, energy and infrastructure sectors are driving this.

    Join the session to learn about the instruments and programs that can help EU cleantech companies successfully access and do business in India.

  • Transition Break
  • Riddarsalen
    Hydrogen: Reimagining its Role in the European Economy

    Government support, tightening emission regulations and decreasing equipment costs are just some of the factors influencing the new narrative around hydrogen in Europe. Once solely considered an industrial feedstock, hydrogen is now being seriously considered as a key component for the region’s decarbonization efforts. This session will explore why hydrogen has come back in vogue, diving into what role it can play within different sectors such as heating, power, and industry across Europe.

  • Galleriet
    Approaches to Assess and Measure Impact

    Most investors in our space are pursuing a double bottom line. While the financial bottom line can easily be measured in multiples and IRR, the impact bottom line is much harder to grasp. In the last few years, responding to increased public awareness, limited partners have pushed investors to get better at quantifying their impact. This session will highlight three approaches to do that: measuring a portfolio’s direct impact, pursuing ESG goals and Mission Innovation’s Framework for Assessing Avoided Emissions. Companies and investors should expect to get a better sense of these frameworks, how to implement them and in which circumstances they can be useful.

  • Transition Break
  • Masshallen
    Mobility for the 2020s: A Progress Report from the Frontlines

    As exciting as the promise of next-generation mobility is, significant hurdles toward making it a reality remain. For all the amounts invested, the unit numbers on the road today of what 2030 mobility might look like are small.

    It is the interplay of autonomy, electrification, fleetification and TaaS (transport-as-a-service), underpinned by connectivity and systemic safety that would, as is well-argued in ReThinkX’s Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030, bring forward truly disruptive economics and resource efficiencies to transportation. But, arguably, this vision of the future is only as strong as its weakest, or its slowest-moving, part since the power of the disruption is in the combination and convergence of all these factors.

    This final plenary session of the day will feature two European Global Cleantech 100 companies to provide their perspectives on the current deployment frontlines, how fast the industry is evolving, and what challenges remain to be solved.

  • Registration Area
    Buses and Cocktail Time

    Assuming you have registered for one of the 250 seats at the 15th Cleantech Forum Europe Dinner & Awards, you will take one of the buses chartered to take us from the Forum venue to Winterviken, the dinner venue and where pre-dinner drinks will be served.

  • Winterviken
    The 15th Annual Cleantech Forum Reception, Dinner & Awards

    Join us for the 15th Cleantech Forum Europe Dinner & Awards, as ever, a special evening in a special location. There will be drinks on arrival from 7:00pm, followed by a 7:30pm seated dinner, as well as the presentation of the 2019 European Cleantech Awards.

    NOTE: We are now accepting wait list only for the dinner. Limited to 250 places – seats get reserved through the registration form on a first-come, first-served basis. 

May 23, 2019

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  • Registration & Welcome Coffee
  • Masshallen
    Corporates and Startups: What are the roots of, and the routes to, more successful engagements?

    We consider successful corporate engagement with startups a key success factor in the mission to transition industries to a more digitized, de-carbonized and resource-efficient future. For that to happen, corporations need to both educate innovation ecosystems like ours on the relevant industry value chains and the issues they are trying to solve, and to take efficient and impactful actions through strategic partnerships and collaborations to accelerate the commercialization of the relevant startups.

    This opening session of our final day will look at these questions in the company of both corporations and accelerators who work closely with corporate partners.

  • Transition Break
  • Riddarsalen
    Reforming an Age-Old Industry: How Sustainable Chemistry is Enabling a Circular Economy

    The 20th century chemicals industry developed dozens of fossil-based materials that formed the foundation of our current linear economy, a system that consumes the resource equivalent of 1.6 earths annually and threatens to pollute the environment beyond repair. The push towards a circular economy has ushered in a new mandate for the chemicals industry – to develop new materials, processes and business models that will enable an economy fit for the 21st century and beyond. With the help of top innovators and investors in the field, we will look to understand how this transformation is taking place, and at what speed. In particular, we will look to understand the different possible loops to develop to make chemistry circular.

  • Galleriet
    Innovation Company Showcase 3

    Six competitively selected CEOs, looking for capital and partners, will present their companies. We will have three investor reviewers on hand to provide comment and questions.

