About Cleantech Forums and FAQs

About Cleantech Forums

What are Cleantech Forums?
Cleantech Forums help our audiences chart the future. The old industrial map is being re-drawn and incumbents are being disrupted by a series of mega-trends, one of which is the imperative to do “more with less” (less inputs, less costs, less environmental impact).

Cleantech Forums filter the noise, allowing you to concentrate on the people and topics that matter most. Cleantech Forums are relevant to all concerned about where sustainable innovations are heading and how they are impacting industrial competitive advantage of companies and countries.

Cleantech Forums showcase the trends to watch out for and the innovation companies that illustrate this. The innovation on show is all-pervasive: in business models, in who works with who, in the financing the changes, as much as they are in enabling technology.

Cleantech Forums are where you gain access to some of the most innovative people and companies driving change. All in one place, for 3 days. Normally from 100+ cities, across 25+ countries.

Cleantech Forums have been run since 2002 in San Francisco and since 2005 in Europe, by Cleantech Group (once the Cleantech Venture Network).

What should I expect?
Cleantech Forums pride themselves on being not like other conferences. We put emphasis on creating an experience, on leaving you inspired and re-motivated, having found new business friends (be they in the form of partners, investors, problem solvers, customers, peers, or mentors).

“Enjoyable. Professional. Productive. Thought-Provoking. Inspiring. A ‘wow’ experience” – these are the kind of words used in the testimonials we most value.

Expect to be helped. One of the defining characteristics most commented on by first-timers is how friendly the ambience is, full of people serious about building great businesses and making money from doing more with less, but also “give back” people, people who are happy to help others.

Who attends Cleantech Forums?
Cleantech Forums are attended by the upcoming would-be disruptive private companies; by the corporate/industrial incumbents, aiming to re-tool for a very different 21st century; by investors looking to profit from the opportunity set created by the disruption; and by the wider ecosystem (in the form of advisors, EDA/cluster managers, government representatives) all who help make deals happen and innovation progress.

Speaker FAQs

How do I apply for speaking role?
If you wish to be considered for a speaking opportunity, please fill out the Speaker Nomination form on our event websites. Due to the high volume of nominations received, we will only contact you if we would like to learn more, or to extend a speaking offer. Priority will go those who are a good fit with our topics and sessions, senior-level executives, and those who bring content – not an overt sales pitch – to our platform.
What does a speaking role involve?
The formats of our sessions vary and therefore the demands for each speaker are different depending on their session. We hold panel discussions, fireside chats, main stage speeches, pitching sessions and speed networking sessions, among other formats. Some sessions will have the option of presenting slides, while other session formats do not. Please note that if you are confirmed for a speaking role, your CTG point of contact will provide you with more detail about the speaking requirements and format.
If I am selected for a speaking role, will I have to pay for registration?
CTG reserves the use of free speaker passes exclusively for individuals who we invite to speak at the Forum and who would otherwise not attend (with no real value to do so beyond their speaking slot). In some cases, we do ask those selected for a speaking role to pay for registration if they will be attending the event in full and are benefiting from the overall experience – beyond the speaking role.
Can I participate in more than one session?
While we occasionally have speakers participate in multiple sessions, it is very rare. We prioritize diversity among our speaker selections, allowing as many different voices as possible on stage.
Do you provide speakers with accommodations or accommodation discounts?
Accommodations are not included – speakers must pay for their own travel, lodging, and other associated costs. However, we normally secure a special hotel block rate that is available on our event website (typically listed under Venue). Please note that these rates do have expiration dates, so please try to book early to avoid missing the room block rate.
Can I bring my colleague with me to the session for which I will be speaking?
We do allow assistants or PR team members to attend the specific session you will be speaking on, but they cannot attend the entire Forum. We often have discounts available for groups of colleagues, so please reach out to your CTG point of contact to discuss available options. If you do bring an assistant, you must send his or her name and contact info to CTG no later than one week prior to the start of the event.