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Cleantech Group Events bring together corporate executives, entrepreneurs, investors, government agencies, and other players across 18 sectors of resource innovation to discuss trends, make connections, and do deals. Join us and connect face-to-face with people who are accelerating sustainable innovation.

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“Within the climate tech community, the Cleantech Group's reputation is second to none. World Fund has partnered with Cleantech Group across a number of thought leadership initiatives, including our recent white paper - looking into the climate tech funding landscape and ecosystem. Our internal deep dives benefit a lot from Cleantech Group's research platform, helping us to analyse sectoral trends. Given Cleantech Group's strict definition of clean technologies, we can also rely on their prequalification in line with our climate performance requirements. We recommend every climate fund partner with Cleantech Group for their research and important ecosystem work.”

–– Craig Douglas, Partner, World Fund

“The Cleantech Group’s i3 Monitor platform is an excellent tool for researching and staying on top of trends and innovators. Their proprietary research results in high-quality deep-dive reports into the most discussed sectors and are incredibly insightful. And with a subscription comes access to their researchers, updates, and events. The Cleantech Group is a high-quality, professional organization that investors and incumbents worried about being disrupted should engage with.“

–– Steve Kloos, Partner, True North Venture Partners

“Cleantech Group data is used in other major reports such as the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Tracking Clean Energy Innovation Report and the Silicon Valley Bank’s The Future of Climate Tech Report. In addition, it has been previously used in multiple peer-reviewed research papers. Given the extensive use of the i3 Cleantech database in prominent reports and peer-reviewed papers and the fact that information in the database is regularly updated by the database provider’s research teams or by the firms themselves (with the last updated year reported), to our knowledge, it represents the most thorough dataset available for climate tech.”

-- Kathleen M. Kennedy, Assistant Research Professor at Center for Global Sustainability, University of Maryland

-- Kavita Surana, Professor of Data Ecosystems and Environmental Accountability, Lead for the Institute for Data, Energy, and Sustainability, Vienna University of Economics and Business