    Investor Reviewers:
    Aruna Ramsamy, Principal, OGCI Climate Investments
    Jerry Szustakowski, Associate, Idinvest Partners

  • Masshallen & Lilla Hallen
    Networking Break (Fika)
  • Riddarsalen
    Changing Clothes: The Circular Fashion Economy

    Fast fashion – mass-produced, inexpensive, throwaway clothing – is damaging the environment and the workers who make it. Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally (after agriculture), and reams of un-recyclable materials are being discarded in landfill. However, innovation in textiles, factories, and supply chain practices are emerging to offer viable alternatives to the make-use-dispose model of fashion. In this session, we will highlight some of the innovators and enablers addressing these issues.

  • Galleriet
    Innovation Company Showcase 4

    Six competitively selected CEOs, looking for capital and partners, will present their companies. We will have three investor reviewers on hand to provide comment and questions.

    Investor Reviewers:
    Fermín Barquín, Infrastructure Equity Investments, European Investment Bank
    Virginia de Guillebon, Investment Director, ENGIE New Ventures
    Martin Kröner, Managing Partner, Munich Venture Partners

    Venture Capital Clinic for Investors and Startups

    Whether you are an investor looking to deploy capital in Europe, or a company looking to raise money from investors, this legal clinic is for you. Three partners from leading international law firm Taylor Wessing will answer your questions on:

    • How to penetrate European investment markets, including Germany, France and the UK. What are the challenges of cross-border deals?
    • How should start-ups approach the latest international VC terms and structuring trends? How should you prepare to welcome investors in your company?

    Feel free to come with your questions and join the discussion.

    Co-hosted by: Taylor Wessing

  • Masshallen & Lilla Hallen
    Networking Lunch
  • Riddarsalen
    The Circular Water Economy: Opportunity & Innovation

    More efficient treatment, use and reuse of water can play an important part in both driving profit margins and addressing climate damage. Innovative circular water innovation and new business models are enabling a shift towards more efficient and affordable treatment of residential, commercial and industrial water. In this session, we will dive into some of the market dynamics, with startups and corporates who are leading the charge in driving a more circular water economy.

  • Galleriet
    In Search of Efficiency Opportunities in Global Logistics

    A massive industry rife with inefficiency, short on data and long on GHG emissions, global logistics represents opportunities for innovation to power it toward a more digitized, de-carbonized and resource-efficient future. Transportation, long-haul to last mile, is the single biggest contributor of the global logistics industry’s estimated 28.5% contribution to global emissions. As an antidote to the hype around passenger mobility services of the services, we have invited a handful of entrepreneurs to share what they are seeing as the broad movements and trends in the transportation of goods. What opportunities are there, why and where for innovative solutions (for theirs and others) to solve market problems today and tomorrow?

  • Masshallen & Lilla Hallen
    Networking Break (Fika)
  • Masshallen
    The Next Wave of Funding Opportunities: An Investor Discussion

    Over 100 speakers have shared their insights with us over the past 3 days about emerging business opportunities and cutting-edge innovations. To conclude the Forum, this session will hear the viewpoints from a few select investors who have been part of the conference. What did they take away about the ways industries are transitioning? What lessons of the past can help identify  the hot venture capital investment themes in the 2020s? Hear the insiders’ view from active investors in this space.

  • Lilla Hallen & Arkaden
    Closing Reception



Forum Venue – the Forum will be held at the European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL)

16th Annual Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony – the Dinner will be held at the Neumünster Abbey (max 220 seats available)

Hotel Accommodations – guidance on our special rate hotel at the Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg

How to Get to Luxembourg / the Venueinfo coming soon




Forum Venue

The 2020 Cleantech Forum Europe will be held at the European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL) in Luxembourg. This modern venue is located on Luxembourg City’s Kirchberg plateau, within walking distance from a number of major European institutions.

European Convention Center Luxembourg | 4 Place de l’Europe | 1499 Luxembourg

16th Annual Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

The 16th Annual Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, 19 May will take place at the Neumünster Abbey in the Marcel Jullian Agora. This inner courtyard of the Neumünster Abbey – a UNESCO World Heritage site – is covered with a glass canopy whose airy and contemporary architecture is in perfect harmony with the stone walls, vestiges of another era.

Due to this unique venue, there is a 220-seat maximum for the dinner. Seats will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis, so early registrants are more likely to receive a seat. 

Hotel Accommodations

Novotel Was the hotel used.


2019 speaker list



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